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Hello everyone out there, as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post. This latest blog post is another installment of a segment that I started a little while ago , known as Fashion between the panels. For this latest edition of Fashion between the panels im going to delve into the world of Charles M. Schultz and The Peanuts Gang. So welcome to Fashion between the panels: Peanuts , I am going to use this classic cartoon and comic strip and come up with some new fashionable looks inspired by the various classic characters that we have all grown to know over the years. Starting with Lucy.

Lucy was always the outspoken know it all of the gang , and always appeared to give Charlie Brown and her brother Linus a hard time , but it always made for some very hilarious situations.

Even though sometimes Lucy came across loud and bossy , her style would still be defined as girly and ladylike and at the same time on the side of being oldschool classy. So to capture a look like this it reminded me of something that Carolina Herrera would design right now , but the real eye grabbing part of the look is the black and white spat boot that actually offsets the blue dress well . As you can see the character has on a pair of shoes that are very similar, to top the look off wanted to go with a classic pearl necklace for the throwback effect and designer sunglasses with a single bracelet.

Next let’s take a look at Franklin , he always seemed to be laid back and cool , even though he was a standout character , he seemed to play the back at the same time. But if you take an even closer look , he’s a bit more stylish than the rest of the kids .

Knowing that , to capture the look of Franklin , the style would have to be truly cool , but a bit more on the dressy side , more of a grown up style . If you take a good look at this picture of Franklin, that’s exactly what you see. So what I did was play up the pinstriped pants he has on , which would be the equivalent of a well tailored trouser. Then if you look at Franklin’s coat , that would put you in the mindset of a classic yet modern trench , then you have to finish it out with wingtip boot, spread collar dress shirt and jewelry accents.

That brings us to Marcie, even though it seemed that her main role was always as Peppermint Patties side kick , she always came across cool in my opinion because ahe could do anything, from sports up to dirt bike racing which is also considered to be a type of sport.

Her always cool calm demeanor, garner’s a streetwear look that plays on green and yellow with some denim. To capture the shirt I went with one of my favorite new streetwear brands , Superdry. Followed up with designer shades and capturing her brown sneaker with a designer sneaker by Todd’s.

Speaking of Peppermint Patty, and Marcie being her sidekick, let’s take a look at her next. Peppermint Patty , always had a really laid back approach to style. Always had on sandals and I mean true thong toe sandals, also at the same she had a touch of tomboy style as well.

The best way to capture this look , is by using a designer sandal and belt by Tori Burch , add in a pair of denim shorts with a green button down shirt and you have just captured the very style essence of the one and only Peppermint Patty.

Then there is the musician of the bunch , Schroeder. Whenever you saw him sit down at the piano you were going to get two things , that famous Peanuts gang song and the famous Peanuts gang dance around the piano.

As for Capturing Schroeder’s style , it’s a summer time easygoing go with the flow kind of look , what really stands out about the look is the fact that the base color is purple , giving this easy look a little more pop because of the mix of colors , blue with purple, finishing the look with a brown designer sneaker and Tom Ford belt .

Then there is Pigpen , much like Franklin , you never herd or saw Pigpen say much , but he was always there and a very memorable character as well especially for his signature cloud of dust and dirt that followed him around.

But if you cleared away all the dirt and grime that Pigpen carried around with him , you then would see a very cool casual style. Capturing the style , I went with a red polo style shirt , a light denim or twill trouser with a designer brown sneaket and sport watch to finish the look.

Aside from being Lucy’s little brother , Linus was always the deep thinking philosopher in the bunch , whom would appear to loose all faculties if to far from his security blanket for too long .

When capturing the Linus style , once again it’s a very cool summer look , consisting of a brown designer track sneaker, his signature striped shirt, white shorts, and to add a little extra to the look finishing it off with a new Tom Ford belt.

Sally was always the young tag along of the crew . She was also Charlie Brown’s little sister , and had a huge crush on Linus , she was a girly girl so to speak. With a unique kind of style

Capturing her style requires maintaining a fashion forward look with an innocence to it. The pink and white saddle shoes do just that. They add just the right balance of style and innocence at the same time. Then to add a little more to the look , just the right amount of jewelry .

The man or kid of the hour , the reason we have the Peanuts cartoons and comic’s, even though he was always referred to as a blockhead , Good old Chuck or Charlie Brown himself has always been the center peice of the Peanuts universe.

As for capturing his style , the shirt he wears is probably one of the most iconic peices of cartoon clothing ever drawn, so you have to start with the shirt to truly capture the look of Charlie Brown. There are a few ways to capture this look , since he is the focal point , im going to give you three.

The first look is a direct replica of the Charlie Brown style , with the shorts and shirt , finishing the look with black Air Max classic sneaker. Then for look two , it’s a similar look but using denim and leather , still keeping the color scheme of classic Charlie Brown. Then for the thirf look it’s an alternate variation giving the look a new streetwear spin by changing the colors to blue and brown , keeping a feel for the Charlie Brown shirt and finishing the look with Timbalands.

I can’t leave it right there though, even though Charlie Brown is the focal point of the Peanuts cartoon , his dog Snoopy is just as iconic of a character and maybe even more popular than the rest of the Peanuts gang , so let’s capture one of Snoopy’s most iconic looks aside from the Joe Cool persona , im talking about Fighter Pilot Snoopy.

Now it’s complete , I even wanted to give a nod to his side kick Woodstock. Well there it is once again we have reached the end of yet another blog post , hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashion between the panels: Peanuts. That’s it for now, so until the next time…IM GONE…!!!.

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