Fashion between the panels: Mo’better Blues….

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you. Welcome to my latest blog post: Fashion between the panels: Mo’better blues , by the way just incase you’re not yet familiar with me I AM JMADDD STYLES. For todays Fashion between the panels, im flashing you back to the 90’s , 1990 to be exact. When director Spike Lee came with probably one of his best if not the best of his films Mo’better blues. The film was visually great and had some of the coolest characters that I had seen put on screen in a movie. The question is what made it so cool ? Well if you ask me in my fashionable opinion it was the imagery, the fashion , and the musician lifestyle that went hand in hand with the fashion creating some very cool and memorable characters that would stand the test of cinematic and fashionable time.

Now everybody in the film had major style adding to their character, but the major characters that the film focused in on were Spike Lee’s character: Giant , Denzel Washington’s character : Bleek , Cynda Williams character : Clarke and Wesley Snipes character : Shadow. Each of these characters were equally inspirational from a fashionable standpoint as well, so that’s who im going to focus in on to show how the fashion they displayed still translates as fashion forward looks for today ,with a few minor tweeks or changes. So to get started let’s take a look at

Giant : Spike Lee

Giant was the manager of Bleek’s band although it often looked as though he was being taken lightly as a manager, he still had real style , the first look that I wanted to recreate to show the timelessness of the look , was the suede baseball jacket look above , as he scrambled down the streets of Brooklyn to escape the hitmen that were after him for his gambling debts. This look was so timeless that it didn’t require much changing when recreating it , a slight tweek to the style of hat , and added a crock skin ankle boot to really set the dress pants off with no cuff for a more modern fit.

The next look that I wanted to capture was the look that Giant (Spike Lee) was wearing on the iconic movie poster and album cover , the opening picture of this blog

To Capture and restyle this look , I had to make a few changes, the look from the 90’s in the picture had a plaid or checked pattern with a mustard color pair of pants ( hot at that time) with a black shirt. To modernize the look , I gave the look a slight color change from mustard to more chocolate brown and beige as the accent color for the blazer. Im never a fan of black dress shirts , so I went with a cream color spread collar shirt , and kept the fedora to complete the look.

Shadow : Westley Snipes

The next character whose style that im going to recreate is Westley Snipes character Shadow. You will notice a common thread that runs through alot of each individual look is they all knew how to wear a proper topper, a hat. For this look of Shadow’s that im going to recreate the hat is a key part of the look.

Similar to the 1st look that Spike Lee had on above , this too is a casually cool look with suede green baseball jacket , with a fedora to finish off the look.

To Restyle and update the look but give it the same feel , I went with a green seude denim style of jacket , kept the more cognac color brown for the shirt and pants and finished the look with a suede chocolate brown dress boot , then finishing the look once again with the signature fedora to keep the feel of the original look.

The next look is a bit of a step up to being more dressy , a classic black suit look with turtleneck. To restyle this look I wanted to go with a different shirt. Although I always like the look of a turtle neck and suit , but for the recapture of the look ,

wanted to go with a designer polo shirt , an animal print pocket square and finished the look with a dressy casual designer loafer. Giving you the look from then but looking more completely now.

Now For this look Shadow is once again giving more of a dressy casual vibe , to recapture and update the look

I kept the fedora, that’s always timeless, but I added a two toned button down , similar to the shirt being worn by Shadow, but to finish the look I added in a new dress boot beige dress pant to offset the colors in the shirt , recreating this look with a modern twist.

Clarke : Cynda Williams

From The minute Cynda Williams ( Clarke) stepped on screen her whole style was undeniably noticeable, as she appeared at Denzel Washington’s ( Bleek ) door. That look that you see above is the first style of Clarke that I wanted to recapture and style.

The Main focal point of the look being the red wool coat then the hat that is seen above , a women’s fedora or floppy hat. Since you don’t see the rest of the look from the waist down, the look is completed with a tailored pant a designer ankle boot and polka dot blouse or shirt.

The Next look that really grabbed my attention years ago , is the famous record store scene with Clarke and Shadow, I captured Shadow’s look from this scene a few frames above. In this scene Clarke has on a bodycon striped dress , a classic look in itself that has never gone out of style. To recapture and restyle the look , I went with two different dresses for variety to give you the same look and feel from the movie , but tweaked the look just a little.

