Growing Your Style Up: P2

Hello everyone out there, as always it’s good to see you. I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to take this time out to welcome you to my latest blog post Growing Your Style Up: Pt 2. Hopefully you had the opportunity to take a look at pt 1 , where the focus was on improving men’s style , by putting looks together from the 2019 Tom Ford collection. For pt 2 , I am once again putting my Fashion Stylist hat on , but this time the focus is on improving women’s style , by putting looks together from the 2019 Carolina Herrera collection.

Why the Carolina Herrera collection , you may ask ? That would be because in my professionally fashionable opinion , almost no designer captures the perfect essence of class , and style when it comes to womenswear like Carolina Herrera has done over the years , all the way down to her signature classic button down shirts especially in white. Even though she stepped down as the designer of her brand, the look of the clothing still maintains her vision and style esthetic.

So with that said , let’s get started Growing Your Style Up, and the first place that we are going to start is….

Dressing up you’re style…

A lot of times today the art of knowing how to dress up or even knowing what getting dressed up means , gets lost in a day of fast passing fly by night disposable fashion. But as I said in pt 1 , picking classic piece’s goes a long way weather it’s a dress or a pantsuit. As you can see in the look above the dress is a perfect silhouette, and could almost be worn by any body type , the look screams of an evening out , and would get you noticed as much as the most revealing overtly over the top sexy dress , and that’s just on the strength of how it’s made , the pure quality. To complete a look like this just takes a little bit of jewelry accents, the perfect shoe and a small clutch to finish the look.

These three looks , show you that dressing up your style does not always necessarily mean knowing how to wear a dress , sometimes getting a little inspiration from menswear looks , can completely take your style game to another level, especially when you know how to add in a necktie or pocket square to truly set the look apart from the average women’s pantsuit look.

Then taking you back to the art of wearing a dress , in this case I wanted to show you the versatility of one dress , changing just the details gives you a totally different edge and feel to the same dress , Carolina Herrera gives new meaning to the term Little Black Dress….

When casual isn’t really casual…

Now let’s take a look at taking your casual style to another level , the looks that I’m about to show you are going to completely change your view of casual style.

The first look is the Carolina Herrera blazer dress , when styling a look like this you want to have good accents, in this case the pop is in the shoes and the top under the blazer, once again showing you , sexy comes in different packages but the point that often gets missed is , you want to be the right kind of sexy. Meaning you don’t want to come off cheap or trashy , just because you think it’s sexy doesn’t mean it’s a good look.

For the next two looks , are more on the side of business casual, hence the sub title, when casual isn’t really casual. The top look , I showed you in the first section, for this section im showing you the versatility of the look , change out the top and add a necklace for a look that goes from the office to a night out all while still wearing the same pantsuit. The second looks gives you a variation of the Carolina Herrera classic white shirt , and her signature tailored dress pant , but to add color a contrasting shoe and back that bring all the colors together.

Then for the final look , im giving you classic signature Carolina Herrera, it’s the ultimate casual night out look , it spells classy and regal once again at the same time. To start the look begins with a floral full length skirt , up top one again the classic button down from Carolina Herrera. To finish the look a signature wide belt with the two colors to pick up the contrast of color in the skirt and to add more to the black shirt. Finishing the look with the perfect pump to add more of a pop of color and a low key black bag to bring the entire look together.

Now that’s what it’s like to be styled by JMADDD, hopefully I have helped you to be inspired to take your style to another level or at least give you a new direction and a way to Grow Your Style Up , for more from Carolina Herrera , log onto (http:// ) . With that said we have just reached the end of yet another blog post , I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Growing Your Style Up Pt 2 : Carolina Herrera. That’s it for now , so until the next time….IM GONE..!!!

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