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Hello out there as always it’s good to see you, I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post, Fashion between the panels: Avengers Endgame. For those that are new to my website, Fashion between the panels is when I take a comic book or maybe even a movie and show you how to draw fashionable inspiration from the storyline. Previously I have done the Fashion between the panels segment for the Batman/Hush story arc and Frank Miller’s first Wolverine series. Bringing us to my latest Fashion between the panels segment for the epic ending to well over ten years of Marvel movies and the comic books that were the basis for these movies , bringing us to as Dr. Strange said in Infinity War, We are in the Endgame now. The amazing part is , through out all these books and movies I have been using them as the backdrop for some of my best fashionable inspiration to put together new looks and be displayed on social media and most recently on my new site here. So with that im about to take you through some classic looks inspired by these movies and comics and a host of newly styled looks from this latest epic movie. Once again welcome to Fashion between the panels: Avengers Endgame.

We arive at The Endgame from the previous movie Infinity War, which is based on the story arc from this groundbreaking comic series,

in which at the end of the series the one and only Mad Titan Thanos uses The Gauntlet that wields all the Infinity stones to wipe out a percentage of the human population by simply doing this

the now infamous snap. That’s also where the fashionable inspiration for this blog begins at with The Mad Titan Thanos,

the Look inspired by Thanos blends shades of purple and gold inspired from his appearance and armor to create a one of a kind evening ware look , that would gain the attention of any room someone wearing it stepped into .

The gold and purple play very well off each other to create such a bold yet Fashionably elegant look. Bringing us up to the now long awaited Endgame. Where the story picks up post snap and all the remaining Avengers are trying to regroup and figure out a way to go after Thanos. As well as Tony Stark still in space running out of time needing to find a way to get back to earth before running out of air.

Over the years of movies and comicbooks Tony Stark himself has been a great inspiration for style , through out all the movies always noted for wearing Such nice suits as General Ross said at the end of The Hulk.

True enough Tony Stark was most definitely the more style conscious member of the Avengers, as was said in Civil War, “Tony do you have a suit ?” and his classic reply was , ” sure a lovely Tom Ford three peice.”

I created both these looks sometime ago , which shows you the timelessness of good styling , the looks were created using Tony Stark as the inspiration for both looks. With each look , using timeless peices and classic color schemes that stay on trend.

Not to jump too far ahead or too quickly to the end, but Tony Stark will be always one of the most classic and remembered characters of the MCU for many years to come , specially for the way the character went out , well played. But from this in The End Game ,we see the dawning of two new heroes in the MCU from the pages of the comics.

Straight from her own solo movie , to her introduction to what will be The New Avengers , Captain Marvel came through in the clutch to save Tony Stark before meeting his true fate and getting him back to earth.

In a previous blog I showed how the many faces of Captain Marvel, are and have also been a driving force for creatively styled looks as well, specifically highend streetwear looks.

That also use the color ways of the Captain Marvel suit for the inspiration to create these looks , both looks using dark denim against red to create once again a very timeless look , in both looks the belt being the main center peice of the look. But that was no surprise, or shouldn’t have been anyway, that Captain Marvel would be making her entrance to The Avengers. The suprise hero that we saw amongst others in The End Game, was Pepper Potts , in her own armour known in the comics as Rescue.

Bringing all new style inspiration from Between the panels. Creating newly styled looks of red and gold , making gold the accent color to play up against the base color of the looks , being red.

The first look was created some years ago , it still has an on trend cool factor , but the other three looks are my newly styled looks , being a mixture of casual cool and dressy casual style , giving you an even more highend feel and look that you can almost go anywhere in just about any setting and be stylishly good , capturing the fashionable likeness of Pepper Potts or Rescue.

The is by no means new to The Avengers movies or the MCU in general, this first look was styled a few years ago , still a timless casual look using a mashup of style between comicbooks and highend streetwear completely using The Hulk as the inspiration.

Even though The Hulk is not new to the MCU , the new incarnation of the character for the Endgame story arc was new. For Avengers Endgame, we see the introduction of Professor Hulk as seen above which is the combination of both the intelligence of Bruce Banner and the complete strength of The Hulk all in one. The look is a progression from the first look , still inspired by The Hulk but progressively inspired by Professor Hulk. Still a streetwear look but made to look even more highend and give you the feel of Professor Hulk. Whom pulled off the first snap of the movie to reverse the affects of the damage done by Thanos after The Avengers time traveled to obtain The Infinity Stones to make a new Gauntlet and bring back the heroes affected by the first snap.