To Show you the look could be done with two different color dresses and slightly different style of dress , but the common thing is that both looks show you how to put Clarke’s look together in more than one way. But still give you the basic style.

Then for her final look , the evening dress for her first appearance singing with the band, once again a perfect example of how the feel of a look can be done even if you change the dress to another style , the blue print and red carpet style is still the same.

Creating a timeless look of both impeccable style and unforgettable fashion .

Bleek : Denzel Washington

Every now and again, there comes along a movie with a character in it that comes across so cool that it leaves an impression in your mind of how cool , cool can be. Eddie Murphy did it in Boomerang and Denzel Washington captured the same type of cool in Mo’better blues , except the character was more on the artistic side and because of that side being displayed more his flaws added to the eccentric coolness. But what added to this was the image of the character, his fashion since came across as cutting edge and cool as he did , let’s take a look , starting with the first look above.

The look from the movie was a not so much orange but more of a rustic or rust color double breasted suit , with white dress shirt. As much of a fan of a good double breasted suit as I am , I wanted to recreate the look with a slight change. The suit that I went with was or is a two button single breasted suit , the colorway is in the same family , but a little darker , the dress shirt is white but a semi-spread collar for more of an expensive and right now look , that would look great with or without a tie. To finish the look a suede dress boot and a simple jewelry piece to bring the look full circle. That’s where fashionable improvisation comes in cause that’s the details you don’t see.

For the next look , staying with the suit theme , cause a good suit look goes a long way. I first showed Shadow ( Westley Snipes) black suit look , now to show the versatility of the look , im going to recreate Bleek’s black suit look.

It’s amazing how a different persona , give a whole new look to basically the same style of black suit. The look for Shadow was more casually cool , but the look for Bleek is more on the smoothed out dressy casual side. Once again a semi-spread collar dress shirt , tie optional, this time the suede boot in black and to round the look out a pair of black shades lightly tented and a standout timepiece. These small details completely make another all different look.

Now I could have very well created more looks based around Bleek (Denzel Washington’s) character, but the variations I did for the two looks captured the Fashionable Likeness and Essence of the character perfectly, so im leaving it right where it is.

Well There it is , the end of yet another blog post , this has been Fashion between the panels: Mo’better blues and I AM JMADDD STYLES. Stay close ill be back soon with another all new blog post, that you don’t want to miss. However that’s it for now , so until the next time…IM GONE..!!!

Don Mitchell x Marvel Comics x Spider-Man = D.O.N

Hello everyone out there, as always it’s good to see you. For those not too familiar, I AM JMADDD STYLES, Fashion Stylist , Image Consultant , Personal Fashion Shopper and Fashion/Style Blogger. I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post : Donovan Mitchell x Marvel Comics x Spider-Man = D.O.N . I guess the big question here is , exactly what is D.O.N ? To put it plainly it stands for ( Determination Over Negativity ) and is the all new sneaker from Adidas that is being worn by Utah Jazz gaurd Donovan Mitchell.

The sneaker is a collaboration with Marvel Comics and is inspired by Spider-Man and his four different looks or suits , those being The Iron Spider , The Stealth Suit , The Symbiote and the original Spider-Man suit . The first to be released are the ISSUE # 1 ‘s that are being worn by Donovan Mitchell in the picture above , the original Spider suit , set to be released right in time for the release of the new film Spider-Man Far from Home , and will be available on ( ) and various other sneaker outlets or retailers , and the sneakers will carry a not so bad price point of ( 100.00 $). Now let’s take a closer look at the sneakers, the first color way which was already released on July 2nd , the standard Spidey suit ISSUE # 1.

They are strategically releasing each new colorway a few weeks apart , giving you something to anticipate also giving enough time to for each style to be seen and get a good visual run. The next style The Stealth Spidey suit inspired sneaker will be released on August 31st .

Just Before this in the month of July , on July 18th to be exact, The Symbiote Spider shoe will be released.

Then on August 31st the final shoe will be released, The Iron Spider shoe ,

each shoe detailed with the same color schemes as all the Spider-Man suits and each with webbing details also for that authentic Spidey feel and look.

