The Fashion follow up: Zac Posen

The Fashion follow up: Zac Posen

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this is another installment of The Fashion follow up. Today’s designer or brand that I am highlighting is the one and only Zac Posen. The Zac Posen brand as well as the designer himself has been a celebrity and red carpet favorite. His gowns and dresses that are known for their dramatic as well as perfectly fit and tailored quality has been greatly revered by fashion critics and magazines alike. You have seen him on Project Runway as a guest judge for several seasons, and his Fashion Week presentations have been one of the hottest tickets in town , because everyone wanted to be there to see what Zac Posen was going to present for the upcoming season.

However Zac Posen is also a prime example of how tough the Fashion Industry is , and often enough as I say when it comes to this industry you have to really love it to remain in it. Because if you don’t than you will not stick around. From the outset it seemed that Zac made all the right moves , at the very beginning of his career he was the winner of The Vogue CFDA Fashion Fund , and was endorsed by American Vogue and Anna Wintour.

Zac Posen pretty much hit the ground 100 miles and running. His name and brand became synonymous with the word Couture and has or was running what seemed to be one of the most successful labels in the game.

You couldn’t have a red carpet, be it The Met Gala, The Oscars, The Cannes film festival so on and so on without someone mentioning his name as the designer that they were wearing. But even the most successful of designers can hit a snag , in this industry funding is everything and to certain extent he managed to have the backing needed.

Up until recently when he needed a new investor or backer to carry the label on , but could not find one , causing him and his board of managers to make the difficult decision to shut the brand down laying off well over 60 employees. Now that’s the reason why I say if you are going to be in this industry then you really have to love it , because often enough it’s full of ups and downs and it seems from my own standpoint that the lows can outnumber the highs. But it’s those highs that you experience that make this all worthwhile.

Im pretty certain that Zac Posen would tell you exactly the same. Now it’s about that time when I take off my Fashion Blogger hat and put on my Fashion Stylist hat to show you a few pieces from Zac Posen’s collection and the way I put my own personal styling touch on them.

Zac Posen was one of the best when it came to the Couture gown , he had a way of making each piece as though it was specifically made for the person that was wearing it.

Each of his gowns had their own individuality about them , their own style that could basically fit the personality of almost any of their wearers , if you could afford to own one or were fortunate enough to be styled in one for a particular event.

Even though the Zac Posen brand has closed it’s doors for now , im almost certain that we have not seen the last of the designer or his signature red carpet style and clothes after all im sure he loved the fashion game enough not to leave it completely and he probably couldn’t leave even if he tried , I would bet good money that it’s just apart of him that will never go away.

Well there it is we have once again come to the end of yet another blog post. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been The Fashion follow up: Zac Posen. That’s it for now so until the next time…IM GONE…!!!

Fashion between the panels: Speed Racer….

Fashion between the panels: Speed Racer

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you , I AM JMADDD STYLES for those of you out there that are not to familiar with me. Welcome to my latest blog post Fashion between the panels: Speed Racer. Just for a quick breakdown, my Fashion between the panels series is where I take a movie past or present, or a comic book , or maybe even your favorite cartoon or music video perhaps and break down the fashion between the frames or scenes and create newly inspired looks based around the characters in the story. For this installment of Fashion between the panels, im going to flash you back to your child hood and break down the fashion that you didn’t see in one of the most iconic cartoons ever made Speed Racer.

This classic series created so many classic cartoon characters in various episodes that there are almost to many to name. So what im going to do is break down the Fashion between the panels in two of my personal favorite episodes. First Speed Racer and The race against the Mammoth car and second Speed Racer and The Most Dangerous race. But before that let’s meet the Speed family and break down the fashion.

First off the car always seemed to be the star of the show it was fashionable within itself , the one and only Mach 5 , but the inventor of the car was Pops Racer

Pops Racer’s style much like Speed Racer’s style was classic polo style shirt styled simply with chinos, so how would that translate today and still be fashionable ?

well the perfect way to pull Pops Racer’s style straight off the cartoon would be to keep the look highend casual, starting with the shirt. For the shirt the look starts with Gucci to capture the famous red polo style shirt that Pops Racer was known for , from there a nude or beige color chino , then to finish the look a casual sneaker that you could dress up or down , and last the classic gucci hat to capture Pops Racer’s iconic baseball hat.

Mom’s Racer :

Mom’s Racer always had a truly 60’s mod kind of style seeing as how the show was started in the 60’s , that style would be true to the era. This style is living proof that nothing ever really goes out of style or everything always repeats itself just with a few modifications to make it more modern.

To Capture Mom’s Racer’s style , started with a green , mod style dress to capture the 60’s feel , but with a touch of modern. Then from there a green suede pump to highlight the dress. Basically this look comes across a fashionably monochromatic with different shades of green from the dress to the jewelry and handbag, truly capturing the Fashionable likeness of Mom’s Racer.

