Fashionable inspiration is everywhere : Stan Lee, Marvel Comics…

Hello out there TRUE BELIEVERS as always it’s good to see you , I AM JMADDD STYLES. Welcome to my latest blog post : Fashionable Inspiration is everywhere : Stan Lee , Marvel Comics. The inspiration first and foremost for this particular blog, is the one and only Stan Lee. There has never been a bigger Influence when it comes to being creative and pushing your Imagination to it’s furthest limits , then the lead creator of the Marvel Universe ,than Stan Lee himself. From the first time I picked up a comic book and began collecting comics as a kid well over 38 years ago, (not to give away my age) , up to the present time , when I have often used my love of comics as an inspirational back drop to many of the looks that I come up with.

Due to Stan Lee’s creation of so many of these classic characters that have shaped much of our child hoods , not only was I inspired to jump back into collecting comic books,

but my fashionably creative side continues to be challenged to come up with even more creative ways to combine two of my biggest interests both fashion and comicbooks , two things that seem to be on two total and opposite ends of the spectrum , but they really aren’t.

Because in so many ways , the creativity that goes into creating a character that translates from pen to your favorite comic’s that you somehow relate to , and now to the movie screen , is almost parallel to the the same creativity that it takes to go from brainstorming , to mental perception , to bringing a look to life that is made to fit , inhance , and bring out someone’s personality that the look was created for. Over the years Stan Lee has been instrumental in first hand creating or co-creating the very characters that have helped inspire many of my Fashionable Creations.

Now let’s take an even closer look at how Stan Lee’s creations have influenced or inspired many of the styles that I have created over the years , as I’ve always said , there’s what you see then there is what I see.

The inspiration never stops , it’s as infinite as the roster of Stan Lee characters , these are just a few of my personal favorite inspired looks , but this could go on and on , if you compare the amount of years of comic books I have stored in my mental rolodex. So ill just leave it right here and sign off with this famous word…..

EXCELSIOR STAN LEE and thanks for all the inspiration and very rememberable stories. Well we have just reached the end of yet another blog post. I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been Fashionable Inspiration is everywhere : Stan Lee ,Marvel Comics. That’s it for now , so until the next time IM GONE !!!


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