So the Donovan Mitchell D.O.N , Spider-Man inspired sneaker, are you hear for it ?? As always I LET YOU TELL IT. But in the meantime we have just reached the end of yet another blog post I AM JMADDD STYLES , and this has been Don Mithchel x Marvel Comics x Spider-Man= D.O.N . That’s it for now , so until the next time IM GONE..!!!

Fashion between the panels: Dazzler….

Hello everyone out there, as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and welcome to my latest blog post , another installment of Fashion between the panels. The subject for this Fashion between the panels is one of Marvel Comics more obscure and I venture to say highly underrated characters DAZZLER. This character was introduced somewhere around 1982/83 in the pages of The X-Men

At the time she was introduced to comic fans alike , I was probably too young to appreciate the character, so basically I didn’t have any interest in the character to realize how good DAZZLER’s story arcs were or to notice how ahead of it’s this comic hero was , and basically still had no interest until now. When I went to see the new X-Men movie, X-Men Dark Phoenix. Where in this movie for a brief scene they put this character on screen that only a true comic head would be able to identify. They found a way to bring DAZZLER to life

causing me to have a renewed interest in a character that I never really had before, thus inspiring this new Fashion between the panels: DAZZLER. When DAZZLER was introduced to the pages of Marvel Comics, she was presented to be a larger than life entertainer, a sort of Disco Queen or post era Disco Queen , 80’s Rock Pop Star , that happened to be super powered and fought crime in her spare time so to speak. She was flashy , bold , with incredible style , in essence she is now. Her look was and is very envogue.

Infact her look was and is down right FLY with a side of Flashy. So now what im about to do is pull the fashion from between the panels and show you how to capture her look from then and utilize it now. Im going to do this by giving you a variety of ways to style the look of DAZZLER , that is so right now.

Starting here , the main thing to keep in mind when capturing this look is the key element, the jumpsuit. The jumpsuit has always been a staple throughout the years in fashion and it’s back now even stronger than ever. The other key is the jumpsuit has to be white , and the jewelry accents, the shoes , all have to be done in silver which is a great combination anyway, then finishing the look with blue eyewear to complete the look.

There are different ways to capture this look , but still keep the same style and feel , each look that im going to show you will be done to show that different individual style is being considered to reach the same look. Changing out the shoes and other accessories to fit various style personalities.

If this look is styled and worn correctly, it also toes the perfect line between classy and sexy , as I often try to show , you don’t have to be ill fitted or borderline trashy to be fashionably sexy as long as you keep the element of classy when putting looks together.

It’s always amazing how you can go back to the past when it comes to fashion , and create a look or various looks that are right now and will stand the test of fashionable time. Now over the years Marvel Comics has changed the look of DAZZLER to try and fit with different era’s

but none have been so iconic and identifiable as her original incarnation that has stood the test of fashionable and comic time over the years , living proof of that , is the image they showed you in the X-Men movie that was first introduced in the 80’s the first time comic fans were introduced to DAZZLER.

Well there it is , we have reached the end of yet another blog post. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashion between the panels: DAZZLER. That’s it for now so until the next time IM GONE…!!!

Fashionably Hot in 2019 : Brandon Maxwell.

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES, and I would like to take this time out to welcome you to my latest blog post : Fashionably Hot in 2019 : Brandon Maxwell. Now usually I pride myself for being up on most up and coming or already established designers. But I got to admit , this years CFDA Women’s designer of the year recipient Brandon Maxwell completely somehow slipped under my fashionable radar. Until he appeared on this season’s Project Runway as a judge. Reason being I was not the least bit aware of whom he was , but I knew that you just don’t get to be a designer judge on Project runway, without the fashionable community knowing who you are , in some capacity or another. So I had to find out a little more about this very talented designer. I started seeing his name pop up on various clothing sites and even discovered that I had used some of his pieces in my styled looks previously. However it was when I came across his Spring 2019 runway presentation that I begun to realize why he was a judge on Project Runway.

The clothing in short is simply incredible, very well done , the styling , the fit , and the details all the way down to the handbags that you see. Here you are seeing the signature Brandon Maxwell hatbox handbag, a very cool and unique take on a handbag.

