The influence of HipHop on Fashion

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Hello out there as always it’s good to see you . Incase you didn’t know I AM JMADDD STYLES , and as always I would like to take this time to welcome you to my latest blog post , The Influence of HipHop on Fashion.
Over the years we have seen the influence of HipHop continue to grow more and more . But if your really paying attention then you have seen what an impact it has had on the world of fashion . Starting as early as the Run Dmc years .



Where their influence was so heavy when it came to their street style , finding innovative ways to wear brands like Adidas causing the brand to have almost no choice but take notice and offer them a deal to collaborate and work them on a major league fashionable level. Now before I move on from this era of HipHop’s influence on fashion , I have to give an honorable mention to the one and only Kurtis Blow .



Although Kurtis Blow never was endorsement deal influential , his highend street style was unmatched at the time as you can see from the timeless leather look that I recreated from his album cover. From there lets move into the next era of HipHop being an influence on fashion , the late 80’s early 90’s .



During this time period we see the intro of a more casually cool style that is smoothed all the way out , causing fashion to take notice of artist like Big Daddy Kane giving you a more dressed up high end feel . You also begin to see HipHOP’s influence on Fashion start to appear in add campaigns with the emergence of young black designers using artist to model their wears . Taking fashion and hiphop to another level .



See what I mean , sliding now into the mid 90’s , when Karl Kani began to use 2Pac in the adds for his fairley new label , we saw 2Pac become a fashion influencer . Right along with other HipHop artist , thanks to brands like Karl Kani causing the world of fashion to take notice.



Lets take a quick trip out to the west coast , where hiphop was influencing fashion in a slightly different way. N.W.A had the streets wanting to wear all black , Chuck Tailors, Raiders jackets , black wind breakers and LA KINGS hats . Creating a look and movement unique to the west coast.

Ok so lets jump back on the PJ and take a trip back to the eastcoast , to take a look at a group who’s style was what I call the blue print for the Fugees. The group im talking about is none other than……

They had a very unique kind of hiphop grunge look that brought a different kind of flava to hiphop , that still translates well today , the only difference being the fit of clothes. Next up lets take a look at the ladies of hiphop and see how they have been a major influence on fashion.

The ladies of hiphop from the late 80’s to the mid 90’s had a major influence in the world of fashion, from Salt N Peppa taking the phrase fly girl and fly style to a whole other level bringing glamour and sex appeal to the game creating iconic images

To artist like Lil Kim , and Foxy Brown taking it to the next level of bringing awareness of highend brands to the masses and causing designer brands to take notice of them.

Up to who probably was amongst the first of the ladies of hiphop to run her own fashion label for a reasonably successful run , the artist being EVE ,the fashion label being Fetish.

Before we leave the ladies of hiphop segment of this blog post , lets stop and take a quick look at a few of the new school ladies of and see how they are also major influencers in fashion starting with

Although Remy Ma technically isn’t new , she has made a major impact and return to the game , becoming a major fashion influence with a new more fashion forward and sexier more confident style.

You couldn’t miss her this year , her fashionable influence was seen at the front row of many New York Fashion week presentations this season and she collaborated with Steve Madden on a limited edition shoe collection.

Nicki Minaj, has been making her presence felt in fashion for some time now , she too also introduced a limited edition capsule collection of her own in collaboration with H&M this season as well.

Iggy Azalea , also came in the game being a major fashion influence, a designer favorite on red carpets and fashion week , and much like Cardi B also did a collaboration for a limited edition Steve Madden shoe collection. Next up The HipHop Mogul , before I end this blog , no discussion of The Influence of Hip-Hop on Fashion, would be complete without highlighting the powerhouses, the moguls of hiphop. Starting with Sean Diddy Combs,

In addition to everything else on Sean Combs’s resume style icon is mos def on the the top of the list , from the way he engineered the look and image of many of your favorite artist to probably the most successful run street lux clothing label to be seen in awhile (Sean John) . Then there was Jay Z,

Much like Sean Combs , Jay Z is a major fashion influence , from a successful run with Roca Wear , to appearing on a variety of red carpets. He has the ability to start trends from lyrics in his music or mentioning what he’s going to wear or feels like wearing (I FEEL LIKE I MIGHT BRING BACK VERSACE SHADES.)

Nas is the low key HipHop Mogul , his influence on fashion has always been there from leading the trend on leather fashion , to being a brand ambassador for Fila , to just plain stepping up his fashion game more and more with each passing year that he’s been apart of hiphop.

Rick Ross is the newer of the HIPHOP Moguls in the game with major league fashionable influence, before loosing weight I often referred to Rosey as big man fly . His influence can be seen through his music and the artist that he signs to his label.

Well there it is , we have reached the end of another blog post. Although it’s a really long one , thanks for reaching the end. Thats it for now , so until the next time I AM JMADDD STYLES, this has been HipHop’s Influence of Hip-Hop on Fashion. So until the next time IM GONE !

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