Fashion between the panels: The Black Cat & Catwoman.

Fashion between the panels : Black Cat & Catwoman

Hello everyone out there , as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and welcome to my latest blog post , Fashion between the panels: The Blackcat & Catwoman. The reason that I decided to do a Fashion between the panels with these two characters is because they share so many similarities. Granted one is from the pages of Marvel comics ( Black Cat ) and the other is from the pages of Dc comics and has been around a lot longer (Catwoman ) their narratives are very similar almost one and the same. So by comparison I’m going to pull the fashion from between the panels for both of these iconic anti-heroes, and with that said let’s get started with…….
The Black Cat :

Much like Catwoman , The Black Cat Ware’s a black catsuit the difference is the white fur trim around the boots and the low cut collar . Other similarities that the the two characters share is they are both jewel thieves and truly most noticeable have a love hate on again off again relationship with a major iconic Super hero as well. When I see characters like this with so many similarities it’s like the comic book label decided they needed their own version of the same character that they could make work just like the original counterpart has for so many years.

Now that we have established all that let’s get back into the fashion , as I mentioned a little earlier , The Black Cat wears her own iconic version of a catsuit. With just a few differences from Catwoman , now to pull the fashion from this comic character that’s where you have to start . Unlike Catwoman her look doesn’t change or variate to much from the first time she appeared in the pages of Spider-Man.

Even though her look has not changed much over the years I still managed to put together two distinct on trend inspired looks that would still capture the fashionable likeness of this character.

Look number one captures the look perfectly, when putting this look together I wanted to , make sure that I even found a fashionable way to capture the fur that appears on the catsuit of The Black Cat . To do this I went with a leather jumpsuit and to go with it a leather jacket that is trimmed in a white Fur like material capturing the true essence and feel of The Black Cat . The next look is more of an inspired look , as in I still went with leather but to capture the look I stayed with the color scheme of black and white. This time I added in a biker jacket to switch up the look a little and went with more of a half boot as opposed to a thigh high boot to finish the look off for a slightly different feel appeal.

Now it’s time to get into our next iconic character…..
Catwoman :

Selena Kyle aka Catwoman was created many years before The Black Cat . She is truly the blue print of what become Marvel comics own version of the master jewel their anti-hero. Catwoman over the years has had an on again , off again love hate relationship with what is probably one of the most if not the most iconic superhero of all time The Bat of Gotham , the one and only Batman.

The Catwoman character is a bit more diverse and well known than The Black Cat. Also interesting the look of the character has changed from time to time over the years as in the color of her catsuit and the accessories with it from the gloves down to the boots. So to capture the fashionable likeness of this iconic character I had to come with two looks that are distinctly different in color scheme and look . Over the years she has actually had more than two different looks but today I’m going to give you two inspired looks that are from her most iconic well known suits over the past few years.

First the purple suit , the purple suit was accessorized with thigh high boots in grey and sometimes in a contrasting purple , the same for the gloves.

To capture this inspired look I went with purple leather pants , a suede purple top , and stayed with purple gloves . The look is finished with a thigh high suede boot to capture the fashionable likeness of this character perfectly. The look had to be done in both suede and leather to perfectly capture the color scheme of this rendition of Catwoman.

Now for the current look of Catwoman and the fashionable looks that I styled that are inspired from her current look. What you are about to see is the newer more now Salina Kyle with a short slick haircut and an more functional suit the biggest most noticeable difference is the completely monochromatic color scheme.

For both inspired looks , I went with a leather jumpsuit in both cases to start the look off then branched out from there using different accessories to highlight and individualize each look , the second look is a little more theatrical yet fashionable as I put in the actual factual Catwoman head piece with the glasses , of course this is purely optional. Either way you look at it all three looks capture the true inspired fashionable likeness of Catwoman.

Well there it is , once again we have reached the end of yet another blog post , The question is are you team The Black Cat or Catwoman , as always I LET YOU TELL IT. While you think about it , I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashion between the panels : The Black Cat & Catwoman. That’s it for now so until the next time IM GONE….!!!

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