New & Fashionably Noteworthy Collaborations: Adidas x RUN DMC.

New & Fashionably Noteworthy Collaborations: Adidas x RUN DMC.

Hello everyone out there, as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES, and as always I would like to take this time out to welcome you to my latest blog post. New & Fashionably Noteworthy Collaborations: Adidas x RUN DMC. RUN DMC was amongst the first groups in Hip Hop , to make a major impact in the world of fashion , the impact that they made was so significant that this group brokered one of the first if not the first ,non sports endorsement deals with a major brand like Adidas. Which was so ground breaking , because it was basically unheard of, and it’s been well over 25 years since this collaboration happened. Now Adidas has paid tribute to this collaboration, by coming back with a 25yr Anniversary collection. Where you will find items like the an anniversary edition of The Adidas Superstar sneaker , better known as Shell Head Adidas. As you can see above , and there is also a special version that pays tribute to the late great Jam Master Jay as well, along with a small capsule collection of clothes that put you in the mindset of some of the classic items that came out years ago. Also there has been a limited edition release of the ever so classic leather Adidas sweatsuit. Which is not necessarily being carried by the Adidas website, and if it was, instantly sold out. But can be still found on . However I give more details on that in my latest fashionable production,which you are about to have a look at right now….

All looks in this video have been styled and arranged by JMADDD STYLES.

Hard to believe it’s been well over 25 yrs since since you first saw RUN hit the stage and yell out Everybody raise your Adidas sneakers in the air, if you were there then you saw history in the making, if not then there is always video archives.

Well there it is , just like that , we have just reached the end of yet another blog post, as always I hope you have enjoyed reading it, just as much as I enjoyed presenting it to you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been New & Fashionably Noteworthy Collaborations: Adidas x RUN DMC. That’s it for now, so until the next time…IM GONE…!!!

Be sure to meet me back here for my next upcoming blog post.

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