Trixie :

Speed Racer’s assistant/girlfriend unofficially, that is. Trixie had a classic look as well, at the same time a true fashionably girlie girl look that most definitely still translates well right now.

See What I mean , I captured this look using two different styles of ankle boots , both of the boots are classic 60’s style. The blouse is a major part of capturing her look , as it adds to the girly girl kind of look , then you have the classic flair legged jeans , still giving you 60’s style with a modern twist, then finishing the look with a Gucci pink hat , and face sheild sunglasses.

Spridle & Chim Chim :

Spridle and Chim Chim , aside from being Speeds little brother and his side kick , they were kind of the comic relief of the show always up to mischief.

To capture the style I had to make a few changes to the look to make sure it would translate well for a more broder style and audience. Kept the red and white color scheme and still managed to keep the racing moto style and theme. Instead of a traditional kids jumpsuit, went with a more fancified cover all look , finishing the look with a white and red Lebron sneaker and a still using a white and red baseball hat.

Racer X :

Racer X is the long lost brother that Speed Racer never knew he had known as Rex Racer, why Speed Racer never figured this out is beyond me , seeing as how he would come out of nowhere to help Speed Racer out of a tough situation in every episode.

For such a cool character , I had to give you various versions of the same look to capture the Racer X style , but the base of the look in every frame is always the white leather moto style jacket and the white jeans , to give you that inpired signature Racer X look.

Speed Racer :

Now for the man himself one of the most iconic anime characters to ever exist , put your hands together for Speed Racer, the most unbeatable race car driver/crime fighter to ever exist at least in the cartoon and cartoon movie world that is.

Capturing the Speed Racer look , is almost similar to capturing the Racer X look as in both looks feature white jeans , but the white jeans were truly a signature staple of his look . After that the other iconic piece of his look is his red ascot. Speed Racer’s look is a throw back to kind of an 80’s style even though he was from the 60’s so basically his look was ahead of it’s time. Once again I had to give you three variations of the same look. In each look I switched out the shoes and the Polo shirt. The last frame gives you the more highend of the look using a Gucci Polo style shirt.

The Most memorable episodes :

Speed Racer in Race against The Mammoth car:

What makes this episode much like the next one that im going to talk about so memorable is the characters that were in each episode, these next two episodes had villains in them as well as new good guys that people including self never forgot through all the yrs. Also in this case I feel also are very memorable from a fashionably inspirational standpoint.

In the Mammoth car episode , for one the car in itself is a menacing villain that Speed Racer had to go up against with it’s two drivers. But it was really the owner of The Mammoth car that really is unforgettable. The character was a gangster that went by the name Crusher Block and Cruncher Block . Were the two names similar to each other being used in the episode a mistake ? Well after all the yrs one will never know.

But what I do know is the style of Cruncher /Crusher Block was impeccable. Im always a big fan of the white suit , the key to the white suit is always to remember that it’s the quality that counts. The make of it is the difference between cheesy and unforgettably stylish , also the way the suit is coordinated. In this case with a cognac colored dress boot and a bold patterned dress shirt to bring out the suit and the shoe.

Then in the same episode there was the very memorable Inspector Detector. The name in itself is unforgettable, but the style goes a long way , even though it was from the 60’s / 70’s timeless style is forever.

In this case the double breasted suit is key , over the years it has made a comeback stronger than ever and is always a major staple that you want to have at least one of in your wardrobe. The look here to capture Inspector Detector is kind of a monochromatic look with the tie and fedora. I used the white spread collar shirt to break the look up and usually with a blue suit brown shoes are a must for the best result , but in this case the black dress boot just plain works.

Speed Racer and The most Dangerous race :

in This episode we meet The car Acrobatic Team with to villains that you absolutely could not forget in the race on Look out mountain. We are introduced to Captain Terror and his right hand man and henchman Snake Oiler.

Captain Terror’s look alone is unforgettable but the style that it inspires is the same , unforgettable that is .

Starting from the cape , now you have to do a little searching to find a man’s cape or variation of one that doesn’t look too costume like or theatrical. In this case I introduce you to the sweater cape for men , that looks surprisingly cool , especially when styled with an aviator hat and sunglasses and all black accents from the turtleneck to the snakeskin dress boot.

Then there is Snake Oiler the lead driver and henchman of the villainous Car Acrobatic team. When you see his look a trendy highend athletic look comes to mind and the colors he wears are what really stays in your mind.

To Capture this look , once again took a little bit of searching to make the colors work for a trendy highend athleisure look. From the face sheild sunglasses all the way down to the special limited edition Air max , used to pull this look all together.

