Captain Marvel Style Inspiration.

Hello out there True believers , as always it’s good to see you. For those that may not know , I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post Captain Marvel Style Inspiration. As I often say Fashionable Inspiration is everywhere even in the pages of your favorite comic’s. By now many of you have already seen the movie Captain Marvel and my true comic heads out there were already familiar with Carol Danvers , before the movie. You also may know that I tend to draw fashionable inspiration from many of the characters that come from the pages of Marvel or DC comics. If you haven’t already guessed it , today I am going to show you how the many faces of Captain Marvel

are an inspiration for Fashion Forward Looks. With out a doubt Captain Marvel is one of the strongest and most powerful in the Marvel Universe, but over the years , she has taken on my different appearances and style changes , as you can see in the picture above , so you ready ? Let’s get started.

This particular look of Captain Marvel is her current look , after she went from being Ms. Marvel and took up the mantle and full power of Captain Marvel ,now when building a look from this current incarnation of Carol Danvers I used the color scheme and detailing in her suit.

Both looks as I was saying before are a play on the color scheme and detailing of the suit that she wears. In both looks , I used dark denim with red accents, in style one I used a jumpsuit with leather jacket and a tie up leather belt , to capture the look of the sash that she wears around her waist, in the second look I used a gold necklace to capture the gold star which is the center piece of the suit.

Next up I wanted to capture her look as Ms. Marvel, before she became Captain Marvel. Now if you look at this version of the character it’s actually pretty fashionable so far as a comic character goes , but let’s see how I captured this look.

When you look at Ms. Marvel , she’s basically wearing a onesie fashionably sexy but not practical for everyday style unless your on stage and your name is Beyonce or Nicki Minaj. So to capture the look , I went with leather shorts and a leather tank to capture the looke of the onesie, a trendy knee high boot to capture the look of her signature boots , and a red tie up belt to capture her signature sash. To finish off the look I used a gold lightning bolt necklace for her gold bolt on her chest , capturing the full look of Ms. Marvel.

Then there is the original adaptation of Ms. Marvel from the early 70’s late 60’s , in order to capture this look , you have to come up with a luxury streetwear kind of style to capture the mod look of the character.

In this case the look was captured by using a red a body suit , paired with dark denim shorts , take notice of the necklace that is exactly like the star burst on on Captain Marvel’s suit. Most remarkable though is how her boots drawn years ago resemble the new trendy sock sneaker that so many designers are doing now.

Now here is a little extra added bonus for all my True believers or major comic heads , the other adaptation of Captain Marvel , Carol Danvers best friend Maria Rambeau’s daughter Monica Rambeau. If you payed close attention to the movie, both characters were in the story. Let’s see how the look of Monica Rambeau can be captured.

When you look at it , the newer more recent adaptation of Monica Rambeau has a very cool look , so from this a very functional fashion forward look can be done to capture this hero’s fashionable likeness, from the trench to the leather pants down to the ankle boots, with the bodysuit to just plain seal the fashionable deal.

Then there is Mar-vell , the original Captain Marvel. In the movie they changed this character, probably for MCU continuity purposes, but here is where the mantle of Captain Marvel started, for all my true comic heads and True Believers. Now let’s capture a fashionable likeness of the original Captain Marvel.

Once again for this look , the styling is inspired by the color scheme of The Captain Marvel suit , but to completely shut the look down , take notice of the limited edition Captain Marvel watch, that alone completes the look perfectly, and just like that we have just reached the end of yet another blog post , closing out this mini comic / fashion history of the many Fashionable Faces of Captain Marvel. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Captain Marvel Style Inspiration. That’s it for now so until the next time IM GONE…!!! and EXCELSIOR.

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