New & Fashionably noteworthy : collaborations

New & Fashionably noteworthy : Timberland x Off White , Puma x Balmain

Hello out there as always it’s good to see you , I AM JMADDD STYLES and you are currently logged on and tuned in to my latest blog post , New & Fashionably noteworthy : collaborations. As I so often say , there is nothing I like more than a good fashionable collabo and today we got two of them to talk about and show. So without any further or do let’s get to it. The first up in case you haven’t already guessed it from looking above the first new collaboration that I’m going to bring to you is……high-end streetwear label OFF-WHITE x TIMBERLAND , now it’s not new for Timberland to come together with another brand and create a limited edition version of their ever popular 6-inch boot . But for this collaboration with designer Virgil Abloh’s label OFF-WHITE , they came with an extra special version of the boot in several different color ways. So what makes this boot special ? Well instead of being made of the usual suede , they took this boot to a whole other level.For this new collaboration the boots are made completely out of velvet, not your common material for a pair of otherwise rugged mountain / street/ construction boots. Being that they are made of velvet , these are not made to be worn on an everyday basis and would require special care as well . This can be seen in the above pic the boots come with a special dust bag to store them in like a pair of high end designer sneakers . The fact they are made of velvet also causes the boot to command an even higher price tag , depending on what website or retail establishment you get them from , the price can go from as low as 380.99 clean up to 807.37 . The question is how bad do you want a pair of these limited edition boots ? Before I move onto the next big fashionable collaboration , let’s get a look at some more of the color ways.The boots can be shopped in several different retail establishments and online, three of the online retailers that sell the boots are ,— and . So are you here for the velvet Timb’s ? As always I LET YOU TELL IT. Now for the next big collaboration and the next collaboration is……Much like Timberland , Puma is no stranger to doing collaborations with other high end brands either , just last year they collaborated with MCM for a limited edition clothing and sneaker line . This season as of today right now , they have just released their latest limited edition collaboration with none other than Balmain . The line is predominately a womenswear line with a few unisex menswear pieces sprinkled into the mix , the price range to own one or two pieces of the line range from 120.00 $ all the way up to 5,450.00 $ . Most definitely not for the fashionably frugal or faint of heart. You can shop the line at both and . Now let’s get a look at some of the clothes , I’ve styled looks based on what I think are the best pieces of the line.

Womenswear :

Menswear :

So what do you think ? In my opinion the line slightly has some of the fashionable characteristics of Rihanna’s Fenty for Puma line , but I can’t say that I like or love it neither can I say that dislike or hate it , I’m somewhere in the middle on this one. The real question is what do you think ? Are you hear for it ? As always I LET YOU TELL IT. Just like that , there it is we have reached the end of another blog post I AM JMADDD STYLES , and this has been New & fashionably noteworthy : collaborations. That’s it for now so until the next time…IM GONE…!!!

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