Well there it is , we have reached the end of yet another fashionably inspired blog post. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have presenting it. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashion between the panels: Speed Racer. That’s it for now, so until the next time IM GONE…!!!..

Fashion between the panels: Krush Groove

Fashion between the panels: Krush Groove

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you . I AM JMADDD STYLES , and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post. Fashion between the panels : Krush Groove, for this latest installment of this ongoing blog series, im taking you back in time to 1985 to a groundbreaking film in Hiphop history to show you how the fashion that you saw on screen back then would currently translate into looks for right now. If you have never seen this film and you call yourself a fan of The Culture of Hiphop, then you are doing yourself a great disservice. So after reading this be sure to make it a priority to see this film. So right now im going to take the main characters from the film and break down how their fashionable Influence from then still could work today right now at this very minute. So with that said, let’s get this fashionable party started with……

Sheila E :

At This time period it was one thing to have a film that brought all your favorite Hiphop stars to the big screen, but it was a whole other level for an R&B star to be in the movie with them. That R&B star was the one and only Sheila E. whom back then was apart of the Prince movement and known for her cutting edge style already.

From The hair to the clothes, this look that you are seeing on her in the above pictures, translated as just plain cool with a touch of sexy on the screen, but how would this look translate to right now ?

To style this look for a modern feel , you have to go head to toe leather , the jacket that Sheila E. is wearing gives you a Moto-style kind of vibe , so that’s where the look would start, from there if you look at her pants they are 2 toned, so to capture that I went with a color blocked pair of leather pants accessorized the look with leather gloves and finished the look off with color blocked boots and multi layer pearl necklace to capture and finish her exact look .

Then there was this look from her hit single in the movie Holly Rock. This is a look that could, easily translate from then to now ,

The look was already cutting edge , but to make more for now , didn’t take much. Changed the blouse out for a more dramatic style , and add the suede ankle boot finish the look with a sequin half glove instead of the one long glove , which would have been still cool to go with. Perfectly capturing a more modern version of Sheila E ‘s look.

Kurtis Blow :

At This time in Hiphop, Kurtis Blow was known as The King of Rap. He was the show stopper and the showman. Whenever you saw Kurtis Blow he was dressed 80’s fresh. He was wearing the suits , and the best leather fashions as you can see in the pic above.

A good leather look never goes out of style , that’s why taking Kurtis Blow’s look from 80’s fresh to new era fly won’t be difficult at all , it just takes the right eye and good fashionable vision.

The look that I wanted to style and reinvent is his classic look from the movie seen above. I did 3 variations of the same look using two different T-shirts and the top hat is optional, creating a truly modernized version of Kurtis Blow’s Krush Groove look.

The Fat Boys :

In this movie , The Fat Boys or The Disco Three were kind of the comic relief of the film , although all the hits that they had over the years were no kind of joke. There style in the film was not well defined

other than the fact that it was cool and trendy for the time , but if you take a really good look , the trendiness of then still works now

notice the Dapper Dan looks right here , and unless you just plain live under a non fashionable rock , you know that Dapper Dan is back bigger and better than ever.

with an all new Gucci collection and collaboration, with a look that picks back up right where it left off years ago like it never left. More bold and flashier than ever and definitely more expensive than ever , but hey it’s Gucci.


Talking about a group that truly defined a look when it comes to Hiphop, they were a group with a lot of fashion firsts they basically defined an era

almost pretty much monopolized an entire style from the signature leather suits , to the sweat suits , all the way to being the first to make you notice what a fedora was .

Not To mention the jewelry, they were the absolute first to ware the big gold chains or truck jewelry, the group was both music and style icons. But their most defining look was the Adidas sweatsuit and shell toe sneakers with the classic fedora.

A Look that is still relevant today and dosen’t require any real modernization or tweaking, it’s still just as cool now as it was then , of course the hat is optional. But you cannot see this look and not be reminded of RUN DMC.


Now LL didn’t have a huge role in this film , but the few minutes that he was in the movie , created a lasting memory in Hiphop history. That would be because it was the first time you could put a face to the then 16 yr old rapper that already had a hit on the radio called I need a beat.

Even though he was so young then , he still defined a signature style , that style being the Kangol bucket hat with the jeans and the Polo style shirt. Seems simple enough but the look became synonymous with LL COOL J.

This look also stood the test of time and still holds strong for today , of course back then more than likely he was wearing an IZOD LACOSTE, which is still hot till this day with it’s signature alligator logo. When I recreated and restyled the look , I preferred to use the Ralph Lauren Polo shirt with the Ralph Lauren jeans and jacket. Finishing the look with a classic pair of Nike Air Max and of course the hat is optional.