Just to give you a closer look at this unique accessory, and later in this article or blogpost I will show you another way to style an item like this or better yet this particular item. Aside from the runway presentation being impressive, when a designer catches my attention, I also like to see how their product is marketed. Why you may ask ? A great ad and marketing campaign is the difference between just selling clothes and creating the feel of a lifestyle.

The Brandon Maxwell brand creates a diverse feel from various ethnic backgrounds and ages also.

Making the line appealing to not just one type of woman, but all Fashion Forward women alike as you can see from the ad campaigns above , then for this season’s Spring/Summer 2019 ad campaign,

You get glamour , eye popping color and great use of the clothing itself , giving you a well marketed fashionable lifestyle feel making the consumer want to own a piece of Brandon Maxwell clothing. Now that we have established that , let’s take a closer look at the clothes. Excuse me as I change into my Fashion Stylist hat and show you a few ways to style and wear some of the pieces that really caught my eye from the Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

Take for instance, I often speak of the importance of owning a classic white shirt is , and how various designers perfected this seemingly simple item. The front runner being Carolina Herrera, but Maxwell has taken the classic white shirt to another level by making his own dramatic version of it.

Since the shirt is so dramatic and is a statement in itself , all you need is a nicely fitted pair of jeans and a strappy sandal to go with the shirt , then finish the look with a Brandon Maxwell belt. The jeans are Brandon Maxwell also.

The pants suit is a major part of the Brandon Maxwell collection, here I wanted to show you three different ways to style three different pants suits in the collection. Up top im showing you a more dressy casual look that could go from the office to a night out for drinks and more. As I often say all women look great in white, you just have to know how to wear it. In this case the look is being styled with the signature Brandon Maxwell Polo styled shirt with a more dressy edge and a great summer time sandal finishing the look with a gold trimmed Brandon Maxwell clear handbag. The second look is a more formal take on the pants suit giving it a more evening wear look , the look is styled with red highlights from the sandals to the top , and the hatbox back that you saw a little earlier, giving you another option of how to style and wear this bag. The third look is a little more on the side of being menswear inspired as it is a take off on a men’s tuxedo, the look is styled in what I call triple black with the exception of the sandals and the jewelry .

The next two looks are showing you the well tailored pants that were seen on the runway this season from Brandon Maxwell. One style up top shows you the wider leg more baggy style of pant . The look is styled with the Brandon Maxwell blazer and bag , the bustier is Versace , creating a classy/sexy look , that is not to over the top or to revealing yet still grabs the attention. The next look shows the more fitted style of pant from Brandon Maxwell with a tapered ankle and the matching blouse once again styled with a sandal and to lowkey pieces of jewelry to finish the look off.

The next look done in white also is styled around the Brandon Maxwell bustier it’s almost like wearing fashionable art with all the dramatic detailing. The look once again styled with the signature Brandon Maxwell pants, the clear handbag and for the season another strappy sandal that plays on the cuff bracelet and the bag.

For the final look I wanted to make sure to include one of many dresses from the Brandon Maxwell collection. Yes I know , this look too is done in white , im basically showing you how great you can look in white also. For this look I went with silver instead of gold for the accent color and details from the sandals to the bracelet and watch , silver pops against white as much as gold if not more. Well there it is we have just reached the end of yet another blog post, and now not only am I aware of the CFDA Women’s Wear designer Brandon Maxwell , but you are too , if weren’t already. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashionably Hot in 2019 : Brandon Maxwell. That’s it for now so until the next time IM GONE…!!!

Fashion between the panels: Peanuts…

Hello everyone out there, as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post. This latest blog post is another installment of a segment that I started a little while ago , known as Fashion between the panels. For this latest edition of Fashion between the panels im going to delve into the world of Charles M. Schultz and The Peanuts Gang. So welcome to Fashion between the panels: Peanuts , I am going to use this classic cartoon and comic strip and come up with some new fashionable looks inspired by the various classic characters that we have all grown to know over the years. Starting with Lucy.

Lucy was always the outspoken know it all of the gang , and always appeared to give Charlie Brown and her brother Linus a hard time , but it always made for some very hilarious situations.

