The Fashion follow up : Tom Ford.

The Fashion follow up : Tom Ford.

Hello everyone out there, as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES , and I would like to take this time out to welcome you to my latest blog post. The Fashion follow up : Tom Ford. For those not too familiar this fashion/style blog site , each time I continue the Fashion follow up series, I’m going back and revisiting a designer or brand that I may have spoken on , in a previous blog post, to give a fashionable update on what’s happening with their brand now and what the brands new looks are , for the upcoming season look like as well as I style looks from the collection, to show various ways to wear the clothing. With that said let’s get started.

Over the last two years or so Tom Ford has taken over as the new CFDA Chairman. NYFW has just ended a little over a week ago, but this year for the AW2020 season , as always Tom Ford kicked the week of shows off with a bang , a visually stunning runway presentation of both men’s and women’s looks for the upcoming season. However this year when he kicked off fashion week , in true Tom Ford fashion he came up with yet another innovative way to show his collection. Instead of kicking off NYFW in NY , Tom Ford decided he would do his runway presentation in LA instead of NY , something that no one has ever seen done before , and I’m almost certain that Anna Wintour probably wasn’t to pleased with his decision, but it’s Tom Ford , what can you do other than attend the show and enjoy it. The decision to have the show in LA was basically based around the fact that the Oscars was happening in LA at the exact same time meaning that all the celebrities would be where he was going to kick off fashion week at, so basically it was a very strategic and well calculated move despite the fact that he did not kick off the shows in NY. If you were in the audience then here are a few of the looks that you saw on the runway for AW2020.

As always Tom Ford never disappoints, he comes with rich fabrics, bold patterns and is one of those designers that does both a a great men’s and women’s line of clothes. He doesn’t shy away from the use of color in his collections either which in my fashionable opinion is always important.

His use of Suedes and leathers and velvets ,of the finest quality not only translate well on the runway but also when the pieces hit retail they look as good if not even better.

For this installment of the Fashion follow up , not only am I going to give you a glimpse at his AW2020 ( Autumn/ Winter ) collection , I’m also going to show you and style looks from SS20 (Spring/Summer) men’s and women’s collection as well.

The SS20 collection has many of the same ascetics as the upcoming Aw2020 collection , which in Tom Fords case is not a bad thing , in fact it’s a great thing, cause it shows the consistency of each of TF’s collections. He doesn’t stray away from his fashionable formula that makes the brand work. Weather it was TF designing fo Gucci years ago , or the current TF brand , he never strays to far from the look that is historically Tom Ford , keeping his core customer base intact all while continuing to gain a new fashionable fan fare in the process. Making it possible for Tom Ford to continue to thrive and be a anticipated line each year and season . Now as I often say , it’s time to put on my Fashion Stylist , hat and show you the now current ready to wear SS20 collection , giving it that JMADDD STYLES touch , showing you how to put what I think are the stand out looks from the collection , both men’s and womenswear together.

TF Menswear :

Now that you have decided to enter the big red TF SS20 door , let’s have a quick look first at the menswear collection from the runway perspective.

Now what you will notice from a runway perspective is that the TF SS20 menswear collection, is not just giving you basic colors or materials , the collection is giving you well done pastel color ways. The collection also showcases these color ways in not only cottons or linens or silk blends , but TF working heavy with pastel and earth tone colors with leather , and suede , both pants and jackets. That was the runway perspective, let’s now get it from the up close styling perspective.

All styling pics are arranged and put together by JMADDD STYLES…

Okay now that you have had an up close look at the TF SS20 menswear collection from the Fashion Stylist perspective, what do you think ? One thing that you have to notice upfront that simply can’t be missed is the undeniable quality and richness put into each garment. But as always… I LET YOU TELL IT… You ready to take a look at the TF SS20 womenswear collection ? Of course you are , let’s have a look back inside of the big red TF SS20 door to get a look at both the runway perspective and the Fashion Stylist perspective.

TF Womenswear :

Good to see that you decided to stay with me , and take a look back inside the TF SS20 door to get a runway perspective of the womenswear collection , and much like the menswear collection, you can’t miss the undeniable quality and richness of each garment. Another thing that you can’t miss is the fact that although a lot of Tom Fords women’s clothing is indeed sexy , but he knows how to keep the look of the clothing sexy but also maintain a level of class with his designs and that’s one thing that a lot of women miss the mark on. Just because it’s sexy does not mean that it’s good fashion and should be worn. TF knows how to put both the sexy and the classy into all of his garments and stay on trend all at the same time. That’s the runway perspective now let’s once again get the Fashion Stylist perspective and a closer look at the collection.

All styling pics are arranged and put together by JMADDD STYLES.

That was once again an up close Fashion Stylist look at the TF SS20 collection but this time I gave you womenswear. You had to notice as I was saying a little earlier , first and foremost the quality of each garment. But also as was said earlier , TF makes womenswear both sexy and classy at the same time , never trashy and always sustainable, so each article of clothing is like an investment in quality and that’s another important thing to understand when purchasing clothing. Quality always beats quantity, just because you can get a lot of something for cheap does not mean that it’s the best way to go. Always invest in more quality pieces that are a little more expensive that will stand the test of time. Not saying that you have to break the bank but always pay attention to quality and that is dependably what each TF collection gives you.

Well there it is we have just reached the end of yet another blog post, I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been The Fashion follow up : Tom Ford. I AM JMADDD STYLES and that’s it for now , so until the next time IM GONE…!!!… See you next time.

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