A Night In NYC : Fashion Week.

Hello everyone out there, as always I would it’s good to see you . By the way for those not too familiar with me , I AM JMADDD STYLES , and I would like to take this time out to welcome you to my latest blog post , A Night In NYC : Fashion Week. It’s about that time of year again or as I call it The Fashionable Time Of Year. When all the fashion trade shows happen and Fashion Week kicks off shortly after. This happens twice a year in NYC both September and February, im in NY a lot longer in February , for Fashion Week cause that’s just when it seems to be twice as exciting. But usually a I breeze through the city in September, taking a major show or two. Well lastnight I was breezing through New York and took in the now very popular

Style Fashion Week presentation , which has really grown in popularity a great deal over the years . At this particular presentation you can usually catch the new up and coming or underground designers that are beginning to gain fanfare. So right now im about to take you inside of last night’s Fashionable night in NYC.

Let’s start with my look for lastnight, incase you are wondering yes I draw style inspiration from my own styling ideas and techniques that I come up with when working on someone’s image. I created this look a few weeks ago .

Ofcourse I made a few changes , added in a loafer and a cream blazer but the feel of the look is still the same. But enough about me , let’s go inside the show for a few highlights.

As all the fashionable people enter the venue , you can feel the anticipation in the air for what we’re about to see come down the runway. Like or dislike it’s always good to see what’s on the come up.

The night starts with a performance from this Hot new Australian performer simply called Chloe , im not usually a big fan of musical performances during a fashion show unless it fits , and in this case it did.

Shortly after the runway presentations began the first series of shows were a mix of club wear from designer Emma Altman

Followed by designer Father Akki , that gave you an eclectic mix of styles ranging from a little bit of street and nightlife looks for a modern approach to fashion forward style , not necessarily my style or taste but I see how it fits in the fashion spectrum.

Then the last of the presentations of the night came from a new street wear designer that kind of gave me a skate kid feel by the name of Smock Me , where you see a return to bold logos and somewhat oversized tailoring with the clothes but also a mix of street/swimwear.

Such as this bold look combination of a leather jacket with a thigh high boots and a swimsuit for streetwear to completely set the look off , the designer also had an interesting line of logo laced hoodies as well that once again were a return to the 90s fashion feel .

As I have been saying for a while now , we are really seeing a return to previous style era’s this season . Designers are really reaching back and borrowing from the 80s/90s fashion scene.

Since im from that era I completely get it , and there are some looks that I will fit back into my own Personal rotation as well as recommend to others style esthetic, but for the most part im now really into well fitted clothing with expert tailoring to complement my style the best . I also recommend that to others because it stands the test of Fashionable Time. But like always , it comes and goes so quickly and before you know it the runway goes quite and all the fashionable people including myself begin to exit the venue. In the words of Jay-Z , GRAND OPENING , GRAND CLOSING , and so the night ends but before I breeze back out of the NY streets , I always have time to stop and pose for a few post show photo opps.

to end the night right before I hop back on the train to end the night. There it is , time flies when your having fun , but we have reached the end once again of yet another blog post I AM JMADDD STYLES and this has been A Night In NYC : Fashion Week. So until the next time IM GONE. Be back here in February for more from Fashion Week in NYC.

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My name is Johnathan Madison , but I go by the name JMADDD STYLES. The Fashion Stylist , Image Consultant , Personal Fashion Shopper and Fashion/Style Blogger. If you are in need of my services contact me and we can talk about it. johncm43@verizon.net or johncm43@gmail.com or johncm43@aol.com . You can also get a copy of my own personal styling guide ( The JMADDD STYLES Book of Styles ) @ ( www.magcloud.com) key word JMADDD.

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