The Luxury of Shinola & The practicality of MVMT.

The Luxury of Shinola & The Practicality of MVMT.

Hello everyone out there, as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES , and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post. The Luxury of Shinola & The practicality of MVMT. Today I’m talking men’s accessories, watches in particular , right now there are two watch companies that are really on my radar. The first being Shinola of Detroit , which has taken simplicity combined it with luxury and came out with a great product. A line of watches that are not over done , but scream quite style with intricate details. Then there is the other watch company that has been on my accessories radar for some time now , MVMT , whose whole niche is giving you luxury without the price tag . Basically the two watch companies share a lot of similarities the thing that separates them is the price tag and the other items that the companies make to compliment the watches, creating a whole lifestyle brand and feel. So the real question is does Shinola or MVMT fit your personal style better. But before you answer that let’s take a look at both brands starting with….

The Shinola watch brand , I first discovered this brand of watches on the Mr. Porter website , , I was putting together new menswear looks and came across these watches , looking for men’s accessories to complete the looks that I was putting together. The simple yet stylish detail really stood out to me. Jay Z said it best when he said I got the right watch , not the bright watch , and that statement fit the look of these watches perfectly.

But the price tag also caught my eye , as the price point for these watches floats between 300.00$ not so bad up to the range of 1,495.00$ . I am a firm believer in paying for a good luxury item , I think of it as an investment piece, even if the only value of the item is the fact that I personally like the brand. This company doesn’t just do watches to give a complete picture to their lifestyle brand , they make complimenting accessories. Now here is a look at some more of the watch styles Shinola offers.

As I was saying a little earlier, they also offer complimenting accessories to give a complete picture this lifestyle brand. Shinola doesn’t just make watches , they specialize in leather goods as well and a small line of jewelry also. Let’s have a look.

This is a look at some of the various accessories that Shinola makes around their line of watches creating a complete lifestyle idea. But notice they took it a step further by having even their own brand of bikes.

That’s an unexpected touch that most definitely stands out and makes you want to purchase their core item , the watches.

Ok that was the first brand that is on my men’s accessories radar , next let’s have a look at the brand that I have been tracking for some time now , MVMT.

Off the break you will notice a lot of similarities in the styling of these two watch brands. However the main difference that you will notice, is in the price point. Where as Shinola ,gives you this look or style of watch at a much higher price , MVMT has made it’s name by giving you a luxury style watch but for much less. The average price of an MVMT watch ranges from 95.00$ up to 300.00$ . A huge price difference with basically the same look. Now let’s take a look at some of the styles that MVMT has to offer.

You can clearly see the similarities between the two brands , the styling is almost identical, making both brands worth while investing in for at least one piece. The main separation is the price point. MVMT also has it’s own line of complimenting accessories as well , jewelry and eye ware . Let’s have a look.

MVMT ‘s product line isn’t is not as extensive as Shinola they are doing designer eye ware and jewelry pieces that go with the watches, they have yet to get into the leather goods or go as far having their own signature bike. But give it a little time and I’m almost certain MVMT will expand even further and find a way to do so at a better price point.

Well there it is , we have just reached the end of yet another blog post. I hope you have enjoyed reading it , as much as I enjoyed presenting it. Are you more Shinola Watches style , or MVMT Watches style ? As always I LET YOU TELL IT . To shop these looks go to & . I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been The Luxury of Shinola and The practicality of MVMT. That’s it for now , so until the next time…IM GONE…!!!

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