Fashion between the panels: The women of Marvel: Part 2.

Fashion between the panels : The women of Marvel : Part 2.

Hello everyone out there , as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to take this time out to welcome you to my latest blog post . Fashion between the panels : The women of Marvel : Part 2 , it’s the second installment of the women of Marvel series . Picking back up where I left off with four more comic-book heroines , to draw fashionable inspiration from , developing new fashionably inspired looks based on and inspired by various ways each character looks in the pages of your favorite comics . For part one I used Storm , Jubilee, Jean Grey and Rogue as the fashionable inspiration and backdrop for the looks being styled . For part two the fashionable inspiration will come from Misty Knight , The Black Widow , Ms. Marvel and Medusa . With that said it’s time to get started , keep your eyes moving so you don’t miss not one fashionable detail of how I build and style these new looks based on each one of these characters. Starting with…..

Misty Knight :

Misty Knight is a very interesting character, because she kind of reminds you of a modern day version of a character from the blaxploitation films of the late 60’s and early 70’s era , drawing inspiration from iconic characters like Foxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones.

She has been drawn slightly different over the years , but the basic blue print of this comic book hero has stayed the same making her a great source of fashionable inspiration.

Starting with her signature red leather suit , and from a trend perspective leather is going to be hotter this season than it’s ever been , so that is where we can get started styling new looks based on her bold red leather suit.

The first look is more on the dressy side as the look starts with a leather blazer , and to from there the matching leather pants and to highlight the look even better a fitted mock neck sweater in cream which plays off the red color perfectly. The look is finished out with a red ankle boot and gold cuff bracelet , creating a true fly girl look . The second look is a little more on the sporty side , still using the bold look of red to capture the fashionable likeness of Misty Knight . But this look is a little more youthful , starting with the red designer joggers with a bold red moto-style jacket to set the look off and then completing the look with still a cream top but a more body conscious crop tank top and gold cuff bracelet and still using the same red ankle boot.

Then there is this look , where she goes from an all red leather look to a blue and red color scheme. This look could be interpreted in several different ways for fashionable inspiration to build a new look .

To capture this look , I stayed with the red and blue color scheme, but ventured out from using leather. The first look truly captures the new look of the character, using a blue and red jumpsuit with accents of white , to highlight the look even more , the face shield style sunglasses, gold cuff bracelet and finishing the look with a navy blue instead of red ankle boot. For the last look I took a more dressy casual approach, this time using a red high neck blouse, complimented and paired with a tailored dress pant or trouser . Then to finish the look out a gold and red watch with a multi colored cuff bracelet then going back to the red ankle boot with a slightly more sleek look to it to better suit the dress trouser , capturing the fashionable likeness of Misty Knight.

Black Widow :

When it comes to The Black Widow or Natasha Romanoff , there are many different adaptations of the character, be it the way she looks on the big screen with Scarlet Johansson’s live adaptation of the character or the classic way she looks in the comic books.

No matter which adaptation of the character you are looking at , you will usually always see her in the signature one piece catsuit or tactical suit that she has been so well known for over the years . This look has also maintained it’s fashionable relevance over the years as well , making it great source of fashionable inspiration to build several looks from.

So that’s where we will start , these first two looks truly capture the look of The Black Widow , For both of these looks I utilized the ever trendy one piece catsuit or jumpsuit in black . For the top look a more traditional style of catsuit made in a more stretch knit fabric with the belt attached that is very reminiscent of the belt that you often see on the character in various adaptations. To compliment the look , I used a leather black and gold clutch, fitted leather gloves and a knee high leather boot , finishing the look with one gold cuff bracelet. The second look is done in leather , once again using a catsuit, but for this look I went with two gold cuff bracelets for each wrist , the leather gloves , and instead of the knee high boot I went with a more calf high half boot creating a slightly different look.

For these last two looks , I decided to capture the look in a slightly different way. Instead of going with the signature catsuit look , opted to go with separates that still capture the same fashionable likeness. As always the look is done in all black but it’s the details that really bring the look home. In the first look , I went with a turtleneck and tailored dress pant but added a gold chain style belt to capture the feel of the belt that Natasha Romanoff is known for . Finishing the look with a square heel ankle boot and cross body bag. For the second look I went with a one piece leather look onesie and a machined denim leather look pair of jeans . The gold belt and for an even more slightly different option the black pump. Then once again to finish the look another cross body bag , perfectly capturing the fashionable likeness of Natasha Romanoff , The Black Widow.

Ms. Marvel :

Ms. Marvel is an interesting character to use as fashionable inspiration, because there are three different adaptations of the character. There two different depictions of Ms. Marvel , then there is Captain Marvel whom she would later become.

These first two looks are inspired from the most well known 90’s adaptation of Carol Danvers , or Ms. Marvel. Her look at the time was a black onesie, thigh high boots and a red sash as a belt a signature piece that would stay with her. To capture the fashionable likeness of this look , I went with black leather shorts, and a leather tank. But as I often say the small details are always important. This adaptation of Carol Danvers has a lightning bolt down the middle of her suit. To capture this I used a gold chain that was complete with a gold and diamond in crusted lighting bolt , then to finish the look the leather side zip thigh high boot and the red leather tie up belt .

This next look captures the earlier late 60’s through the 80′ s adaptation of the character, that would later flip flop back and forth through the 80’s and 90’s . For this look I went with a more trendy sporty approach to the look. Starting with the red onesie and denim shorts , but once again the attention is in the details. This version of the character has a gold star on her suit and instead of a red sash for a belt , it’s now more like a scarf . So to capture this I went with a gold chain but this time complete with an identical gold star . Then to finish the look , the sock sneaker in red and blue to set off the whole color scheme.

Then this last look is inspired from what Ms. Marvel would later become after she took up the mantle of the all new version of Captain Marvel. For this look the one piece denim jump suit in blue , perfectly accented with the red leather belt , jacket and knee high peep toe boot trimmed in gold perfectly capturing the fashionable likeness of Carol Danvers , Ms.Marvel / Captain Marvel.


We have almost reached the end , but we have one last heroine to capture , she is Medusa of the Inhuman’s , over the years no matter how this character has been adapted over the years , the details always stayed the same from the signature two shades of purple suit and her always identifiable long red hair.

For the first look , keeping it two shades of purple , I started with a dramatic blouse , then from there a purple leather pant then a contrasting darker purple almost burgundy ankle boot cross body bag and light purple gloves.

Then for the second look , once again I went dressy casual or better yet business casual for the look . Starting with a button up dress shirt , then a purple trouser , and to finish the look, the darker purple accents for the boots and bag.

Then for this last look , still keeping it purple, the look is styled starting with a short leather purple one piece romper. From there the darker purple contrast comes in with the boots , the watch , and bag. Then finishing the look with a gold bracelet. Perfectly capturing the fashionable likeness of Medusa.

Well there it is , we have just reached the end of yet another blog post, I hope that you have enjoyed reading it , as much as I have presenting it. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashion between the panels : The women of Marvel: Part 2 . That’s it for now , so until the next time…IM GONE.!!!..

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