The Staying Power of a Luxury streetwear brand : ICEBERG

Hello everyone out there, as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES for those not too familiar with me, and as always I would like to take this time out to welcome you to my latest blog post. The Staying Power of a Luxury Streetwear brand : ICEBERG. ICEBERG is one of those brands that has stood the test of time even though you may not see it being as publicized as much as it once was in the mid to late 90’s , when Hiphop first really began to embrace luxury brands. You would hear the name ICEBERG in rap lyrics from various artist , saw the ads in Hiphop magazines such as The Source and Vibe Magazine, henceforth the reason I call the brand a Luxury Streetwear brand. Even though it’s definitely beyond a streetwear brand as can be seen from the longevity and the price point.

See what I mean , Hiphop embraced the brand then putting it in front of a whole other generation that otherwise wouldn’t have really known about it. Even now ICEBERG still knows how to appeal to the Hiphop generation by getting a newer wave of artists involved in it’s various campaigns.

Then It was Lil Kim , now it’s Vic Mensa being seen in the new ad campaigns. But aside from that jumping more into the luxury side of the brand , not only is or was the brand featured in magazines that young readers were looking at as well as music videos, it was also being seen in true fashion magazines using various celebrities as well as a way of capturing a luxurious life style.

Now that’s truly knowing how to play both sides of the fashionable track , not only knowing how to appeal to the side of streetwear but at the same exact time knowing how to stay on the highend side of fashion while doing so , there are not many brands able to travel in both lanes simultaneously and not loose any fan fare in the process. Another key factor in this brand that has always fascinated me is the brands ability to have licensing of almost any cartoon or comicbook character and be able to use them with in the clothing line

and this is just a few of the various characters that the brand has been able to utilize over the years from then up to now.

This is true licensing and branding on a major scale , to be able to use all these characters and distribute them in various ways and fashions. So what about the line right now? Well the line is still thriving, still luxurious and still has a great look. But as always I can show you better than I can tell you. So like in many of my blog posts and fashionable articles, im going to now put on my Fashion Staylist hat and show you how to style some of the latest looks from ICEBERG.

This season ICEBERG has really delved into the activewear market , taking it’s joggers , sweaters, sweatshirts and sneakers to another level.

Even On the womenswear side the brand has really gotten into the activewear market as well , but has gone even bigger and better with it’s casuals , sportswear and private label shoe line.

That’s just a quick glimpse into the fashionable world of ICEBERG right now , these pieces can be shopped on ( . With that said once again it’s time to say goodbye, we have just reached the end of yet another blogpost. This has been The Staying Power of a Luxury Streetwear brand: ICEBERG , and I AM JMADDD STYLES. That’s it for now , so until the next time…IM GONE…!!!

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