Russell Simmons:

An interesting fact about this film is that Russell Simmons or then Russell Rush was the only character in the film that was not played by himself or the actual person. Even his then partner in starting Def Jam , Rick Reuben also pictured above , still played himself. Instead at the time it was Blaire Underwood that portrayed the role of The godfather of Hiphop, the one and only Russell Simmons. The look that you see him wearing above would kind of become a signature look for Russell Simmons in years to come , although the look pictured is very 80’s , it could be slightly changed and restyled to fit one of Russell Simon’s signature looks.

Giving you the suit and tennis shoes combination, the key to this look is having the right suit and the right sneaker that will pair together. In this case the corduroy suit is the perfect fit for a casual sneaker , and for an authentic 80’s feel throw in the knit tie.

It was never really said why Russell Simmons didn’t portray himself in the film but for a long time until you got a look at the actual person, the name Russell Rush almost seemed synonymous with Blaire Underwood’s face.

Well their it is , we have once again come to the end of yet another blog post, I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you again for my next upcoming one. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashion between the panels : KRUSH GROOVE. That’s it for now, so until the next time IM GONE…!!!

The Fashion follow up….

The Fashion follow up:

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and right about this time , I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post : The Fashion follow up. So what is The Fashion follow up? Well im glad you asked, The Fashion follow up, is just that , it’s the follow up to my annual JMADDD STYLES September Issue. Where I continue and pick up with a little extra fashionable content, that I could not fit into my September Issue. With this installment of The Fashion follow up, im going to take a look at two additional design labels and a major retail chain. With that said , let’s get started.

Fenty :

This is one label that caught my attention from the moment that I herd about the collaboration between luxury fashion investors LVMH and Rihanna’s brand Fenty. Creating an all new high end label being spearheaded by Rihanna, if you follow this blog then you know that I spoke of this label in a previous blog post , the moment it dropped I picked my favorite pieces from the new collection and styled new looks using the hot new clothing line. It’s been well over a year now since the label was introduced to rave reviews , now the collection is in it’s second season , and it continues to look better and better. But I can show you better than I can tell you . So let’s take a look at some new favorite looks from the Fenty collection that I styled with that JMADDD STYLES touch.

This season the Fenty blazer game is incredible , with the fresh approach that the label takes to an always major staple in any fashion forward persons closet. This unique blazer comes in both pink and grey. Both looks are styled to be dressy casual looks , the first look is styled with the signature classic white Fenty shirt , the new Fenty jeans and the all new Fenty boots. The second look is too styled with the classic white shirt but instead of denim , the hot new white leather pants from Fenty.

One key element that always makes a great collection is when a label knows how to design a great leather product, and Fenty has definitely perfected the look of leather this season from skirts to pants as can be seen in the two looks styled above , with both looks having a casual cool vibe a street luxury look so to speak.

The leather pants being done this season from Fenty are so well designed and executed that you have to take a double look to make sure that both the pants and skirts are leather. These two looks are both styled with the leather pants from Fenty , the top look creating a dressy casual style again and the second look going more street luxury with one of the new hoodies from the collection , finishing both looks with the Fenty white pump.

The last look displays another return trend from this season, and that is the full sized overcoat , the look styled with another pair of signature Fenty pants and highlighted with a mint green Fenty turtleneck and the grey Fenty boot. From there let’s take a look at another luxury label that really caught my eye this season.

Alberta Ferretti :

This next brand is another label that I didn’t get to cover in The JMADDD STYLES September Issue , and that brand is Alberta Ferretti. This collection once again caught my attention because it has all the major elements of a great or classic luxury label. From signature tailored pants , to wide brimmed hats , trendy blouses and sweaters , and you guessed it , strong leather looks.

So let’s get started styling a little bit of leather, the first two looks are almost identical, the difference is in the boots. The first look and the second as well is styled with a classic 90’s style pull over , both with the buttery looking Alberta Ferretti leather pants and logo belt. The difference in the two looks is the first look is finished with a more casual or sporty boot / sneaker, the second look is finished with the collections new signature dress boot. The last look is styled with a bold pair of multicolored leather pants, new trendy black blouse and topped off with an Alberta Ferretti leather jacket giving you fly throw back style.

The next two looks are styled showing how to wear the Alberta Ferretti skirt , once again showing the quality that the label puts into their leather products. The first skirt is a classic mini style , Put together with a semi-shear tie top blouse , the logo boot and the Alberta Ferretti wide brimmed hat all in black. The next look is styled using the Alberta Ferretti high waisted skirt , the new thigh high suede boots , the logo top and finishing the look with a white wide brimmed Alberta Ferretti hat.

These last two looks are focusing in on The Alberta Ferretti logo pieces, the top look gives you the free flowing palazzo pant with a crew neck bold printed sweater and finished off with a signature cream or winter white calf high boot. The color pallet for both looks displays how cream and brown or tan work well together, the second look is styled around the Alberta Ferretti jeans and topped off with the logo track jacket , once again showing you the versitility of the collection. Next up let’s talk retail.

