Fashion between the panels: The women of Marvel : Part 1.

Fashion between the panels: The women of Marvel: Part 1.

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you , I AM JMADDD STYLES and I’m back with my latest blog post, Fashion between the panels : The women of Marvel: Part 1 . For this blog post , im going to go between the panels of Marvel Comics and draw style inspiration from The women of Marvel. For part one of this blog post The women of Marvel that I’m using for the backdrop of this blog post all come from the pages of The X-MEN. To get more specific : Storm , Rogue , Jean Grey , and Jubilee . So right about now , it’s time for me to put on my Fashion Stylist hat and create new looks based on the looks of these characters. With that said , let’s get started with….

Jubilee :

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Jubilee is one of the younger members of The X-MEN , but she is a great character to draw style inspiration from because of her cool look , especially for the fact that she wears such vibrant colors that are very much trend worthy.

The first look of hers that I’m going to use to draw style inspiration from is her original look , that consisted of a bold yellow trench , blue jeans and a pink top with the signature pink sunglasses.

For this look I went with a full length yellow leather trench coat , as the center piece of the look . From there I used a pink crop top sweater and a lighter washed denim , a pink calf high boot to add more appeal to the look then finished the look off with pink sunglasses and gloves , the color scheme is not something that most would think of right off the back but when you look at it , all the colors blend. And come together perfectly.

For the next look , I decided to go with Jubilee’s more new look , the trench coat had not changed as that is the true signature of the character, but the rest of the look has changed to a black jogging suit , with black gloves and boots.

For this look I went with a more non conventional leather trench coat that had more of a sporty look to it to go with the more activewear style of the character. The first look is started from a jump/jogging suit that is sleeveless but still takes on the track suit look , then I went with two different styles of boots one is a more combat inspired boot , toning down the sexy but still making the look trendy , the second look uses a heeled ankle boot and the look is topped off with leather goods. For the last looks I went active lifestyle wear separates and once again gave you the option of two different style of boots.

Storm :

Storm often operates as the leader of The X-MEN and has a kind of royal look about her which only makes sense considering she was married to The Black Panther. But that’s a whole other story. For Storm I’m going to build two looks based on two of her different comic book styles , starting with the one you are seeing in the above picture , one of the classic variations of her black suit.

To capture this look I decided to work with all leather , starting with the black leather cape as the center piece of the look , next went with a high waisted leather pant and an off the shoulder leather shirt , finishing the look with a gold and black wide belt and a gold and black ankle boot.

For the next look , I’m using the characters even more regal /royal look as she goes from wearing all black and gold to all white.

Wearing all white is a fashionable art in itself , knowing how to pull it off in both the summertime and the winter. In this case the look that is inspired from the omega level mutant is a high end winter white look to give you the feel of capturing the fashionable likeness of this character. So many people are afraid to wear white for fear that it is not slimming, but that is far from the truth , you just have to know how to pull it off, but if you don’t that’s what I’m here for. This look is started from the trench coat as the center of the look then over to the leather shirt . All of this highlights the fitted trousers and the white and gold trimmed boot. I often say when done correctly white can bring the best out of any well dressed woman , it’s a real head turner. For men as well but especially a well dressed woman.

Rogue :

Rogue is a very interesting character one that has had different looks and appearances over the years that she has appeared in the pages of the X-MEN . My personal favorite version of the character is the more confident strong yet girly version that appeared in the comics and the cartoon series around about the mid to late 80’s after she had taken on the powers and personality of Ms. Marvel , so that’s the Rogue that I drew fashionable inspiration from.

For both looks it was important to start with her signature aviator style bomber jacket from there in both looks I made sure to capture the yellow and green color combination that she was well known for . In the top look though, I went with a knee high yellow boot as opposed to a gold one , to really capture the fashionable likeness of Rogue , from there I went with a brown designer belt to match the jacket once again truly capturing the likeness of the character in a fashionable way.

We are close to the end of part 1 of Fashion between the panels: The women of Marvel , but we have one more to cover from the pages of the X-MEN , can you guess who it is ? Well let’s take a look and see.

Jean Grey :

Jean Grey is a very interesting character in herself, complex as well , and arguably the most powerful mutant in the X-MEN . She has taken on many different looks over the years and personalities to go with those looks. But the version that we are going with today is from the late 80’s to the 90’s and somewhat the early 2000’s , I’m also going to style a look that captures her Phoenix force persona also.

To capture the fashionable likeness of Jean Grey , similar to Rogue , I had to go with a green and gold color combination. But for this look the gold had to be really played up as a major part of the look , also if you know about the character then you know as regular yet still powerful Jean Grey the persona is more held back not as bold or brash , so for the look I went with a more fashionable yet slightly more subtle look using the gold accents to really bring the look out starting with the gold moto style jacket and ending with bold calf high gold boot to finish the look off.

Then there is off the charts powerful Phoenix force Jean Grey , the persona becomes more bad girl border line super villain like and her look becomes just as bold as the character herself .

For this look I went with more of a bold fitted look from the suede and leather pant to the more fitted cross body leather/suede blouse. But then to really bring the look home I went with a chain belt and a more sexier boot that goes thigh high to create a look that switches the whole look and feel of this character separating the two fashionable likeness’s creating looks for two different yet fashionable women.

But the really interesting part of it all is that both looks are truly Jean Grey or maybe even both looks are truly you , the reader that hopefully has found a new way to enhance your style and look through the fashionable inspiration in this latest blog post.

Well there it is , we have just reached the end of yet another blog post , I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it and putting together all the looks. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashion between the panels: The women of Marvel: Pt 1 . Be sure to stay tuned for part 2 that will be coming very soon , who knows what comic books heroine I will be fashionably inspired by for that , you will just have to be here for it. However that’s it for now , so until the next time…IM GONE…!!!…

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