NYFW 2019 Part 2 : The Shows…

Hello out there , as always it’s good to see you , for those out there that may not be familiar with me…I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post : NYFW 2019 Pt 2 : The Shows. Just incase you have not seen it , part 1 is my review of the kick off of Fashion Week , and im talking Tom Ford , reviewing the new fall 2019 collection. For part two im taking you with me inside of a few of the shows , hitting you with some of my favorite highlights from those shows , so to get started let’s take a look at NYFW presents Art Hearts Fashion.

Just incase your not too familiar with what Art Hearts Fashion is , it’s a one of many what I call multi shows featured at various venues for fashion week around the city. I call it multi shows, because you get an association like Art Hearts Fashion or Style Fashion Week , and they feature several shows from multiple designers all on one stage , scheduled throughout the day and night. Often times you will get the new up and coming designers with a major underground following , but you will also get some already more established designers in the mix as well , so let’s get started.

There were lots of new trends being featured on the runways, that are actually old trends from another time period as well as some new and fresh looks being presented. To start with here are a few of the more new designers that were featured at Art Hearts Fashion this season.

This designer gave you a good mix of modern streetwear , and a new age look or spin on evening wear that can also double over as clothing made for a night out as well , depending on how your fashion sense or personality goes.

The two designers that I just showed you really stood out in my opinion so far as the more so new up and coming designers that were featured on the Art Hearts Fashion runway , but next up is the headlining designers of the evening. As of right now the the design duo that im about to show you is two of my favorites in the game right now , especially when it comes to women’s wear.

Charles & Ron ,in my opinion are the new version of industry vets Dolce and Gabbana. What I mean by that is they give you that kind of feel when you see them and how the clothes are made and presented but they give you such a fresh take on women’s fashion each year and this year , they even gave you a little bit of menswear for the first time. I have had the opportunity to attend their runway presentation two years in a row and I’ve got to say im more and more impressed with the looks each time they come with a new collection and always excited about what they are going to present for the new season.

This season for fall 2019 , Charles & Ron gave you a more glamorous even sexier take on a trend that started catching steam just a little while ago known as Modest Fashion. Where the looks aren’t very revealing or to provocative. However the Charles & Ron take on this growing trend , is so much more vibrant and appealing to the eye that I believe the most over the top sexy revealing fashionista would want to grow their style up and tone it down a little to rock Charles & Ron looks.

Charles & Ron always come with major detail and impeccable tailoring on their garments and most importantly, they know how to come with a retail ready collection that is not just good for runway or red carpet theatrics , but could go right to the racks for you to wear , for whatever event you have to attend.

You could not have found a better way to close out Saturday nights Art Hearts Fashion presentation. For an even better look at there latest collections for retail be sure to log onto (http://www.charlesandron.com).

So ends the runway presentations for Saturday night, but there is more to come.

Sunday afternoon, was the runway presentation of Madame Adassa , another fashion up and comer that apparently already has a pretty nice following and fashionable fanfare.

Madame Adassa was the show that I didn’t see coming. What I mean by that is from the time that I entered the door to the time that the show started, I was really impressed by the organization and the presentation,

of the room and the staff working hard to make sure the presentation of this runway show went just the way it was supposed to. But what about the fashion ?

Well once again I have to say I was really impressed , considering that I had little knowledge of this particular designer. Madame Adassa, much like Charles & Ron , had all the elements to me that make a great runway presentation. The clothing was well presented , it was impeccably tailored and designed and gave you both classy and sexy at the same time with timeless style. Most of all she didn’t give me non sell able theatrics, but everything is retail ready and wearable for almost every style and just about any age range. As a Fashion Stylist, I would love to work with her peices no doubts about it.

Fashion week is always full with excitement and anticipation, these were a few of the more standout moments from the Fall 2019 shows. But no fashion week is complete without a good networking event, where you can unwind and yet get a good visual of the many industry professionals on the come up and those that are established.

I have to say that Fashion Mingle , did a great job putting one of these events together during fall 2019 fashion week season.

The event was at an excellent venue and both well put together and organized, wich are all the things that I look for. I will most definitely attend another Fashion Mingle event, in the very near future. Once again there it is , we have reached the end of yet another blog post and come to the end of another fashion week. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been NYFW 2019 Pt 2 : The Shows. That’s it for now , so until the next time…IM GONE..!!!

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