Fashionably Hot in 2019 : Musika Frere

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you , I AM JMADDD STYLES, and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post, Fashionably Hot in 2019 : Musika Frere.

Meet Davidson Petit Frere and his partner in fashion

Aleks Musika , these two launched their brand in 2013 , and have progressively grown bigger and bigger each year . They specialize in Bespoke menswear , made of the best in quality materials , what caught my attention about these two

seeing them on various social media platforms, just being to sharply dressed cats, so it caused me to want to know who they were . Now I could be a little late to the party , but if I am im only about an hour late or so. But what really grabbed my attention were these two photos.

These two pictures were from the Roc Nation pre Grammy brunch, and the caption was that Davidson Frere was on Forbes 30 under 30 list. Which led me to find that he was part of a design duo responsible for the suit Jay-Z is wearing in the picture, but that’s not all , the Musika Frere brand was behind the looks of a lot of A-listers

Taking there bespoke clothing line to another level even further than it was in past years although their celebrity base has grown bit by bit over the years. Suits are their specialty ,but they are and have expanded the line into other aspects as well.

But it looks like there is about to be a major change to the brand , the design duo

seemingly have departed ways and Davidson Petit-Frere will carry on by himself maintaining as creative director of the brand under a new name , promising the same great style , impeccable tailoring and highest of quality garments that money can buy , giving designers such as Gucci , and Tom Ford a real run for the money. The new name that the brand will go by is

Im really looking forward to seeing how this brand is going to expand underneath the new change , but looking at the fanfare that the brand has developed over the years , I don’t see the new direction being a big problem. Infact im going to have to make sure that I make a concentrated effort to get by the new showroom the next time im in Ny. But from what I can see the look of the brand is off to a great start for the 2019 season.

From the above pics any suit or menswear aficionado can see that the brand has not skipped a beat and has hit the ground running, the brand can be shopped at ( ).I hate to see such a good team break apart , but often enough directions seem to change when partnerships reach their highest point , but I want to see this one go further specifically from a brand standpoint

and it looks like it is going to do just that…and it looks like Davidson Frere is in the right direction to do so. Well there it is , we have just reached the end of yet another blog post. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashionably Hot for 2019 : Musika Frere. That’s it for now so until the next time IM GONE…!!!

NYFW 2019 Part 2 : The Shows…

Hello out there , as always it’s good to see you , for those out there that may not be familiar with me…I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post : NYFW 2019 Pt 2 : The Shows. Just incase you have not seen it , part 1 is my review of the kick off of Fashion Week , and im talking Tom Ford , reviewing the new fall 2019 collection. For part two im taking you with me inside of a few of the shows , hitting you with some of my favorite highlights from those shows , so to get started let’s take a look at NYFW presents Art Hearts Fashion.

Just incase your not too familiar with what Art Hearts Fashion is , it’s a one of many what I call multi shows featured at various venues for fashion week around the city. I call it multi shows, because you get an association like Art Hearts Fashion or Style Fashion Week , and they feature several shows from multiple designers all on one stage , scheduled throughout the day and night. Often times you will get the new up and coming designers with a major underground following , but you will also get some already more established designers in the mix as well , so let’s get started.

There were lots of new trends being featured on the runways, that are actually old trends from another time period as well as some new and fresh looks being presented. To start with here are a few of the more new designers that were featured at Art Hearts Fashion this season.

This designer gave you a good mix of modern streetwear , and a new age look or spin on evening wear that can also double over as clothing made for a night out as well , depending on how your fashion sense or personality goes.

The two designers that I just showed you really stood out in my opinion so far as the more so new up and coming designers that were featured on the Art Hearts Fashion runway , but next up is the headlining designers of the evening. As of right now the the design duo that im about to show you is two of my favorites in the game right now , especially when it comes to women’s wear.

Charles & Ron ,in my opinion are the new version of industry vets Dolce and Gabbana. What I mean by that is they give you that kind of feel when you see them and how the clothes are made and presented but they give you such a fresh take on women’s fashion each year and this year , they even gave you a little bit of menswear for the first time. I have had the opportunity to attend their runway presentation two years in a row and I’ve got to say im more and more impressed with the looks each time they come with a new collection and always excited about what they are going to present for the new season.

