The JMADDD STYLES Fall Fashion Spectacular: Pt. 4 : Accessories: MVMT.

The JMADDD STYLES Fall Fashion Spectacular: Pt.4: Accessories: MVMT.

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you, I’m back with another one. We are now up to Pt.4 in my Fall Fashion Spectacular series and the topic for this fourth installment is accessories. As many of you pout there may well already know , good accessories are an essential part of completing your look and one of the most important accessories that you can put on is a nice watch, this goes for both men and women. A properly placed watch is often as important as the right pair of shoes or sneakers depending on the look you are going for. Now if you are familiar with this vlog/blog then you know that I am a major fan and supporter of the MVMT Watch Brand, and I have been since I first started seeing their commercials on TV and in various magazines or YouTube articles. Why is that you may ask ? Well despite the backlash that many watch enthusiasts give this company because it’s not in there opinion the most expensive quality when it comes to watches , that’s not the niche that this company was trying to capture. The idea for this watch company was to give you a good looking fairly good quality watch without breaking the bank and in my fashionable opinion that is exactly what they have managed to do. And apparently The Movado watch co. thinks the same as they acquired the small watch upstart a little while ago and since doing so the look and the quality of the watches has continued to evolve and improve. I was already impressed with the company when they were independently owned and operated but after Movado came in , the MVMT Watch has gone to whole other level , now admittedly enough since Movado took over the price point has gone up a little but you can still get a great watch without totally breaking the bank ranging from 150.00$ to upwards of 400.00$ . So what I wanted to do today was show you some of the latest styles to hit the market that really caught my attention.

All looks in this video have been styled and arranged by JMADDD STYLES.

Just incase you are wondering if I actually wear MVMT Watches ,the picture above are watches from my own personal collection of MVMT Watches. To shop the items in the video and in the pictures above log onto , and . Just as a reminder this is a fashion / style channel or vlog/blog intended to help you to both enhance your personal wardrobe and style. if you are still not sure how then feel free to contact me and we can talk about it ( or ( Well there it is , we have just reached the end of yet another vlog/blog post , as always I hope you have enjoyed watching and reading it , as much as enjoyed presenting it to you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been The JMADDD STYLES Fall Fashion Spectacular:Pt.4: Accessories :MVMT. That’s it for now , so until the next time…I’M GONE…!!!…

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