Selfridges and Co.

Up until a few days ago , I was completely clueless as to what Selfridges & Co. was , I came across a story about Asap Rocky making an appearance at a store premiering his own line. At first I was thinking, there was a new retail store in Ny that I was not aware of and had to go check so I could see what all the hype was about.

Only to find out that what is regarded as the greatest department in the world , like a lot of great retail chains is based in The U.K. or London. It is said to house every major brand on the market as well as they do specialty pop up shops various clothing brands or such as what they did with Asap Rocky.

When they started working with the fashion Influencer / Hiphop artist , they created an authentic Ny style bodega to display his line.

Now that’s creativity at it’s finest, the collaboration here began in 2017 , now Asap Rocky and his line AWGE / Injured Generation currently have collaborated on a permanent space in the department store.

So what does the line look like ? Well let’s take a look , here are a few of the pieces from the AWGE / Injured Generation collection.

To see more from the collection or just why Selfridges & CO. is being hailed as the worlds greatest retail department store , you either have to take a trip to the U.K. or you can just log on to just so you can see for yourself what all the fashionable hype is about.

Well there it is , once again we have just reached the end of yet another blog post. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been The Fashion follow up , that’s it for now , so until the next time IM GONE…!!!…

Fashion between the panels: The Joker…

Hello everyone out there, as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to take this time out to welcome you to my latest blog post : Fashion between the panels: The Joker. Just incase you are not to familiar with this particular on going blog series , Fashion between the panels is when I take the frames of a comic book or timeless scenes and characters from a movie and break it down from a fashion perspective. In other words I help you find the fashionable inspiration between the panels and build you a complete image and look based around the characters in the book or movie. Seeing as how The Joker is coming back to the big screen, you know it was time for an all new Fashion between the panels . This time not only am I going to give you the fashionable breakdown of the latest Joker movie , im going to show you how the previous Jokers from the silver screen and television , were also fashionably inspiring as well , starting with the original Joker from the iconic 60’s Batman and Robin show.

More than likely you’ve probably never taken the time to realize that when you really look at The Joker he is in actuality very stylish and his color scheme is really on point. In this case even in the 60’s if you take a good look , you see a well tailored suit with gloves to match. The question is how does that or would that translate into a look that you could actually pull off and feel like you are over the top up on your style game.

I took the original Joker’s look and broke it down three ways. First and foremost keeping the original color inspiration and combination, of green and purple. I broke the look down to three frames just to give you every detail of the look. The look is styled keeping the feel of the actual iconic 60’s character. I made sure to keep the signature purple gloves and the vest , but to make the vest pop , I went with a high quality tweed for the vest or waist coat.

For many years Cesar Romero aside from the comic books , was the first and original picture that came to mind when you think or thought The Joker. That is until about the late 80’s or early 90’s when Batman was about to be reintroduced to audiences on the big screen. Then came Jack Nicholson’s rendition of the The Joker and suddenly the character had a whole new face that would be remembered for years to come. Nicholson’s Joker had an all new yet still comicbook acurate look , however this rendition of the character had an iconic wide brim hat.

To capture or style this look , I started the look with the wide brim hat. But instead of making it purple , the look is styled with a black version and matched it with the all new Saint Laurent dress boot. Of course I had to keep the signature purple suit , but this time no vest and I went with the orange shirt to capture the true essence of the Jack Nicholson Joker with the signature hat.

For many years Nicholson’s Joker seemed irreplaceable , that is until the character was being introduced again in the second installment of the newly rebooted Batman franchise . Enter Heath Ledger as the psychotic clown , just when you thought no one could top Nicholson’s or Romero’s version of the character . Ledger did just that , he added an all new look and even fresher take on The Joker ,

Heath Ledger’s version of The Joker, was more on the casual cool side but still fashionable none the less. To capture this look I went with a purple car coat , velvet pants , and to top the look off a green tweed vest and and a multi colored spread collar dress , to capture this stylishly inspired Joker look.

From there came Jarret Leto’s take on The Joker. In my opinion was kind of a lateral move on the character, neither forward or backwards, but still a different take on The Joker. This version was seen in The Suicide Squad movie. Leto’s Joker , was kind of like a modern gangster influenced by hiphop. But once again if you really looked at the characters style , the look was fashion forward.

I really tweaked this look a bit , in my opinion this total look would have made the short appearance of Leto’s Joker even more memorable. I captured the look and built the image based around his signature duster style coat , from there went with a pair of Ralph Lauren pants to expand on the look with a purple cap toe shoe and spread collar casual dress shirt , creating a look that screams Style and Joker.