Even though sometimes Lucy came across loud and bossy , her style would still be defined as girly and ladylike and at the same time on the side of being oldschool classy. So to capture a look like this it reminded me of something that Carolina Herrera would design right now , but the real eye grabbing part of the look is the black and white spat boot that actually offsets the blue dress well . As you can see the character has on a pair of shoes that are very similar, to top the look off wanted to go with a classic pearl necklace for the throwback effect and designer sunglasses with a single bracelet.

Next let’s take a look at Franklin , he always seemed to be laid back and cool , even though he was a standout character , he seemed to play the back at the same time. But if you take an even closer look , he’s a bit more stylish than the rest of the kids .

Knowing that , to capture the look of Franklin , the style would have to be truly cool , but a bit more on the dressy side , more of a grown up style . If you take a good look at this picture of Franklin, that’s exactly what you see. So what I did was play up the pinstriped pants he has on , which would be the equivalent of a well tailored trouser. Then if you look at Franklin’s coat , that would put you in the mindset of a classic yet modern trench , then you have to finish it out with wingtip boot, spread collar dress shirt and jewelry accents.

That brings us to Marcie, even though it seemed that her main role was always as Peppermint Patties side kick , she always came across cool in my opinion because ahe could do anything, from sports up to dirt bike racing which is also considered to be a type of sport.

Her always cool calm demeanor, garner’s a streetwear look that plays on green and yellow with some denim. To capture the shirt I went with one of my favorite new streetwear brands , Superdry. Followed up with designer shades and capturing her brown sneaker with a designer sneaker by Todd’s.

Speaking of Peppermint Patty, and Marcie being her sidekick, let’s take a look at her next. Peppermint Patty , always had a really laid back approach to style. Always had on sandals and I mean true thong toe sandals, also at the same she had a touch of tomboy style as well.

The best way to capture this look , is by using a designer sandal and belt by Tori Burch , add in a pair of denim shorts with a green button down shirt and you have just captured the very style essence of the one and only Peppermint Patty.

Then there is the musician of the bunch , Schroeder. Whenever you saw him sit down at the piano you were going to get two things , that famous Peanuts gang song and the famous Peanuts gang dance around the piano.

As for Capturing Schroeder’s style , it’s a summer time easygoing go with the flow kind of look , what really stands out about the look is the fact that the base color is purple , giving this easy look a little more pop because of the mix of colors , blue with purple, finishing the look with a brown designer sneaker and Tom Ford belt .

Then there is Pigpen , much like Franklin , you never herd or saw Pigpen say much , but he was always there and a very memorable character as well especially for his signature cloud of dust and dirt that followed him around.

But if you cleared away all the dirt and grime that Pigpen carried around with him , you then would see a very cool casual style. Capturing the style , I went with a red polo style shirt , a light denim or twill trouser with a designer brown sneaket and sport watch to finish the look.

Aside from being Lucy’s little brother , Linus was always the deep thinking philosopher in the bunch , whom would appear to loose all faculties if to far from his security blanket for too long .

When capturing the Linus style , once again it’s a very cool summer look , consisting of a brown designer track sneaker, his signature striped shirt, white shorts, and to add a little extra to the look finishing it off with a new Tom Ford belt.

Sally was always the young tag along of the crew . She was also Charlie Brown’s little sister , and had a huge crush on Linus , she was a girly girl so to speak. With a unique kind of style

Capturing her style requires maintaining a fashion forward look with an innocence to it. The pink and white saddle shoes do just that. They add just the right balance of style and innocence at the same time. Then to add a little more to the look , just the right amount of jewelry .

The man or kid of the hour , the reason we have the Peanuts cartoons and comic’s, even though he was always referred to as a blockhead , Good old Chuck or Charlie Brown himself has always been the center peice of the Peanuts universe.

As for capturing his style , the shirt he wears is probably one of the most iconic peices of cartoon clothing ever drawn, so you have to start with the shirt to truly capture the look of Charlie Brown. There are a few ways to capture this look , since he is the focal point , im going to give you three.

The first look is a direct replica of the Charlie Brown style , with the shorts and shirt , finishing the look with black Air Max classic sneaker. Then for look two , it’s a similar look but using denim and leather , still keeping the color scheme of classic Charlie Brown. Then for the thirf look it’s an alternate variation giving the look a new streetwear spin by changing the colors to blue and brown , keeping a feel for the Charlie Brown shirt and finishing the look with Timbalands.

