Fashionably Hot in 2019 : MCM….

Hello out there as always it’s good to you , I would like to welcome you to my first blog post for 2019. Fashionably Hot in 2019 : MCM , by the way incase you’re not familiar with me yet I AM JMADDD STYLES and it’s good to be back. It’s that time again, what time is it you may ask ? I refer to it as the Fashionable Time of Year. That’s when all the new fashions hit the runways in advance of the upcoming seasons, the fashion trade shows happen in Vegas and NY and all the Fashionable People gather from city to city , country to country to see what’s new and hot and MCM is where im going to get started. First and foremost I have to say it’s one of my favorite upscale luxury brands , and from what I see , im impressed with how the brand is coming for 2019 , for it’s Fall , Pre-fall , and spring season. MCM is always most known for it’s signature belts , bags and back packs.

This season we see a new look for the MCM clutches and bags , such as this new men’s clutch with a new logo on front, instead of the most known signature logo.

They have also introduced a new camo inspired weekender bag, that gives a new look at how the MCM logo is being placed. But im not going to spend a lot of time on the MCM bag game , cause I know your familiar with it. However the fashions , that’s not something you see a lot of and that’s what really got my attention this season.

What really suprises me when it comes to MCM’s clothing is that instead of being more on the side of highend Couture, it more takes on the style of streetwear , highend streetwear or Couture to be precise

catering more to a Hip Hop fashion lifestyle, with a higher price tag , the thing of it is the label does a good job at , especially this year for the 2019 season

the other task that MCM manages to accomplish is both their women’s and men’s lines are pretty much the same but , they have found a way not to compromise the integrity of either men’s or women’s clothing.

meaning whomever is wearing it , it looks like it was still intended for them to wear , not to small knor to big but just right , somewhere in the clothing mid-ground of streetwear perfect.

Where the looks translate and appeal to everyone and almost any age range especially those that are from the original as I call it Dapper Dan era , ( see previous blog The Dap is Back).

Now the price range on most of MCM’s goods as I often say are not for the Fashionably Faint of Heart , basically you got to pay to play if you want the look , but isn’t that always the case?

Of course it is , the average range of or price point can go easily this season from $ 250.00 up to about 1,350.00$ , give or take a few dollars , theses looks can all be shopped on ( Side note , despite the price tag , MCM still comes cheaper or more affordable than it’s highend competition.

Well there it is , we have come to the end of our first blog post of 2019 , stay tuned, more to come. I will be reviewing more new looks for 2019 from some of your favorite designers and mine too. I will also be doing a little Fashion week talk with another new NYFW blog post , coming in the next few weeks. This has been Fashionably Hot in 2019 : MCM and of course I AM JMADDD STYLES. That’s it for now so until the next time IM GONE….!!!

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