This season for fall 2019 , Charles & Ron gave you a more glamorous even sexier take on a trend that started catching steam just a little while ago known as Modest Fashion. Where the looks aren’t very revealing or to provocative. However the Charles & Ron take on this growing trend , is so much more vibrant and appealing to the eye that I believe the most over the top sexy revealing fashionista would want to grow their style up and tone it down a little to rock Charles & Ron looks.

Charles & Ron always come with major detail and impeccable tailoring on their garments and most importantly, they know how to come with a retail ready collection that is not just good for runway or red carpet theatrics , but could go right to the racks for you to wear , for whatever event you have to attend.

You could not have found a better way to close out Saturday nights Art Hearts Fashion presentation. For an even better look at there latest collections for retail be sure to log onto (

So ends the runway presentations for Saturday night, but there is more to come.

Sunday afternoon, was the runway presentation of Madame Adassa , another fashion up and comer that apparently already has a pretty nice following and fashionable fanfare.

Madame Adassa was the show that I didn’t see coming. What I mean by that is from the time that I entered the door to the time that the show started, I was really impressed by the organization and the presentation,

of the room and the staff working hard to make sure the presentation of this runway show went just the way it was supposed to. But what about the fashion ?

Well once again I have to say I was really impressed , considering that I had little knowledge of this particular designer. Madame Adassa, much like Charles & Ron , had all the elements to me that make a great runway presentation. The clothing was well presented , it was impeccably tailored and designed and gave you both classy and sexy at the same time with timeless style. Most of all she didn’t give me non sell able theatrics, but everything is retail ready and wearable for almost every style and just about any age range. As a Fashion Stylist, I would love to work with her peices no doubts about it.

Fashion week is always full with excitement and anticipation, these were a few of the more standout moments from the Fall 2019 shows. But no fashion week is complete without a good networking event, where you can unwind and yet get a good visual of the many industry professionals on the come up and those that are established.

I have to say that Fashion Mingle , did a great job putting one of these events together during fall 2019 fashion week season.

The event was at an excellent venue and both well put together and organized, wich are all the things that I look for. I will most definitely attend another Fashion Mingle event, in the very near future. Once again there it is , we have reached the end of yet another blog post and come to the end of another fashion week. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been NYFW 2019 Pt 2 : The Shows. That’s it for now , so until the next time…IM GONE..!!!

NYFW 2019 pt 1 : Tom Ford

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES, and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post : NYFW 2019 Pt 1 : Tom Ford. Well it’s about that time of year , as I often referred to it , The Fashionable Time of year. Basically it’s New York Fashion Week , once again and all the fashionable people have once again ascended on NY to see the latest the greatest , the new the innovative, and all that fashion has to offer for the upcoming season. This year the festivities kicked off on Feb 8 , and to get things started, the one and only Tom Ford jumps out the gate hitting you with his Fall 2019 runway presentation.

undoubtedly one of the best in the game if not the best , his runway shows are always well done , the clothes are always of the highest quality and most importantly he does not send anything down that runway that can’t really be worn in real life , no theatrics just real well designed fashion as it , in my professional opinion should be , and once again for the fall 2019 season he doesn’t disappoint but I guess I could show you better than I could tell you , so let’s take look…..

His collection is always really extensive, and this year it’s pretty much the same , full with rich details and impeccable tailoring, these are some of the more stand out peices from the collection.

When it comes to Tom Ford’s clothing the materials and color pallets are always well selected and have a really high quality eye popping look to them , which reflects in the price tag if you have ever been to a Tom Ford store , or if you manage to secure a peice you will see exactly what I mean.

Tom Ford is easily one of my favorite lux designers , that’s why I chose to highlight his show out the gate ,

Like other seasons, he knows just what to come with each time , and its not always that he’s following trends or doing what’s popular, but his eye for Fashion Craftsmanship, makes his looks timeless and never dated.

Dosen’t matter if you are looking at his classic Gucci designs from the past or his former private label collections, you will find the looks to be relevant and up to date.

One thing that I am most impressed with this season is his ability to use leather , as you can see from the looks above he has modernized and made the leather suit cool again as well as he always brings the best out of velvet also seen above.

Basically Tom Ford is back for the fall 2019 season stronger and better than ever with a collection that basically speaks for itself. For a closer look at more of his collections and peices be sure to log onto ( . Also be sure to stay close , I will be showing you how to style peices from his retail collection in an upcoming blog post ( Fashionably Hot for 2019 : Tom Ford ) . With that said we reached the end of yet another blog post , this has been NYFW 2019 Pt. 1 : Tom Ford and I AM JMADDD STYLES. That’s it for now so until the next time….IM GONE..!!

