Fashionably Hot in 2019 : Brandon Maxwell.

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES, and I would like to take this time out to welcome you to my latest blog post : Fashionably Hot in 2019 : Brandon Maxwell. Now usually I pride myself for being up on most up and coming or already established designers. But I got to admit , this years CFDA Women’s designer of the year recipient Brandon Maxwell completely somehow slipped under my fashionable radar. Until he appeared on this season’s Project Runway as a judge. Reason being I was not the least bit aware of whom he was , but I knew that you just don’t get to be a designer judge on Project runway, without the fashionable community knowing who you are , in some capacity or another. So I had to find out a little more about this very talented designer. I started seeing his name pop up on various clothing sites and even discovered that I had used some of his pieces in my styled looks previously. However it was when I came across his Spring 2019 runway presentation that I begun to realize why he was a judge on Project Runway.

The clothing in short is simply incredible, very well done , the styling , the fit , and the details all the way down to the handbags that you see. Here you are seeing the signature Brandon Maxwell hatbox handbag, a very cool and unique take on a handbag.

Just to give you a closer look at this unique accessory, and later in this article or blogpost I will show you another way to style an item like this or better yet this particular item. Aside from the runway presentation being impressive, when a designer catches my attention, I also like to see how their product is marketed. Why you may ask ? A great ad and marketing campaign is the difference between just selling clothes and creating the feel of a lifestyle.

The Brandon Maxwell brand creates a diverse feel from various ethnic backgrounds and ages also.

Making the line appealing to not just one type of woman, but all Fashion Forward women alike as you can see from the ad campaigns above , then for this season’s Spring/Summer 2019 ad campaign,

You get glamour , eye popping color and great use of the clothing itself , giving you a well marketed fashionable lifestyle feel making the consumer want to own a piece of Brandon Maxwell clothing. Now that we have established that , let’s take a closer look at the clothes. Excuse me as I change into my Fashion Stylist hat and show you a few ways to style and wear some of the pieces that really caught my eye from the Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

Take for instance, I often speak of the importance of owning a classic white shirt is , and how various designers perfected this seemingly simple item. The front runner being Carolina Herrera, but Maxwell has taken the classic white shirt to another level by making his own dramatic version of it.

Since the shirt is so dramatic and is a statement in itself , all you need is a nicely fitted pair of jeans and a strappy sandal to go with the shirt , then finish the look with a Brandon Maxwell belt. The jeans are Brandon Maxwell also.

The pants suit is a major part of the Brandon Maxwell collection, here I wanted to show you three different ways to style three different pants suits in the collection. Up top im showing you a more dressy casual look that could go from the office to a night out for drinks and more. As I often say all women look great in white, you just have to know how to wear it. In this case the look is being styled with the signature Brandon Maxwell Polo styled shirt with a more dressy edge and a great summer time sandal finishing the look with a gold trimmed Brandon Maxwell clear handbag. The second look is a more formal take on the pants suit giving it a more evening wear look , the look is styled with red highlights from the sandals to the top , and the hatbox back that you saw a little earlier, giving you another option of how to style and wear this bag. The third look is a little more on the side of being menswear inspired as it is a take off on a men’s tuxedo, the look is styled in what I call triple black with the exception of the sandals and the jewelry .

The next two looks are showing you the well tailored pants that were seen on the runway this season from Brandon Maxwell. One style up top shows you the wider leg more baggy style of pant . The look is styled with the Brandon Maxwell blazer and bag , the bustier is Versace , creating a classy/sexy look , that is not to over the top or to revealing yet still grabs the attention. The next look shows the more fitted style of pant from Brandon Maxwell with a tapered ankle and the matching blouse once again styled with a sandal and to lowkey pieces of jewelry to finish the look off.

The next look done in white also is styled around the Brandon Maxwell bustier it’s almost like wearing fashionable art with all the dramatic detailing. The look once again styled with the signature Brandon Maxwell pants, the clear handbag and for the season another strappy sandal that plays on the cuff bracelet and the bag.

For the final look I wanted to make sure to include one of many dresses from the Brandon Maxwell collection. Yes I know , this look too is done in white , im basically showing you how great you can look in white also. For this look I went with silver instead of gold for the accent color and details from the sandals to the bracelet and watch , silver pops against white as much as gold if not more. Well there it is we have just reached the end of yet another blog post, and now not only am I aware of the CFDA Women’s Wear designer Brandon Maxwell , but you are too , if weren’t already. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashionably Hot in 2019 : Brandon Maxwell. That’s it for now so until the next time IM GONE…!!!

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