Fashion Between the panels: AMERICAN GANGSTER.

Fashion Between The Panels: AMERICAN GANGSTER.

Hello everyone out there, as always it’s good to see you. For those that are not to familiar I AM JMADDD STYLES, and you have just logged on to join me for my latest blog post. Fashion Between The Panels: AMERICAN GANGSTER , it’s been a little while since my last installment of Fashion Between The Panels , but this time I’m taking you between the panels of another film classic AMERICAN GANGSTER and breaking down the fashion to come out on the other side with new inspired looks based on what you see in this classic piece of cinema. The focus is on menswear, and helping you as always to enhance your wardrobe as well as personal style. For this blog post it is also important to keep in mind that this movie is a period piece , set in the late 60’s and throughout the 70’s. Making this twice as interesting because not only am I breaking down the fashion to give you new looks , but I’m breaking down the fashion from past era’s helping you to appreciate the timelessness of true style no matter the era that the looks came from or were inspired by. So it’s about that time to jump into my latest fashionable production, Fashion between the panels: AMERICAN GANGSTER.

All looks in this video have been styled and arranged by JMADDD STYLES.

Well there it is Fashion Between The Panels: AMERICAN GANGSTER, hopefully as I was saying a little earlier this video and blog has helped you with the enhancement of your own personal style and wardrobe or at least set you on the right path to do so. If you have any questions about the looks or are in need of my services feel free to contact me ( ) or ( ). To shop the looks in this video log onto , , or .

Just like that we have just reached the end of yet another blog post. I AM JMADDD STYLES, and this has been Fashion Between The Panels: AMERICAN GANGSTER.That’s it for now , so until the next time…IM GONE…!!!..

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My name is Johnathan Madison , but I go by the name JMADDD STYLES. The Fashion Stylist , Image Consultant , Personal Fashion Shopper and Fashion/Style Blogger. If you are in need of my services contact me and we can talk about it. or or . You can also get a copy of my own personal styling guide ( The JMADDD STYLES Book of Styles ) @ ( key word JMADDD.

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