I can’t leave it right there though, even though Charlie Brown is the focal point of the Peanuts cartoon , his dog Snoopy is just as iconic of a character and maybe even more popular than the rest of the Peanuts gang , so let’s capture one of Snoopy’s most iconic looks aside from the Joe Cool persona , im talking about Fighter Pilot Snoopy.

Now it’s complete , I even wanted to give a nod to his side kick Woodstock. Well there it is once again we have reached the end of yet another blog post , hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashion between the panels: Peanuts. That’s it for now, so until the next time…IM GONE…!!!.

Rihanna x LVMH = FENTY

Hello out there as always, it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to once again, welcome you to my latest blog post , Rihanna x LVMH = FENTY. In the last few years , it is easy to see that Rihanna has exactly what it takes to start a brand and make it extremely successful. Her track record is impressive to say the least, from her line with Puma , to her new Lingerie line Savage x Fenty and her makeup line Fenty Beauty. Well she is back whith her latest venture , a Fashionable collabo between her and fashion giant LVMH , causing her to make history, being the first Black Woman to pull off such a project. The name of the line is you guessed it FENTY ,

But I don’t want to hit you with to much of a back story , instead I want to jump right into the fashion. So once again im going to put on my Fashion Stylist hat and give you a look at this new line , scheduled for release right now , today. The line is available on ( , and im anticipating it to be much like her other ventures online , to immediately sell out or to be a major backup on line as though you were standing in an actual store. The only thing that might slow that up is the price point that the line comes in at. The line consists of denim , sandals , pumps , jewelry, blazer dresses , raincoats and shirt dresses just to name a few of the items. Also seeing as how it’s a collaboration with LVMH , the price point dosen’t come cheap , the items range in price from the 300.00$ range up to the 1500.00$ range. Most definitely not for the Fashionably Faint of Heart. Now without further ado, let’s get a look at the line , I have styled nine looks consisting of a few of the more standout items in the line at least in my fashionable opinion.

The first two looks that im showing you, are styled using the different blazer dresses in the line , much to my surprise nothing in the line is overly revealing or over the top sexy. Both looks are styled head to toe Fenty , including the bracelets, earrings and sunglasses.

The next two looks consists of the lines shirt dress as well as the denim skirt that is being styled with the casual classic white shirt that put you in in the Carolina Herrera kind of style esthetic, also on both looks im giving you the signature blue sandal from the line.

The next three looks , have been styled using the dark denim that is part of the line , in each look I gave you a style to fit more than one personality also take notice of the leather look trench coat a great staple for the line as it is such a different item in many ways.

The last two looks here , show you the dress pants that are a part of this collection , notice once again the fact that the pants are more on the side of being baggy, putting a different spin on the line itself. So what do you think so far of the new Fenty line ? Are you hear for it ? As always I LET YOU TELL IT. Now that we have reached the end of the line , im going to end this blogpost like so many of the others. That’s it for now , I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been RIHANNA X LVMH = FENTY. So until the next time….IM GONE…!!!

Enhancing your Spring/Summer style with Ralph Lauren: Spring 2019…

Hello everyone out there as always, it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and today I am putting my Fashion Stylist hat on and helping you to improve your Spring/Summer style. Fittingly that is the title of this latest blog post , Enhancing your Spring/Summer style with Ralph Lauren: Spring/Summer 2019. Ralph Lauren is one of my own personal favorite brands , when it comes to classic style and tailoring the Ralph Lauren brand is one of the best on the market. Which is why I chose to zero in on this brand to help enhance your Spring/Summer style for both men’s and women’s looks. So with that said , let’s get started with womenswear looks.

When it comes to a designer that has perfected doing womenswear as much as menswear, Ralph Lauren has to be in the top five easily. When it comes to his style of womenswear, he knows how to give you true fashion with class, not disposable fashion , that follows fads or is crossing the line of sexy/trashy , instead his sexy is catered to various age ranges and styles.

for the first womenswear look , I went straight summer on you. This is a look that I’ve been doing for sometime now , where I take swimwear and turn it into wearable fashion for the right event. I call the look The rooftop pool party look , where the swimsuit is the major part of the look , but it’s put together with a heeled sandal , not to high , just right and usually a pair of casual shorts to highlight the sandals and swimsuit. So now you ready for the party if you swim or don’t swim.

