New and Fashionably Noteworthy : The Bad Guy.

Hello out there as always it’s good to see you , I AM JMADDD STYLES and I would like to take this tome out to as always welcome you to my latest blog post , the newest edition of New and Fashionably Noteworthy : The Bad Guy. It looks like there is another new collaboration in the fashion world , and if you are a regular reader , then you know there is nothing I like more than a good Fashionable Collabo that has the potential to actually work and work well. The new Fashionable Team on the block is the one and only Nicki Minaj and Fashion giant

Diesel , The limited edition capsul and collection and duo was introduced at Milan Fashion Week.

Nicki is not a new comer to the world of fashion or fashion collabo’s , a little over a year or so ago Ms. Minaj did a limited edition collection for H&M

It consisted of a few key pieces from a leather skirt , T-shirts , belts , faux fur , denim jackets and other trendy pieces.

The collection although small had the potential to grow into a major deal where the line could have been expanded, but then the controversy hit with H&M and the now infamous Coolest Monkey in the Jungle add created such a big stir that Nicki Minaj severed ties with H&M causing the collection to pretty much go unseen , except for by a few like myself that knew it was coming. But fast forward to right now , she’s back with Diesel and a new limited edition collection.

Labeled The Bad Guy , and you thought she was just spitting lyrics in her new intro single Chung Lee , little did most of us know it was also an upcoming clothing collection to be introduced at this years Milan Fashion Week. The message behind the line is that it is aimed at anti bullying by letting you know , The More Hate You Wear The less you care.

Since the collection is limited, right now there are only a few pieces being put out , one of the stand outs to me is this denim jacket with all the anti bullying slogans written on it.

Along with a few other parts of the collection as can be seen in this promo add as well , so you get a trendy Haute Couture collection that also carries a very now purpose.

During Milan Fashion Week , the line was being very heavily promoted throughout the city and Ms Minaj was on her ( A) game as she helped introduce and promote this new line that is at present available right now.

The collection is priced from moderate starting at 98.00$ going all the way up to 1,198.00$ for items such as the coat that you see in the promo shot above , the line can be shopped on ( ), as well as in some of their various free standing stores. So Nicki Minaj x Diesel , what do you think ? As always , I LET YOU TELL IT. Me myself im not sure how I feel about this one in my own professional opinion , I will have to watch how it unfolds. But im feeling like this will do better overseas then in the states. I don’t know that there will be a major frenzy online or in stores with lines of Fashion Forward folkes waiting to storm the stores just to get at least one novelty peice of the collection. Especially since it seemed to come out so under the radar , (OF COURSE I COULD BE WRONG) . Guess we will just have to wait and see.

So there it is , we have reached the end of yet another blog post. This has been Fashionably New and Noteworthy : The Bad Guy. I AM JMADDD STYLES and until the next time , that’s it for now… IM GONE.

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