The perfect dress shirt : ( Axxess )…

Hello everyone out there , as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post , The perfect dress shirt ( Axxess ) . Im not gone hold you to long with this Fashionable Moment , but I just wanted to come through for a quick minute to put you up on game. Dress shirt game that is . Now when it comes to selecting a good dress shirt , there’s plenty of brands to choose from.

Amongst my favorites are these , English Laundry , Thomas Pink , Suit Supply and Bugatchi. All well made great fitting shirts that can bring the best out of a good suit. But none of these in my personal or professionally fashionable opinion are the perfect shirt. First and foremost you have to understand what makes a perfect dress shirt. Most important out of anything is the quality, you cannot go cheap on a good shirt , a cheap shirt will lessen the look of your suit , next is fit , material make , and the collar. Now all of the fore mentioned shirts are pretty good in these various categories. However there is a brand out there that is not just good in all these categories but down right EXCELLENT. The brand that I am referring to is Axxess ,

The Axxess dress shirt is the ultimate when it comes to first fit , never to snug or tight but just right giving you that high quality Italian design and feel , basically it’s as comfortable as it is high in style.

Next the Boldness of the Axxess dress shirt is like none other , each shirt has it’s own individual style and bold print that stands out , now I don’t know about you , but I like my shirt to be a statement piece with my suit , not just a plain shirt that is the standard and even the plain white shirt stands out because of how it’s made. Even you like to go plain , it’s still not like the standard.

Bringing us to the Make of the shirt , high quality cottons are used for each shirt , so it breathes well , and moves with you without feeling stiff or uptight. Then there is what is probably the most important part or parts , the collar and the sleeve cuffs.

The collar is always an important detail , perhaps the most important. You always want a strong high standing collar that dosen’t get mashed or lost in the suit collar and lapels. This is especially important when going without a tie because the shirt will still look great and stand out when you want to wear your suit in different ways. Then there is the shirt cuffs ,

With or without cuff links you want your shirt cuffs to be the perfect length coming from your suit jacket , so the detailing of the shirt can be seen even on the shirt sleeve , and the Axxess dress shirt gives you all these components, making it what I call the perfect dress shirt ,

as you can see on me here where I am displaying both an Axxess dress shirt and a Suit Supply Suit , or in the picture above that where im wearing the Axxess dress shirt a little more on the dressy casual side , showing you the versatility of the shirt with or without a tie. So there it is , I told you I didn’t want to hold you to long with this one , I just wanted to come through and put you up on Fashionable game right quick. With that said we have just reached the end of yet another blog post. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been The perfect dress shirt ( Axxess). That’s it for now , so until the next time IM GONE !!!

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