Well The Joker is back, with a new movie soon to be released and a new actor taking over the mantle of the clown. Joaquin Phoenix is set and ready to hit you with his rendition of the iconic comic villain. He’s got another all new look but from what I can see this maybe able to compete with Ledger’s version of the villain. But notice the new Joker still has a fashion forward tailored look. Now let’s style you like the new Joker.

The new Joker has a total makeover, no longer with the purple and green. The new color combination is burgundy/red with a mustard colored waistcoat and a touch of green in the shirt. Well to style and capture this look , I went with a velvet suit in a deep wine or burgundy color. Added in the mustard wool waistcoat, I gav you two shirt options, for a more subtle look, the white spread collar shirt. For a more bold look traded in the green shirt for a raised print blue spread collar shirt. Topping the look off with a double monk strap dress boot. Once again capturing the fashionable essence of the new Joker.

So there it is , we once again have reached the fashionable end of the line for my latest blog post , time flies when your having fun , after all ( Why so serious ?? ) . I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashion between the panels: The Joker. That’s it for now , so until the next time… Im Gone…!!!

A night in NYC pt 3 : NYFW

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you. Im back with another one, coming straight off of The JMADDD STYLES SEPTEMBER ISSUE. By the way I AM JMADDD STYLES , and just incase you are new to this blog site , I would like to take this time out to welcome you to my latest blog post . A night in NYC pt 3 : NYFW. This is the third installment of this series, since I began doing this blog , henceforth pt 3 . Once again it’s that time of year , what time of year you maybe asking ? I refer to it as the Fashionable time of year. It happens twice a year in New York , and Las Vegas , both in February and in late August and SSeptember. In Vegas it’s The Magic Fashion Convention , and in NY it’s Fashion Week. When all the fashionable people ascend upon the city to see the latest and greatest that fashion has to offer. Usually for the September shows , I tend to be at the shows that focus more on the up and comers. So that’s what im bout to show you right now. Im going to take you inside of the all new Style X show series, which seems to an extension of the ever popular Style Fashion Week.

Let’s now take a look inside of A night in NYC pt 3: Fashion Week

The event took place in a new location Sony Hall , which I got to say is and was a good place for an upclose and personal feel to connect with the up and coming talent that the industry has to offer.

The four new talented designers that were showing was , Da by Daniel , Richard Hallmarq , LE SAINT Beach Wear and for the main event Adriana Sahar.

DA by Daniel :

I arrived a little late to the show , but got there just in time to capture a few good looks coming down the runway. The moment I got down the stairs , it was straight to work observing and capturing a few images from this new age couture designer.

Richard Hallmarq :

Next up was Richard Hallmarq , this new line on the rise more on the side of Sportswear with a tiny side of Streetwear put into the mix .

LE SAINT Beach Wear :

As we get closer to the main fashion event of the night , the next designer is a swimwear designer. That goes by the name of LE SAINT Beach Wear , both the presentation and the look of the beach wear was fairly impressive well designed and put together.

Adriana Sahar :

Then we get to the main designer of the evening Adriana Sahar. As a new up and comer , she already has a fan base from both regular everyday people to celebrities as well. Her line is a true mixture of everything from sportswear to swimwear and streetwear as well , a fun fashion experience to watch.

Well there it is , it was a great night for fashion in the city , the energy was high and the scene was on point. But just as fast as I was in and out of the city is just how time has flown by and we have just reached the end of yet another blog post. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been A night in NYC Pt 3 : NYFW. That’s it for now , so until the next time…IM GONE…!!!

The JMADDD STYLES, September Issue….

Hello everyone out there, as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post : The JMADDD STYLES September Issue. For those of you out there that may not be too familiar with this website, you may be asking, what is the JMADDD STYLES September Issue?

This is the time of year when the season is about to change, and all the various fashion periodicals and websites begin showing you the latest looks and trends for the upcoming season, to help you get your look and image together for men’s and women’s fashion but usually not at the same time in magazines or websites. So what I tend to do every season is take some of the more stand out trends and put the looks together for both men’s and women’s wear . So with that said , let’s get started. First up let’s get into some menswear .

Menswear : this season in menswear, there are a few trends that are noteworthy, but none in my fashionable opinion that standout more then the one that we are about to get into. So what is that you may ask. This season you are going to see the resurgence of the men’s suit. For some of us the suit never went away. It has always been a major staple , a great go to when you want to stand out at an event or possibly for an appearance . This season there are lots of designers that are doing great things with the men’s suit, but im going to show you looks that I have put together from three standout highend designers that all put their own personal touch on the men’s suit. Those designers would be Tom Ford , Gucci and Dior , first let’s get started with one of my favorite designers in the game right now.

