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Hello out there as always it’s good to see you , for those not to familiar with me I AM JMADDD STYLES , and I would like to welcome you to my latest blog post. The third installment of New and Fashionably Noteworthy. Today’s topic once again covers the return of 90’s style streetwear to the fashion market of now. The brand that im showcasing today….(hint) (hint) , it’s at the top of the page. Still not sure what I mean , well in the words of Nas , Escobar Season has returned.

Nas started a rather under the radar streetwear line a little while ago , like a lot of his ventures, they are what I refer to as quite success stories. The name of his line is HSTRY.

But it doesn’t stop there , The brand has just released a limited run collection, collaborating with the one and only Karl Kani ,

the new collaboration is called Escobar Season. It consists of track jackets , joggers , special limited edition throw back Karl Kani , Escobar Season sweatshirts, T-shirts , and crewneck pullovers.

The line is a definite take off of the original Karl Kani line in the mid 90’s , when at the time Nas was the face of the brand and used in various campaigns.

Looking at the current climate of fashion right now , with the return to the 90’s and so many streetwear brands making a comeback ( But don’t call it a comeback) , it’s the perfect time for such a collaboration to hit the world of streetwear fashion.

This is one of the original Nas for Karl Kani adds from the 90’s , notice the sweat shirt , now look at the new Escobar Season sweatshirt below. It’s almost a direct throwback replica , well done with much of the classic 90’s details included for that authentic look and feel of the original Karl Kani sweatshirt. Now let’s take a look at a few more of the peices from the collection.

The Escobar Season sweatsuit is probably one of if not my favorite part of the collection it has a classic colorblock look to it and made much like a wind suit from an era gone by , but that’s what makes it classic.

As I was saying a little earlier the collection also has two signature Escobar Season pull overs once again with logo heavy branding this most definitely captures the look and feel of a classic streetwear line from an era gone by as well.

The collection also includes two signature classically styled Karl Kani/HSTRY collaborative T-shirts , for that authentic Karl Kani look and feel.

Also another of my Personal favorite peices from the collection is this classic styled satin bomber jacket , there are more parts to the collection , but these are my top pics from the Escobar Season line. The collection can be shopped on . The collection is moderately priced on the low end from 70.00$ up to a more higher end of 250.00$ . So what do you think? HSTRY x Karl Kani ,

are you hear for it ? As always I LET YOU TELL IT . Well there it is , we have reached the end of another blog post. That’s it for now , I AM JMADDD STYLES , this has been New and Fashionably Noteworthy , until the next time IM GONE….!!!

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