In the midst of all this , it brings us up to another new hero being introduced to The MCU , that really isn’t so new , Clint otherwise known as Hawkeye took on a new persona after his family disappeared post snap. He took on the new secret identity of Ronin as was seen in the pages of The New Avengers.

From marksmen to ninja assassin and I have to say the new persona was well presented on the big screen.

Also a fantastic character for fashionable inspiration and one of my newest styling creations that was inspired from both the movies and the comics.

To Put together this look I went with both an athletic sportswear look in the color scheme of the character and a more biker inspired look using a leather jacket to resemble the new suit that Clint wears and using different styles of sneakers to fit the individual looks.

Despite the new persona change , Clint and Natasha still had a close relationship when it came to working together. Both The Black Widow and Ronin were sent the through time and space to retrieve the Sole Stone.

Over The years The Black Widow has taken on various looks from her introduction to the MCU in Iron Man two

making her a major style inspiration through the years ,

this was the first look I styled some years back to capture the fashionable likeness of The Black Widow, it was a gritty highend streetwear vibe and look .

More recently I revisited the look of The Black Widow and made the look more elegant, placing more emphasis on the look of a jumpsuit or catsuit to put you in the mind frame of what Natasha wears when on various missions. Giving you the look with two different ankle boot styles and better jewelry accents. I got to say that im very surprised about the direction the Black Widow went , wasn’t expecting the outcome of that scenario.

The role of Thor in the movie suprised me as well , the movie expanded a little more on the role he played in Ragnorok , showing you a more humorous yet human side of the character. My style inspiration for Thor inspired three looks.

Usually I don’t do black on black, as in a black dress shirt with no contrasting color to go with it , but in this case to capture the fashionable likeness of Thor , it just plain works to create a good menswear look . That makes dark denim more on the dressy side and ends the look with dress Gucci boot, in the previous look , you see the whole concept including the red jacket which helps to break up the triple black. By the end of the movie we see Thor join up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to accompany them on their space missions.

After the snap reversal, it was good to see them return as well as an alternate time line Gamora , still joing The Avengers in the ultimate battle scene against Thanos.

I have never worked with the idea of styling looks inspired from Gamora or Peter Quill aka Star Lord , but for this segment of Fashion between the panels, that’s exactly what im going to do , capture the fashionable likeness of both Gamora and Quill .

Gamora , much like Peter Quill, also gives you rockstar motorcycle fashion vibes , once again to capture a look like this and make it fashionable at the same time the key is to use the right leather peices or items that complement leather well for that authentic rockstar/moto fashion feel.

When developing these looks , I wanted to give you three options. Just to show that the look could be done to cater to your personal style. To do this I gave you the look with two different styles of pants and an optional jacket to change up the look slightly,

as can be seen in both pictures adding the jacket can change the dynamic of the whole look.

When it comes to Peter Quill or Star lord , the style is almost the same or is the same as Gamora’s, it is a variation of the same look , basically it is also moto style.

For Star Lord I gave you three variations of the same look , changing out the pants , T-shirt , boots and glasses to give you a true moto style streetwear look. The Endgame brought back all your favorite MCU heroes in edition to The Guardian’s of the Galaxy.

When you saw Peter Parker get dusted at the end of Infinity War, you were only too happy to see him return for the big battle scene in Endgame.

Over the years I have toyed around with various looks that would capture the fashionable likeness of Spider-Man, the most recent being the last look , but each look hasn’t changed much , maybe a slight color scheme change here or there.

Not only did you see the return of Peter Parker , but you also saw the return of a whole host of key MCU power players , starting with the return of the king of Wakanda, T’challa and his family. The two im going to zero in on is The Black Panther and his sister Shuri .

To capture the fashionable likeness of the Black Panther, I put together four different looks , to give a variety of ways to capture the possible feel and look of the character. Two streetwear looks and two dressy casual looks.

For Shuri’s look , I wanted to put you into a more regal mind frame , a fashionably royal kind of feel , with rich colors such as the black on purple color combination. There it is we have just reached the end of Pt 1 of Fashion between the panels: Avengers Endgame. I AM JMADDD STYLES, be sure to lookout for Pt 2 of Fashion between the panels: Avengers Endgame.

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