Fashionably Hot in 2019 : Giuseppe Zanotti x Rita Ora…

Hello out there as always , it’s good to see you. Looks like 2019 is off to a good fashionable start and NYC Fashion Week , hasn’t even gotten here . But im back once again with my latest installment of Fashionably Hot in 2019. With that said incase you’re not familiar with me , I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post Fashionably Hot in 2019 : Giuseppe Zanotti x Rita Ora .

When it comes to the fashionable collabo the one and only Rita Ora is no stranger to that field. In the past she has partnered with several brands , most notably Adidas Originals. Well she’s back right in time to kick 2019 off with an all new capsul collection together with luxury shoe brand Giuseppe Zanotti.

Known as GZ x Rita Ora , it’s a limited edition capsul collection consisting of slides , open toe sandals ,over the knee boots and peep toe calf high boots.

Each with a very exclusive looking heel made out of what looks to be a Cuban link chain , automatically giving this collection of shoes a truly individual and exclusive look setting itself apart from other collections with the details.

The shoe collection was released on January 24 , 2019 and there are several retail outlets carrying the all new collaboration, Nordstrom stores and on line at ( , Giuseppe Zanotti stores and on line at ( . In addition to those stores , the collaboration will also be carried at Neiman Marcus , and Sachs Fifth Avenue.

Now let’s get to the all important price point, I have a little phrase that I like to use , when it comes to an overly expensive item that you would like to own a piece of. ( Not for the Fashionably Faint of Heart). The price point ranges from 795.00$ up to 2,495.00$ see what I mean , not for the bargain hunter. Now before I go , im going to now take off my blogger hat and put on my Fashion Stylist hat and show you a few ways to wear the boots in this collection.

Well there it is , now that I have put the JMADDD STYLES styling touch on the collection, it’s time for me to go. It looks like we have reached the end of yet another blog post. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashionably Hot in 2019 : Giuseppe Zanotti x Rita Ora. That’s it for now , so until the next time…IM GONE…!!!

Fashionably Hot in 2019 : A-Cold-Wall x Nike Air Force 1…

Hello out there, as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post. Fashionably Hot in 2019 : A-Cold-Wall x Nike Air Force1 . As you all out there know , there is nothing I like better in the industry than a good Fashionable collabo , and the first Fashionable collabo of 2019 that im going to bring you is from London based streetwear label A-Cold-Wall by designer Samuel Ross

and probably my absolute favorite sneaker of all time, the Nike Air Force1.

So I guess the big question here is what would a collaboration between in my opinion the most classic sneaker ever made that always stands the test of time and a fairly new Fashion label look like ? Well let’s have a look.

The sneaker was released on January 10 , 2019 on ( in two colorways , the black with grey trim and the second colorway

white with grey trim. The sneaker was released with a price point in the ball park of 190.00$ , which is not bad , considering the price of the Ricardo Tisci Air Force1 collabo that retailed originally for about 350.00$. So the other question is , A-Cold-Wall x Nike Air Force1 collabo are you here for it ??? As always I LET YOU TELL IT…. but on my end and in my professional opinion, im excited about this one , im looking forward to seeing more collaborations between these two labels. With that said we have just reached the end of yet another blog post , this has been Fashionably Hot in 2019 : A-Cold-Wall x Nike Air Force1 , and I AM JMADDD STYLES. So that’s it for now , until the next time…IM GONE…!!!

Fashionably Hot in 2019 : MVMT Watches.

Hello out there , as always it’s good to see you. Im back once again with my second blog post of 2019 , coming back at you with another installment of Fashionably Hot in 2019 : MVMT Watches. By the way I would like to reintroduce myself, I AM JMADDD STYLES. Today we are going to talk not just fashion , but fashionable accessories. As you may well know the right watch can complete a look just as much as the perfect pair of shoes. So today we are going to get into my favorite new watch brand. That brand being MVMT Watches. Now I spoke of this young upstart company in a previous blog (see Dip-set Couture). But since I spoke of them the first time , this new company has greatly expanded on their brand . The company was recently acquired by The Movado Group , now giving them a more wider base and advertisement capabilities. The brand focuses on both men’s and women’s watches, as well as other accessories that complement the watch line. So without any further or do let’s dive in first taking a look at the new men’s watches and complimenting accessories.

