Fashion between the panels: Avengers Endgame Pt 2

Hello out there, as always it’s good to see you , I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to welcome you to the second half of Fashion between the panels: Avengers Endgame Pt 2. For such a big movie , the blog had to be done in two parts. Hopefully you have had the opportunity to to look at pt 1 of this series, if not , then be sure to do so. Pt 1 ended with capturing the fashionable likeness of all the heroes that were snapped back into existence, ending with the return of T’challa The Black Panther and his sister Shuri.

Picking back up , let’s get started with Scott Lang , The Ant-man. A key player in The Endgame, because of his knowledge of The Quantum Realm. Making it possible for this to happen ,

The return of his heroic partner The Wasp. To capture the fashionable likeness of these two and come up with a fashion forward look or looks , was a small challenge cause you want to capture the right feel for the characters to come with two inspired fashion forward looks.

For the Ant-Man inspired look , I went with more of an athletic feel , to capture the fashionable essence or feel of the suit , Puma makes the perfect sweatsuit to capture that look , I capped the look off in one pic with a luxury watch , then in another a classic Tales to Astonish Ant-Man T-shirt and a true version of the Ant-man helmet to complete the look for editorial purposes. Next to capture the look of The Wasp , I went even more highend lux brand Balmain, for the jumpsuit, keeping the true color pattern of The Wasp’s suit , by adding a yellow blazer and yellow lensed sunglasses. For the other look , I added the authentic Wasp helmet once again for editorial purposes.

Leading, next into the return of Sam Wilson, The Falcon. Another key player in The Endgame, as he was also dusted in Infinity War. He and Cap have been rolling thick as theives in The MCU since his first appearance in Captain America/The Winter Soldier. To capture his look , once again, it’s all about the color scheme. I have actually in the past came up with inspired looks from The Falcon ,

The first look was done a few years back, a little more on the luxury casual side , giving you a more dressy casual vibe , being as though the look was based off ths original comic book look of Sam Wilson. Then I decided to come with an even fresher more new approach to a look that would capture the fashionable likeness of The MCU Falcon /Sam Wilson.

The new look is more highend atheletic. Keeping true to the color scheme, went with a sportswear collabo, of Palm Angels/Under Armour, showing you the look with two different sneakers and topping the look off with a luxury watch and designer sunglasses. It dosen’t stop there though, by the end of the movie we see Captain America pass the mantle to Sam Wilson. If The MCU decides to follow that storyline, this would be the new look of The Falcon.

Hopefully, we will get to see this somtime in the near comic future of The MCU , as for the inspired look , I kept true to the red white and blue colorways, the look was also created a few years ago when Marvel comics first rolled the character out to a very positive fan fair. Like I was saying Sam Wilson is a key player.

Now The Winter Soldier, quickly becoming Sam Wilson’s partner in crime , The Winter Soldier made his return right along side The Falcon or Sam Wilson, im more of a fan of this look for The Winter Soldier or Bucky Barnes . So this is the look that I used for the fashionable inspiration to style a look from.

Keeping true to the Black and Silver that The Winter Soldier has become best known for over the years , the look topped off with a custom leather jacket.

Who could forget that famous line in Infinity War delivered by Dr. Strange ( We are in the Endgame now) , or that moment in Endgame where Strange looked at Stark and held up the one finger for the possible outcome that was going to work.

When you think Dr. Strange , you think vibrant red and blue colors, down to the shirt , for this look the shirt is a crucial part of the look , finishing the look with a sleek ankle boot dress shoe , capturing the coolness of Dr. Strange.

Bringing us to the end of the line , Steve Rogers, or Captain America. Even though they are one and the same , they are still separate but with the same ideals . With that said , here is a look inspired of Steve Rogers.

The look still has almost the Captain America color scheme , but it’s a little on the stylishly conservative side which would fit the persona of Steve Rogers or anyone else with the same style.

Next To Iron Man, there was no one with a bigger part to play in the outcome of Endgame. From wielding Thor’s hammer to do battle with Thanos , or hearing him say the ever famous line AVENGERS ASSEMBLE , or returning from the future as Old Man Cap , to pass on his shield to Sam Wilson.

For the look , it’s just a lot less conservative, than the look of Steve Rogers, also to create both looks , had the authentic Captain America shirt to give you the complete idea . In order to show variety , did the shirt with two different pairs of jeans and blazers. Also showed versatility by changing up the shoes.

Just like that , we have reached the end of The Endgame. I AM JMADDD STYLES , and this has been Fashion between the panels : Avengers Endgame Pt. 2 . That’s it for now, so until the next time…IM GONE !!!!

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