The Fashion Follow Up: Casablanca.

The Fashion Follow Up: Casablanca.

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to take this time out to welcome you to my latest blog post. The Fashion Follow Up: Casablanca. A little over a year or two , I stumbled onto this brand and blogged about it, I was so impressed when I first saw the brand, because of how much it reminded me of brands like Versace and Roberto Cavalli, it had all the classic characteristics of both lines. From the bold silk shirts now vintage from Versace to the bright color palettes and bold patterns that both Cavalli and Versace had become so well known for. Well it’s now 2021 and I’m taking a second look at this Paris designed brand with Moraccan vibes. With in that time span the brand still continues to push the fashionable envelope in menswear, but this time it didn’t stop there , the Casablanca brand jumped into the womenswear market and managed to do womenswear just as good as they have done menswear. The reason being , they did not try to reinvent the fashionable wheel for this new half of the brand, instead they stuck with the same elements that made the men’s line a success and translated it to the women’s line. But I can show you better than I can tell you, so here is my latest fashionable production.The Fashion Follow Up:Casablanca…

All looks in this video have been styled and arranged by JMADDD STYLES.
All looks are styled and arranged by JMADDD STYLES.
All looks are styled and arranged by JMADDD STYLES.

Hands down right now , one of my favorite brands to keep a track of and follow up with because Casablanca just seems to get better and better with time, wouldn’t you agree? To shop the looks in this video go to , , , and

Well there it is, looks like we have just reached the end of yet another blog post, I hope that you have enjoyed reading it just as much as I enjoyed presenting it. This has been, The Fashion Follow Up:Casablanca, and I AM JMADDD STYLES. That’s it for now , so until the next time…IM GONE…!!!

Be sure to meet me back here for my next upcoming blog post.

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