The Fashion follow up : Fenty and Alberta Ferretti

The Fashion follow up: Fenty and Alberta Ferretti

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and right about this time , I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post : The Fashion follow up. So what is The Fashion follow up? Well im glad you asked, The Fashion follow up, is just that , it’s the follow up to my annual JMADDD STYLES September Issue. Where I continue and pick up with a little extra fashionable content, that I could not fit into my September Issue. With this installment of The Fashion follow up, im going to take a look at two additional design labels and a major retail chain. With that said , let’s get started.

Fenty :

This is one label that caught my attention from the moment that I herd about the collaboration between luxury fashion investors LVMH and Rihanna’s brand Fenty. Creating an all new high end label being spearheaded by Rihanna, if you follow this blog then you know that I spoke of this label in a previous blog post , the moment it dropped I picked my favorite pieces from the new collection and styled new looks using the hot new clothing line. It’s been well over a year now since the label was introduced to rave reviews , now the collection is in it’s second season , and it continues to look better and better. But I can show you better than I can tell you . So let’s take a look at some new favorite looks from the Fenty collection that I styled with that JMADDD STYLES touch.

This season the Fenty blazer game is incredible , with the fresh approach that the label takes to an always major staple in any fashion forward persons closet. This unique blazer comes in both pink and grey. Both looks are styled to be dressy casual looks , the first look is styled with the signature classic white Fenty shirt , the new Fenty jeans and the all new Fenty boots. The second look is too styled with the classic white shirt but instead of denim , the hot new white leather pants from Fenty.

One key element that always makes a great collection is when a label knows how to design a great leather product, and Fenty has definitely perfected the look of leather this season from skirts to pants as can be seen in the two looks styled above , with both looks having a casual cool vibe a street luxury look so to speak.

The leather pants being done this season from Fenty are so well designed and executed that you have to take a double look to make sure that both the pants and skirts are leather. These two looks are both styled with the leather pants from Fenty , the top look creating a dressy casual style again and the second look going more street luxury with one of the new hoodies from the collection , finishing both looks with the Fenty white pump.

The last look displays another return trend from this season, and that is the full sized overcoat , the look styled with another pair of signature Fenty pants and highlighted with a mint green Fenty turtleneck and the grey Fenty boot. From there let’s take a look at another luxury label that really caught my eye this season.

Alberta Ferretti :

This next brand is another label that I didn’t get to cover in The JMADDD STYLES September Issue , and that brand is Alberta Ferretti. This collection once again caught my attention because it has all the major elements of a great or classic luxury label. From signature tailored pants , to wide brimmed hats , trendy blouses and sweaters , and you guessed it , strong leather looks.

So let’s get started styling a little bit of leather, the first two looks are almost identical, the difference is in the boots. The first look and the second as well is styled with a classic 90’s style pull over , both with the buttery looking Alberta Ferretti leather pants and logo belt. The difference in the two looks is the first look is finished with a more casual or sporty boot / sneaker, the second look is finished with the collections new signature dress boot. The last look is styled with a bold pair of multicolored leather pants, new trendy black blouse and topped off with an Alberta Ferretti leather jacket giving you fly throw back style.

The next two looks are styled showing how to wear the Alberta Ferretti skirt , once again showing the quality that the label puts into their leather products. The first skirt is a classic mini style , Put together with a semi-shear tie top blouse , the logo boot and the Alberta Ferretti wide brimmed hat all in black. The next look is styled using the Alberta Ferretti high waisted skirt , the new thigh high suede boots , the logo top and finishing the look with a white wide brimmed Alberta Ferretti hat.

These last two looks are focusing in on The Alberta Ferretti logo pieces, the top look gives you the free flowing palazzo pant with a crew neck bold printed sweater and finished off with a signature cream or winter white calf high boot. The color pallet for both looks displays how cream and brown or tan work well together, the second look is styled around the Alberta Ferretti jeans and topped off with the logo track jacket , once again showing you the versitility of the collection. Next up let’s talk retail.

Selfridges and Co.

Up until a few days ago , I was completely clueless as to what Selfridges & Co. was , I came across a story about Asap Rocky making an appearance at a store premiering his own line. At first I was thinking, there was a new retail store in Ny that I was not aware of and had to go check so I could see what all the hype was about.

Only to find out that what is regarded as the greatest department in the world , like a lot of great retail chains is based in The U.K. or London. It is said to house every major brand on the market as well as they do specialty pop up shops various clothing brands or such as what they did with Asap Rocky.

When they started working with the fashion Influencer / Hiphop artist , they created an authentic Ny style bodega to display his line.

Now that’s creativity at it’s finest, the collaboration here began in 2017 , now Asap Rocky and his line AWGE / Injured Generation currently have collaborated on a permanent space in the department store.

So what does the line look like ? Well let’s take a look , here are a few of the pieces from the AWGE / Injured Generation collection.

To see more from the collection or just why Selfridges & CO. is being hailed as the worlds greatest retail department store , you either have to take a trip to the U.K. or you can just log on to just so you can see for yourself what all the fashionable hype is about.

Well there it is , once again we have just reached the end of yet another blog post. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been The Fashion follow up , that’s it for now , so until the next time IM GONE…!!!…

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