The next two looks are giving you Spring/Summer style with denim , now if it’s one thing I have learned over the last year or two is RL does some of the best fitting denim. But I will cover that more in menswear. Here we have a classic pair of boyfriend jeans styled with a tie top blouse style shirt , creating a more casual look for this top. The look is finished off with a denim ankle boot , and jewelry accents. The next look gives you bold yellow denim ,( side bar the only denim that looks hotter on most women than yellow is white) but the yellow denim starts out on the monochromatic side with the yellow RL crewneck short sleeve. To highlight the look I used a RL denim jacket and a mule style sandal topping it all off with a MVMT watch.

The next two looks are signature summertime looks, they are both different versions of the classic Spring/Summer Sundress/Maxi-dress , both are key elements to a Spring/Summer wardrobe. Although they are both two different styles , I wanted to use the same details to style them just to show that the look would still come out differently. In both looks im using a strappy high heeled sandal , designer sunglasses , and watch. The difference is one gold and one silver on the jewelry accents, and one with no necklace. Both creating classic looks that are ready for any occasion.

The next two looks , show you to different styles of casual looks. The first being a classic shorts and tennis sweater look , one again with strappy sandal to dress the look up a little. Notice once again that the shorts are never to short , so as not to be too revealing but but still classy/sexy. Not everyone is made to wear booty shorts with , too bad most don’t know that. Completed the look with dark designer sunglasses and a very noticeable bracelet. The second look shows you how to dress up a light pair of joggers , by adding a strappy sandal once again with another matching classic RL crewneck and classic RL blazer with designer sunglasses to finish the look , for this look the blazer is optional and could be switched out.

For the final look of the womenswear segment of this blog , I wanted to give you a classic menswear inspired look. A classically tailored RL pants suit look done with summer pastels. The two main colors beind blue and yellow in both the blouse and the high heeled pump , the look ends with a small yet dramatic detail , that being the RL pocket square taking the look to another level for womenswear.

Now let’s jump into a little bit of menswear styling to enhance your Spring/Summer style. The first place that we are going to start is…..

dressing your Spring/Summer style up , so for these first two looks I wanted to put together two different ways to dress your style up that would fit two different style personalities. The first look is a true material of summer. Im not usually the biggest fan of Seersucker, but RL does a good job with this material and presenting it as a suit. In this case I took the Seersucker suit to another level with a bold print dress shirt, classic captoe buckle shoe and designer sunglasses to match the shoes. The next look is a way to dress down a suit and still be high on style. Starting with the classic chino or cackey suit. Then styling it with a RL chambray shirt , straw weave fedora and finishing the look with a high top RL canvas sneaker, creating the perfect casual feel to a suit , a real style mashup.

Next let’s go casual, I mentioned a little earlier that by far in my experience RL has some of the best if not the best fitting jeans on the market. Here im styling the classic ripped jeans with a version of the ever classic RL polo shirt , the look is very simple but extremely stylish and fashion forward. Accenting the look with the throwback Nike Air max track sneaker, summertime straw weave fedora and stylish timepiece. The next look once again another casually cool look , styling a second look built around a version of the classic RL polo shirt, this time the look is put together with an RL denim jacket , a new version of the RL chinos, still using the Nike Air max sneaker and the ever important designer sunglasses.

Let’s face it , the Polo style shirt is a mainstay when it comes to RL , in the next three looks im giving you a more leisurely style , showing you how to style RL shorts in the first two looks and in the last pic , I wanted to show you how to wear another style of RL pants also giving you the art of pattern mixing for your Spring/Summer style.

One of the most important items that you can add to your wardrobe not just for Spring/Summer, but for anytime of year is a pair of white jeans , they are always a strong look and can be accented with almost any accessory, in this case , I decided to go with the color of red as the main offset to the white RL jeans, seperating the white and red with a splash of navy and white.

There it is , we have just reached the end of yet another blog post. I hope that you have enjoyed this mini guide to help you get your Spring/Summer style together. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Enhancing your Spring/Summer style with Ralph Lauren: Spring 2019. That’s it for now , so until the next time….IM GONE.