The JMADDD STYLES Video Fashion Clip Down: Pt.10

The JMADDD STYLES Video Fashion Clip Down: Pt.10

Hello everyone out there , as always it’s good to see you , I’m back with another one. Welcome to Pt.10 of my Video Fashion Clip Down series, where I basically give you a review of what’s been happening on and YouTube: JMADDD STYLES , That being The Fall Fashion Spectacular parts 1&2. But this installment of the video fashion clip down is also a vlog where I take you through the halls of New York Comic Con 2022 an amazing experience that all whom are into comic book culture need to see at one point or another. So sit back relax and enjoy part 10 0f The Video Fashion Clip Down, That’s it for now , so until the next time…I’M GONE…!!!…

New York Comic Con Fresh Fashion Find.