Fashion between the panels : Batman Hush…

Hello everyone out there , as always it’s good to see you. Welcome to my latest blog post : Fashion between the panels : Batman/Hush. That’s right for this new blog post , im taking you to Gotham City. Incase you didn’t know , I am as much of a comic head as I am a fashion head and sometimes I infuse the two interest for the ultimate comic/fashion head mashup. I often find fashionable inspiration in the pages of my favorite comicbooks, then creating new looks based on the characters. The latest story arc that has captured my attention, came out a little while ago , and is soon to have a full length cartoon movie. The story in question is Batman Hush.

This epic Batman tale includes some of the most interesting heroes and villains that Batman has to offer ,

all being used to pull off one epic tail and plot in Gotham City , so what I am going to do is create new fashionable looks based around the various characters found in this story , and the first character that we will start with is Robin.

Batman’s assistant and ward, the Robin in this story is a third generation Robin , basically the third Robin in the Batman story arc , in this case that would be Tim Drake.

To capture the look or fashionable likeness of Robin , you want to create a cleverly done streetwear look , playing up the colors of the costume he wears and using that to capture the feel and fashionable flava that Robin would have if he walked past you in the street. The next character that we are going to take a look at from the story is

The Huntress , now once again in creating a fashionable look to capture the likeness and feel of The Huntress , I had to float between a highend look with a sexy street feel appeal.

Working with a color scheme that goes very well together and that will capture the eye , with that being said. The color scheme is black and purple.

Then there was Superman , for this comicbook series Kal-el plays a very pivotal role , infact the book that has him on the cover is one of the more expensive to get your hands on. But how can his fashionable likeness be captured ?

To capture the fashionable likeness of Superman for this story , I went with more of a casual Friday , A more grown up luxury streetwear look , where the look keeps once again and always true to the feel of Superman, with a running theme of the color palette to capture the classic look , keeping it red and blue.

In this story, it really expands on the complicated, love hate then really love again relationship that is Batman and Catwoman , setting the theme for many more great and interesting storylines to come in the near future,

but when it comes to capturing the fashionable likeness of Catwoman, you want to keep the look sleek and trendy , a little monochromatic even.

The best way to do that was by you guessed it , using a catsuit and in this case a leather suit in black with accessories of the same color. I only separated the look with a contrasting color shoe and gloves.

Intro Nightwing , this storyline has every major Batman villain or hero in it that is one of the factors of why this is such a great story and why there is a full length feature film coming , so capturing Nightwing’s fashionable likeness ?

When you look at Nightwing, what comes to mind is the martial arts suit that was worn in the movie Kill Bill or even further back, the classic Bruce Lee martial arts suit.

The best way to capture this look is by taking it back to a classic streetwear look , that has been relaunched and reintroduced for right now , but with a more tailored fit , that would be the Puma track suit.

It gives you the look and feel of the suit that Nightwing currently wears and is most known for.

Poison Ivey , as it is always said no one can resist the power and influence of Poison Ivey and her mind control, this was really shown in this story arc when she gained control over Superman , but what about capturing her fashionable likeness ?

In order to do this you have to make use of floral prints and various shades of green to contrast with the the floral prints, you even want the jewelry accents to highlight the floral prints.

The Joker and Harley Quinn, almost no Batman story arc is complete without these two some how being woven into the plot , and this story did not fall short of The Joker or Harley.

There are so many different ways that Harley has been captured in the comicbooks , but one thing always remains consistent with her and that’s the black and red color scheme she always has.

This particular version of Harley gives you more of a rockstar style , but still has the common theme of black and red which what I used to capture what would be her fashionable likeness.

When it comes to capturing the fashionable likeness of The Joker , it’s all about the details , you have to look closely to realize that if The Joker did exist although crazy , he actually has a sense of fashion.

From his use of purple and green to the suit that he is wearing, and there are so many different ways to capture his look ,

as long as you maintain true to the color scheme , in this case The look is a little more on the side of what I call sneaker casual, where you combine a dressy casual look and finish it with sneakers.

Then for this look , im giving you true full on Joker , a more dressed up feel appeal , that is still keeping within the color theme of The Jokers look.

There are so many favorite characters in this storyline, that are intertwined with the this arc , I guess that’s why it took so many books to finish this Batman saga ,

and just when you think it’s almost over there’s more. When you look at The Riddler, his color schemes are very similar to The Joker , especially when he’s wearing the green suit , and not the onsie you would see yrs ago. Basically capturing his look is also very close to creating The Joker look.

As in the color scheme is pretty much the same as well as the tailored suit,

in this case, to capture the look , I went with a two button single breasted lightweight green suit , with a white waist coat and pastel tie. Most definitely a spring/summer look, and brought the look together with a pastel pocket square, it’s probably one of my favorite looks that I’ve put together.

Then there is the villain that is the basis for this whole story , the one that makes this series of books , such a collector’s item , it’s also his first appearance. The one that I am speaking of is Hush.

Capturing his look would be or is pretty interesting, the look would have to be dressy casual with a mixture of streetwear and a dressier style at the same time.

Probably over the yrs , easily one of Batman’s most formidable opponents and most definitely one of the best storylines worthy of a movie.

For this look once again, I didn’t change it much , I just added a different grade of trench coat to define the look more , capturing the fashionable likeness of Hush.

We have finally reached The Batman , probably through the years one of the greatest superheroes whom just happens to be human has no super powers ,and much like in this story finds a way to come out on top , as for capturing his fashionable likeness, well lets see.

When it comes to creating a fashionable likeness for Batman, you can go one of two ways , you can capture a streetwear look as above that gives you the look and feel of The Dark knight, or you can capture a look that fits his disguise Bruce Wayne.

This look would be a more distinguished, dressier look that would seperate the two personalities,

From the crime fighter to the billionaire socialite. Basically giving you versatility of style, as can be seen in the formal wear look , that I put together above. Giving you both The Batman and his alter ego Bruce Wayne.

Just like that , we have reached the end of another blog post. This has been Fashion between the panels, and I AM JMADDD STYLES. That’s it for now, so until the next time… IM GONE…!!!

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