Tom Ford:

When it comes to a Tom Ford suit , he sticks to all the traditional values of a great fit suit that is built to make you look your absolute best and if you have ever listened to him give an interview or read an interview with him he lets you know that a good break on the shoe is important and im going to agree it is. Although over the last few years the traditional cuff has become less seen, even I stopped wearing it as much when getting my suits tailored cause I felt like it made me look a little taller with out my pants cuffed. However Tom Ford recommends a good cuff to bring out the best look for the fit of certain suits and that may well be true depending on the weight of the suit. Basically Tom Ford doesn’t try to modernize the suit by changing the way it looks , he just makes a great suit without trying to reinvent the wheel.

It’s all in the detailing, when it comes to a Tom Ford suit , both are grey suits , but one is more of a window pain pattern and the other is a Glenn plaid pattern. Both suits display the same wide lapel and signature double pockets. I styled them both with a spread collar dress shirt but changed up the style of shoe from boot to classic double monk strap.

For the next suit , it’s the same format of a suit but giving you a different colorway. Amazingly enough the different colorway makes it look like a different suit all together. Then to show you the versatility of Tom Ford pieces I went with his signature velvet blazer and paired it with his dark denim jeans for more of a dressy casual look that could easily go from the office to a night out.

Gucci :

Over at Gucci when it comes to the great suit revival , they take a traditional approach and a not so traditional approach and bring the two styles together. Gucci finds a way to cater to different style and taste levels.

These are two versions of a non traditional approach to the suit that Gucci is doing for the upcoming fall season. The first is not far from being traditional but take a good look at the pants. You will notice that there is a draw string , no belt loops and no front fasteners almost like joggers with a dressy feel. At first I was a bit skeptical on this design until I tried on a pair by Banana Republic, and I will say I haven’t tried on pants this comfortable that move with you since I was kid. This is truly going to put the most non suit wearing individual into a suit or at least pants. To keep the look more dressy , styled the look with Gucci’s new semi spread collar dress shirt , the all new scale watch and finishing the look with Gucci’s fall suede men’s ankle dress boot. The next look is truly a way to casualize a suit and make it short of a seat suit. Up top you have a double breasted jacket, but then the pants are on a whole other level with gathered bottoms at the ankle truly like a pair of joggers. This look is really for the individual that wants to wear a suit but doesn’t really want to dress up. The look is styled to keep it casual with a signature Gucci t-shirt and the latest sneaker/shoe giving you both a casual sneaker and shoe all in one.

When it comes to the men’s suit Gucci has covered all style basis and needs, the next two looks are more on the line of a traditional suit , the classic tailored pinstripe and another classic, the houndstooth pattern. The top look is styled for the individual that likes and knows how to wear a suit , the second is once again another casual approach to the traditional suit. Third look takes a non traditional approach to the double suit but its being done in one of the hottest colors of the season with a bold double G, print.

The last two looks are much like the last Tom Ford look , both styled to give you a more dressy casual feel , one with a classic styled loafer and the other a dress boot although the looks are similar , they both capture to individual styles.

Dior :

Over at Dior this season, they aren’t going as bold with the variety of mens suit , but are adding their own individual spin to the classic men’s suit.

This is basically the same suit done in two different color ways. One blue and the return of the the black suit as well , but if you look closely, you will see the signature touch that Dior adds to their suits. That little detail is a double breasted suit made like a single breasted suit. Notice the one button detailing, whereas most double breasted suits offer six buttons on the jacket. The black suit has been styled in two ways , the first is for the true suit wearer with a classic white shirt and single strap cap toe dress shoe. The next look takes the casual approach with Dior’s latest sneaker and polo shirt. Then last , the navy blue suit styled to be a little more on the fashionably bold side with a boldly printed spread collar dress shirt from Axxess. One of my personal favorite shirt brands. Well we have just reached the end of part one of the JMADDD STYLES, covering one of the biggest trends of the season, the resurgence or return of the men’s suit. Each of these looks can be shopped online at , and .

Now it’s time for the next half of The JMADDD STYLES September Issue. In this half we are going to take a look at womenswear and one or two of the hottest trends of the fall / winter season , also what’s coming up that’s new for womenswear like a major fashionable collaboration that will be introduced for the fall season.

Two of the biggest trends that stood out to me for the fall season is the importance of Sustainability when buying fashion and the idea that quality is always better than quantity.

So to do that as the main overall trend that im going to cover , right along with a few mini trends that im going to slide in along the way , I am going to style looks once again from three designers that in my Fashionable opinion always do a great job of creating sustainable clothing in womenswear. That would Chloe’ , Etro and Ralph Lauren.

Chloe’ :

First off just incase you are not sure , sustainable clothing is clothing that stands the test of time in both style and quality. Meaning that the garment is both well made and you will not mind wearing it the following year and the year after that once you invested in the piece or pieces.

