Fashion between the panels: The Lone Ranger & Tonto.

Fashion between the panels : The Lone Ranger & Tonto

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to you , I AM JMADDD STYLES , and I would like to take this time out to welcome you to my latest blog post . Fashion between the panels The Lone Ranger & Tonto . We’ll it’s time for another installment of Fashion between the panels , and I’m going to start it by using a saying that I came up with a few years back , Fashionable Inspiration is everywhere. If you been following along with me for awhile then you know that to be a true statement, which is pretty much where the idea for Fashion between the panels stems from. But this time with this installment I’m tackling a fashionable trend that I never really covered and that is Western Cowboy Style , and what better way to cover it other than using The Lone Ranger & Tonto as the backdrop.The interesting part about this there are two different Lone Rangers and two different Tontoe’s that are the style subject of this new Fashion between the panels. As you can see above there is the original Lone Ranger & Tonto , then there is the new versions of the characters done in the movie reboot. So let’s get started and see how I pull The fashion from between the panels. Starting with the originators .Now Cowboy Western Style is nothing new and it probably hit an all time high in the late 70’s through the late 80’s then re-emerging again in the early to mid 90’s especially with the fringe craze going and coming. The amazing part about the original Lone Ranger & Tonto as opposed to The new versions of the characters there two different styles that still capture the same characters and trends.The amazing part about the old school character is that you could take the look and even make it work for a womenswear look as you can see the way I flipped the look in the above style depictions of course the mask being optional ,after all what would fashion be without a little theatrics to add to it. In both looks the style is captured using denim and of the big white Stetson , now for the ladies rendition of the look I added more of a fashionable boot to make the look hit a little better and harder. Then there is Tonto , now I got to say the original Tonto was and is a lot more on the stylish side then the new rendition of the character which is what I’m really going to stick to because the newer rendition doesn’t really give you much to go with other than the fringe which I’m going to cover all in the same look along with the rich suede look as well, so let’s take a look. In this look the suede is the key , now it depends how bold you are with style and if you have what it takes to pull such a look off , but I gave you the look twice with two different shoes to depict two totally different styles but either way you look at , to the trained eye for fashion this is indeed a very expressive and expensive look do in part because of the quality of suede that you are looking at. However I will say it’s a look that not everyone could pull off , the question is could you ? As always I LET YOU TELL IT . Then there is the new version of the character, when I first decided to tackle this style subject , I did not notice it at first , but upon further review and taking a good look at it again , the new adaptation of The Lone Ranger has a completely different style and look. Can you see the difference? Have you picked it out yet ? If you didn’t that’s what someone like me is for to bring it out to you , so let’s take a look. First the most noticeable change to the look is that he is no longer wearing blue which could be captured with a rugged denim look. The new look is notably and noticeably black almost kind of villain like , a little more good guy menacing so to speak. The look is also , more on the dressy side . For the new look I went in with a darker more off white Stetson then changed to black denim followed by a black corduroy blazer for an even more richer look . Of course once again the black mask is optional purely added in for the fashionable theatrics , but over all once again capturing an upscale Cowboy Western Style that could be very possibly pulled of at the right time and the right place. Well there it is , we have just come to the end of yet another blog post this time capturing a whole new style genre. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashion between the panels : The Lone Ranger & Tonto . That’s it for now so until the next time…IM GONE…!!!