New & Fashionably noteworthy collaborations: Adidas x IVY PARK.

New & Fashionably noteworthy collaborations : Adidas x IVY PARK

Hello everyone out there , as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to take this time out to welcome you to my latest blog post: New & Fashionably noteworthy collaborations : Adidas x IVY PARK. Now if you are familiar with this website then you know there is a saying that I frequently use , that saying being ( there is nothing I like more than a good fashionable collaboration). The collaboration that I’m speaking of is none other than the highly anticipated return of Beyoncé’s line IVY PARK with it’s new collaborator Adidas. The line took a small hiatus from production since Beyoncé parted ways with former partner Topshop , shortly after that departure fashionable rumors began to circulate about the line making a return in a major way with a new partner / collaborator , Adidas.

But then shortly after this issue of ELLE Magazine hit the shelves , the rumored relaunch of the line became less of a fashionable myth and more of a reality , as you were seeing the first looks at the line that was to come as well as a mini marketing campaign.

Complete with fashionably subliminal pictures that all displayed how the new line was going to look without really telling you exactly that this was the new line and just giving you well placed ways of seeing how IVY PARK and Adidas were about to hit the ground 100 miles and running.

Between this Elle Magazine shoot and Beyoncé’s various Instagram posts dropping , you knew or you had to know that the collaboration between Adidas and IVY PARK wasn’t just wishful thinking, but was indeed a fashionable reality that was set and ready to come out very shortly.

With a release date of January 18 , 2020 in place every IVY PARK / Adidas/ Beyoncé fan was on the lookout for this relaunch to hit stores and online , just to get a piece of this highly anticipated line once it hit.

Finally that day is here and the true enough the line hit stores and online alike to very favorable fan fare . Before the line was released into stores there was a prelaunch of the line online the day before on January 17 , 2020. If you were privied enough to get the online invite from Adidas to come to their site ( , then you were able to log on and wait in a virtual line to get a first glimpse into the new world of Adidas x IVY PARK . You were also able to buy pieces from the line as well , the traffic on the site was so busy that most of the clothing was sold out shortly after it’s release . The line is moderate in price with items ranging from 25.00$ up to about 250.00$ . The new IVY PARK line is also a unisex line of clothing, now I have to say usually when I see this , I don’t think every brand does a good job of pulling this off , but I have to say that the new Adidas/ IVY PARK line has done a great job at creating pieces that both men and women can wear without looking like it’s forced or not well done. With that said I have selected what I think are the stand out pieces from the line and styled them in both women’s and menswear looks with small detail differences so you could see how both men and women can wear these looks.

Menswear :

The line is truly what you call a cross between athletic and leisure, a true lifestyle/ athleisure line of clothing that could be both dressed up and dressed down all at the same time , the line consists of four different styles of sneakers , a variety of fleece wear , both T-shirts long and short sleeve , socks , Fanny packs , Harness bags , Beanies and backless baseball hats. Also jumpsuits , tights , athletic tanks , Asymmetrical jackets and jackets that can be taken apart and worn in a variety of ways.Womenswear: In my fashionable opinion I have to say that the relaunch of the IVY PARK line is a truly a good look , I think it’s way more advanced fashionably speaking than the first generation of IVY PARK clothing, but the real question is what do you think ? Are you hear for it ? As always I LET YOU TELL IT. Well there it is , once again we have come to the end of yet another blog post , I AM JMADDD STYLES , and this has been New & Fashionably noteworthy collaborations: Adidas x IVY PARK. That’s it for now , so until the next time…IM GONE…!!!…

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