For this season Chloe’ is amongst the brands this season that one always creates sustainable pieces that stand the test of time but are what you call investment pieces, they also are one of the companies this year that is doing the Romantic blouse. The Romantic blouse much like a good blouse never goes out of style but happens to be one of the top trends in women’s fashion for the fall season. In pic one the Romantic blouse is styled on a casual level with dark denim from Chloe’ and another trend for the season the pegged heel ankle boot also from Chloe’ , finishing the look with Chloe’s signature round lensed sunglasses. Look two does not show a romantic blouse but still another blouse from Chloe’. Basically blouses are back bigger than ever this year not that they ever faded. The look is done in monochromatic beige with a cashmere wool jacket , matching color dress pant and this season’s hot pegged heal boot calf length to finish the look , all from Chloe’ .

The next look , has another sustainable yet on trend piece. Yes it is styled with the Romantic blouse , but the item that im referring to is the classic rap skirt the blouse is styled with. The rap skirt has never gone anywhere, but this season is back in a major way making it both a sustainable piece and on trend. Finishing the look with the ever stylish knee high boot with this season’s pegged heel all from Chloe’ , with the exception of the Michele watch. The next look is styled to give you the on trend but never out of style menswear inspired womenswear look. Done in a more equestrian style. The pantsuit from Chloe’ is done with a bold gold print , styled with a classic white traditional blouse , round lensed sunglasses and calf high boot all from Chloe’ .

Etro :

When it comes to Etro, the pieces are always bold and have an exotic feel and look to them. This season Etro is still bold and extremely eye catching a big push on men’s inspired women’s wear , also on trend for this upcoming fall season.

Specializing in rich well made materials and bold patterns. Following the trend of sustainable fashion with it’s quality. As can be seen with this velvet pants suit , styled with tuxedo styled blouse or dress shirt. Gold heels and oversized belt.

This season much like the pantsuit the women’s blazer is also a major must have staple for your fall wardrobe. These two looks were both styled showing the bold prints in Etro’s blazers , both looks also styled with the ever hot knee high boot , but the top look is giving you a look at the new Starwars for Etro line.

Then for the last two looks , they are both styled to give you different ways to style an Etro blouse , still staying on trend , but the second look is also styled to highlight Etro ‘s full length skirt , another item you will see lots of this season. The look finished off with black fedora and ankle boot.

Ralph Lauren:

Ralph Lauren , what can you say ? This season celebrating 50 + years in the business. Basically he never gets it wrong and if he did you really couldn’t tell. The true meaning of Classic American Style and Tailoring. When it comes to creating sustainable fashion , truly timeless and classic pieces very few do it better than Ralph Lauren.

This season we will be seeing classic pieces in this collection that are on trend and truly sustainable . The first two looks here are styled to give you the true meaning of dressy casual. The first look gives you trendy classics. From the old orange blazer to the romantic style vest and the ever classic leather pants and trendy knee high boots to finish the look off. That goes the same for the second look. The full length cardigan is a major must gave , styled with a classic tie top denim shirt blouse. Finishing the look with suede pants a classic strappy heel.

The next look gives you a rich suede full body dress , creating a perfect body silhouette, once again such a timeless piece . I styled the dress with classic fedora , the new Ralph Lauren denim blazer and a pair of RL heels.

When it comes to Ralph Lauren style , there are so many options and combinations that you could come up with. Something that fits every personality. So to round out this segment of The JMADDD STYLES September Issue, I wanted to take you out with some RL denim for the fall season. If you didn’t know RL makes some of the best denim in the market , be it a dress or jeans. To shop pieces from any of the above looks , go to , , and

New and Fashionably Noteworthy :

Rita Ora x Escada .

Rita Ora always manages to secure the perfect fashionable collabo at the right time. Usually it seems at the beginning and end of each season. Basically always securing that fashionable bag. Towards the beginning of the Spring/Summer season, she did a shoe collection with Giuseppe Zanotti .

Now she is back with her latest collection or collabo , Rita Ora x Escada

A limited edition capsul collection of highend quality with fashion giant Escada . To get an even better look at the collection go to .

Streetwear :

If you had the chance to read any of my previous September issues , then you know I always have to give you the latest and greatest in Streetwear. For this season I got one new brand and one brand collaboration.

Puma released it’s long awaited collection with the late great Nipsey Hussle. The name of the collection is TMC ( The Marathon Continues) . The collection was an instant sell out , but you can try and shop it at .

When it comes to streetwear, one thing that I always like to see is someone that has a new brand that stands out from the rest. Luxury streetwear designer Devvlin Braswell has that brand. The name of the brand is SIA Collective ( Somewhere in America) .

The brand covers all bases from sneakers , watches , to a very well designed clothing collection . You can shop the look at . Well there it is , we have just reached the end of another September Issue , and blog post . I hope you have enjoyed it . I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been , The JMADDD STYLES September Issue. That’s it for now , so until the next time… IM GONE…!!!