Fashion between the panels: Wolverine series 1,1983

Hello out there, as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this is my latest blog post, Fashion between the panels: Wolverine series 1, 1983 . Incase you are not familiar, the Fashion between the panels series, is when I take a comicbook or comicbook series and draw fashionable inspiration from the characters with in the story. Showing you how to style looks inspired by the story. For this new installment of the series im using the first miniseries that was ever done using Wolverine, it’s such an iconic set of comic books, that each cover carries a fairly high value , it also happens to have been the story arc that the second Wolverine movie was based around , give or take a few changes. Despite the fact that this book or books is old as it is , there is still some major fashionable inspiration to be drawn from between the panels.

The story is a real introduction to Wolverine and the very complex character that he is , both inside and out of the suit that he wears. This infact was the first time you ever saw him without the mask and saw his hair was like the mask. So what about the fashion and capturing looks from between the panels?

To start with, here we get a look at Logan’s signature, outdoors mountain man look so to speak , which would later become the signature look for Old Man Logan also.

Capturing this look is not difficult but the art is in giving it a highend feel. First you start with the vintage style bomber jacket , from there brown or beige jeans then a great pair of boots with thermal top to bring the look home. Now we will be actually revisiting this look a little later again.

once we get to another one of the series iconic covers. In book one of this story we are introduced to almost all the characters that are going to set the tone of the story all of which are great for drawing fashionable inspiration from. By the end of book one we are introduced to Lord Shingen and Mariko whom are the basis for the whole series.

We will revisit both of those characters a little later as well but first here is another inspired look , from Wolverine, the inspiration is within the color scheme of of Wolverine’s suit ,this time , went with a combination of Brown , cream and beige to represent the heroes colors. But by the end of book one we are introduced to the assassin Yukio.

Who the next look will be inspired from , her signature white jumpsuit ironically very fashionable in the 80’s and back instyle right now.

Bringing us to iconic book cover number two , where Yukio is fully introduced to the story. Picking up on her fashionable likeness is a bit of a challenge because you want create a look that has a timeless feel , but still has the same style aesthetic as the character.

For this look I went with a classically tailored wide leg pant in white , and a classic white blouse from Carolina Herrera, to capture the true look of the white jumpsuit that she wears. In the same book we are also intrduced to the assassin’s known as The hand ,

also creating another Wolverine inspired look using his color scheme as the inspiration

For both inspired looks I went this time with more of an active wear look , the Wolverine inspired look this time is from the Dapper Dan for Gucci collection and The Hand inspired look , was pulled together from Nike both the track suit and Lebron sneakers.

As I was saying a little earlier , we would revisit this signature Logan , outdoors mountainous look. The third book in the series gives you a really great depiction of it , and as I was also saying before, the look would later become the signature look of Old Man Logan. I have actually captured and recreated this look several times here is another adaptation of the look done by myself.

In the third book of the series, we see a lot more of Logan’s signature streetwear look , we also get an even better look at Yukio , and another of her signature looks.

That look being dressed in all black, in a jumpsuit or catsuit. To capture this look , I wanted to get as close as possible so for the same affect, I went with once again the tailored dress pant and keyhole top also the mule slip on , truly capturing the look on an upscale level.

Ok so we have reached book four in this classic epic series by the one and only Frank Miller. Here we are once again reacquainted with Shingen who is Logan’s nemesis in this story arc. But take note of the fashion , Shingen is wearing one of my favorite dressy items. What’s that you may ask? The white suit , when worn and styled correctly , always a great statement peice.

When capturing this look or putting together a look such as this, I prefer a more cream color over white , if it’s going to be completely white then it looks better made of linen. To complement the look a buckle half boot in a rustic brown color , finishing the look with a samurai pocket square, staying true to theme , and a bold print spread collar dress shirt.

In book four Logan regroups to go back after Shingen, this time more ready and prepared to face Shingen in one final battle to defend Mariko’s honor from book one.

Here is the Fashion between the panels, another inspired look from Wolverine’s color scheme , a two toned chocolate brown tailored suit look complete with cap toes shoe and Tom Ford dress shirt.

This time when Logan catches up with Shingen, he is better equipped and ready for what he is about to face in his final battle with Shingen.

Notice in true fashionable fashion , Shingen proceeds to battle in his white suit , but as you can see this time Logan is more prepared than Shingen and due to his underestimation, Wolverine comes off victorious, in defending Mariko’s honor.

Also , here is one last look styled and inspired by Wolverine’s color scheme, once again giving you a more dressy approach and appeal , using three shades of brown , showing you the inspiration behind the look. Well there it is , just like that we have come to the end of yet another blog post. I AM JMADDD STYLES , and this has been Fashion between the panels : Wolverine series 1, 1983. That’s it for now , so until the next time….IM GONE !!!

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