The Fashion Follow Up: Paul Stuart: The Women’s Collection.

The Fashion Follow Up: Paul Stuart : The Women’s Collection.

Hello everyone out there, as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to take this time out to welcome you to my latest blog post, The Fashion Follow Up: Paul Stuart: The Women’s Collection. Normally when I do a Fashion Follow Up, I let a little more time pass, but this time I figured that I would get right to it. Due to the fact that the follow up this time is on a slightly different subject, my last Paul Stuart blog/vlog focused mainly on the menswear collection. But I gave you a bit of a fashionable cliff hanger at the end , in regards to the women’s collection, so I wanted to make sure that I didn’t wait to long before following up with more about the women’s collection. Much like the menswear collection, the quality is unmatched , the color palette is rich and the tailoring is still impeccable. When I set out to style looks from the collection I wanted to make sure to not only give a clear visual of how to put it together with other Paul Stuart pieces but how to make the pieces look with other designers or pieces from other collections that you may well have in your closet already. Basically inspire you even more with various ways to improve your own personal style and enhance your wardrobe, which is usually my goal with each new blog/vlog that I present. So here is a look at my latest fashionable production for the Paul Stuart women’s collection.

All looks in this video have been styled and arranged by JMADDD STYLES.
All looks have been styled and arranged by JMADDD STYLES.

Hands down the Paul Stuart collection is easily one of the best brands that I have come across in a long time, although the price point is not for the fashionably faint of heart, the quality and the look make having a piece of this brand in your closet , well worth it. This brand is a true example of timeless style and sustainable fashion. To shop the looks that you have seen in the video, log onto and

Well there it is , just like that , we have just reached the end of yet another blog post. This has been , The Fashion Follow up: Paul Stuart: The Women’s Collection. I AM JMADDD STYLES, and that’s it for now , so until the next…IM GONE..!!!..

Be sure to meet me back here for my next upcoming blog post.

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