The Fashion follow up: Zac Posen

The Fashion follow up: Zac Posen

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this is another installment of The Fashion follow up. Today’s designer or brand that I am highlighting is the one and only Zac Posen. The Zac Posen brand as well as the designer himself has been a celebrity and red carpet favorite. His gowns and dresses that are known for their dramatic as well as perfectly fit and tailored quality has been greatly revered by fashion critics and magazines alike. You have seen him on Project Runway as a guest judge for several seasons, and his Fashion Week presentations have been one of the hottest tickets in town , because everyone wanted to be there to see what Zac Posen was going to present for the upcoming season.

However Zac Posen is also a prime example of how tough the Fashion Industry is , and often enough as I say when it comes to this industry you have to really love it to remain in it. Because if you don’t than you will not stick around. From the outset it seemed that Zac made all the right moves , at the very beginning of his career he was the winner of The Vogue CFDA Fashion Fund , and was endorsed by American Vogue and Anna Wintour.

Zac Posen pretty much hit the ground 100 miles and running. His name and brand became synonymous with the word Couture and has or was running what seemed to be one of the most successful labels in the game.

You couldn’t have a red carpet, be it The Met Gala, The Oscars, The Cannes film festival so on and so on without someone mentioning his name as the designer that they were wearing. But even the most successful of designers can hit a snag , in this industry funding is everything and to certain extent he managed to have the backing needed.

Up until recently when he needed a new investor or backer to carry the label on , but could not find one , causing him and his board of managers to make the difficult decision to shut the brand down laying off well over 60 employees. Now that’s the reason why I say if you are going to be in this industry then you really have to love it , because often enough it’s full of ups and downs and it seems from my own standpoint that the lows can outnumber the highs. But it’s those highs that you experience that make this all worthwhile.

Im pretty certain that Zac Posen would tell you exactly the same. Now it’s about that time when I take off my Fashion Blogger hat and put on my Fashion Stylist hat to show you a few pieces from Zac Posen’s collection and the way I put my own personal styling touch on them.

Zac Posen was one of the best when it came to the Couture gown , he had a way of making each piece as though it was specifically made for the person that was wearing it.

Each of his gowns had their own individuality about them , their own style that could basically fit the personality of almost any of their wearers , if you could afford to own one or were fortunate enough to be styled in one for a particular event.

Even though the Zac Posen brand has closed it’s doors for now , im almost certain that we have not seen the last of the designer or his signature red carpet style and clothes after all im sure he loved the fashion game enough not to leave it completely and he probably couldn’t leave even if he tried , I would bet good money that it’s just apart of him that will never go away.

Well there it is we have once again come to the end of yet another blog post. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been The Fashion follow up: Zac Posen. That’s it for now so until the next time…IM GONE…!!!

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