Men’s MVMT Watches :

You see the great thing about this watch company is that they have found a way to give you the perfect watch from a style stand point that is high on quality and style but even better on the price point.

Each watch is competitively priced between 130.00$ and 145.00$ , a price range you cannot beat for the quality of time peice that you are getting , each watch is designed to fit almost any style. But they also are matched with a special designed pair of MVMT sunglasses also if you want the full MVMT style experience.

MVMT also offers a gift set just incase you can’t make up your mind on what direction you want to be in where you get a watch with interchangeable band and sunglasses as well all competitively priced

just what other new upstart watch company do you know of that is offering so much for such an affordable price? I LET YOU TELL IT. Next let’s take a look at the MVMT women’s watches and complimenting accessories.

Women’s watches :

The women’s watches offer elegant style that is not overdone, but done just right to once again fit every womans style esthetic.

As you can see from the styles that I picked as some of my personal favorites, however for the women’s line , it is complimented by not only sunglasses but also a line of signature bracelets.

Once again just like the men’s line of watches , there is also an all in one box set that can be purchased with an individually styled watch , bracelet and sunglasses , creating the ultimate watch buying experience, the watches and accessories can be purchased on ( . Let’s take another look at the men’s and women’s all in one box….

So as you can see joining the movement is well worth it , and MVMT Watches is most definitely worthy of being deemed Fashionably Hot in 2019. Well there it is , we have just reached the end of the second blog post of 2019. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashionably Hot in 2019 : MVMT Watches. That’s it for now , so until the next time….IM GONE…!!!

Fashionably Hot in 2019 : MCM….

Hello out there as always it’s good to you , I would like to welcome you to my first blog post for 2019. Fashionably Hot in 2019 : MCM , by the way incase you’re not familiar with me yet I AM JMADDD STYLES and it’s good to be back. It’s that time again, what time is it you may ask ? I refer to it as the Fashionable Time of Year. That’s when all the new fashions hit the runways in advance of the upcoming seasons, the fashion trade shows happen in Vegas and NY and all the Fashionable People gather from city to city , country to country to see what’s new and hot and MCM is where im going to get started. First and foremost I have to say it’s one of my favorite upscale luxury brands , and from what I see , im impressed with how the brand is coming for 2019 , for it’s Fall , Pre-fall , and spring season. MCM is always most known for it’s signature belts , bags and back packs.

This season we see a new look for the MCM clutches and bags , such as this new men’s clutch with a new logo on front, instead of the most known signature logo.

They have also introduced a new camo inspired weekender bag, that gives a new look at how the MCM logo is being placed. But im not going to spend a lot of time on the MCM bag game , cause I know your familiar with it. However the fashions , that’s not something you see a lot of and that’s what really got my attention this season.

What really suprises me when it comes to MCM’s clothing is that instead of being more on the side of highend Couture, it more takes on the style of streetwear , highend streetwear or Couture to be precise

catering more to a Hip Hop fashion lifestyle, with a higher price tag , the thing of it is the label does a good job at , especially this year for the 2019 season

the other task that MCM manages to accomplish is both their women’s and men’s lines are pretty much the same but , they have found a way not to compromise the integrity of either men’s or women’s clothing.

meaning whomever is wearing it , it looks like it was still intended for them to wear , not to small knor to big but just right , somewhere in the clothing mid-ground of streetwear perfect.

Where the looks translate and appeal to everyone and almost any age range especially those that are from the original as I call it Dapper Dan era , ( see previous blog The Dap is Back).

Now the price range on most of MCM’s goods as I often say are not for the Fashionably Faint of Heart , basically you got to pay to play if you want the look , but isn’t that always the case?

Of course it is , the average range of or price point can go easily this season from $ 250.00 up to about 1,350.00$ , give or take a few dollars , theses looks can all be shopped on ( Side note , despite the price tag , MCM still comes cheaper or more affordable than it’s highend competition.

Well there it is , we have come to the end of our first blog post of 2019 , stay tuned, more to come. I will be reviewing more new looks for 2019 from some of your favorite designers and mine too. I will also doing a little Fashion week talk with another new NYFW blog post , coming in the next few weeks. This has been Fashionably Hot in 2019 : MCM and of course I AM JMADDD STYLES. That’s it for now so until the next time IM GONE….!!!