Fashion between the panels: The Matrix

Fashion between the panels : The Matrix

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you . I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post : Fashion between the panels : THE MATRIX . Why The Matrix ? Well when this movie came out , it was amongst the first of it’s kind ,when it came to the special effects . The only other movie at the time that was remotely close was Blade , but that’s a whole other blog in itself. However it wasn’t just the special effects that made this movie so cutting edge and cool , if you took a good look , it was the way the main characters came across and how they were dressed . Yes it was the fashion that helped create such a special movie trilogy and with each film the fashions seemed to just get better and better. So for this installment of Fashion between the panels, I’m going to pull the fashion from between the movie panels so to speak and create new inspired looks based on how the four main characters in the movie looked.

Those characters being Neo , Trinity , Morpheus and Agent Smith , so if you are ready to get started on this fashionable journey let’s start with…..

Morpheus :

Morpheus came across mysterious with his coolness , he was the one that offered you enlightenment , he showed you the way . Morpheus gave you the choice to remain in life as you knew it or to go on a new path with your eyes opened. His look was as cool as his message like the rest of the cast he had a signature look that stuck with you from the signature glasses to the full length leather jacket paired with the tailored suit look.

When you break Morpheus’s look down you would have to go from the outside to the inside , starting from the coat to the sometimes full suit then other times going with the waistcoat ( vest ) and a partial suit look.

When it came to capturing this look to style a newly inspired look , as I mentioned a little earlier , I had to start with the signature full length coat. I gave you two different looks , one with the regular full length leather coat and the second with the croc skin leather coat . Not everyone would know how to pull this off or have the fashionable confidence for the look , but the key is to have a high quality leather jacket can’t skip the expense on that piece. One thing you will notice is that everyone in this film usually had on some variation of black , but sometimes if you noticed Morpheus would go from a black vest to a purple one. The other key element to this look is adding a pop of color like the green tie or as said before the purple vest.

Trinity :

Trinity gave you Futuristic Fly Girl that was ready to spring into action at all times , she always had on leather no matter the mission , even further than that often enough patent leather . The key to capturing and styling this look once again is the quality of the leather that’s being worn you don’t want the patent leather to come across tacky and cheap.

For this look I gave you three different variations , the first is giving you a waist length coat with the patent leather pants to match , the look comes across extremely high end so as not to look cheap or tacky , from there I’m giving you the patent leather knee length boot and a tank top to pull the look together from the inside then finishing the look with leather gloves. The next look is a little more subtle with the texture of the patent leather and for this look I went with a hipster moto-style jacket , added a designer t-shirt in and a calf length boot , still finishing the look with the leather gloves. Then for the third look I wanted to mix and match a little but still capture the fashionable likeness of Trinity . Instead of going full head to toe patent leather I gave you a denim and patent leather mixed combo. Then I went with an over the knee boot to finish the look out .

Agent Smith :

Agent Smith’s was look at first glance seems to be just plain regular and boring , but if you really look , what you see is again a perfectly tailored no doubt designer suit and dress shirt ,that is perfectly cut a contoured to move with the wearer no matter if he’s standing , sitting , walking down the street or in The Agents case having epic battles.

To capture this look , the key is to know how to wear a suit and knowing how to accessorize it as well makes the difference. In this case went with an all black suit with peek lapels then from there a semi-spread collar dress shirt the black tie and completing the look with signature sunglasses and a pocket square ( always needed ) when it comes to completing a look such as this.

Neo :

Now for the man of the hour , Neo or as Morpheus would sometimes call him , The One . If you really paid attention to , with each film Neo’s style seemed to change or advance more and more as though he was being paid more money each time by Morpheus for being down with the movement and staying woke. One of the key elements to all of the various looks in the movie that everyone wore was as I often say is the fit , when the clothing just plain looks like it’s made for you it takes your style game to another level . All the looks above are displaying the various style changes that Neo underwent . The first two looks are inspired from his look in the first Matrix movie , a casually cool look that is not exactly dressy but more on the street wear side , the look is put together using cargo pants with a casual wingtip boot a crew neck sweatshirt and the full length top coat. The last four looks capture the fashionable likeness of the Neo character in both The Matrix reloaded and Revolutions. Where Neo’ s style game seemed to progressively step up bit by bit more and more. For those looks I went with a more expensive top coat look and traded in the cargo pants for a dress slack , then finishing the looks with a dress boot and turtleneck , fully capturing the fashionable likeness of Neo , and pulling The Fashion from between the panels. There it is , once again and just like that , we have reached the end of yet another blog post, I hope you have enjoyed it . I AM JMADDD STYLES , and this has been Fashion between the panels : The Matrix . That’s it for now , so until the next time…IM GONE..!!!

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