The September Issue….

Introduction : This is my annual take on the ever so popular yearly Fashion Journal known as the September Issue. Be it from Gq , Vogue , Elle , or Harper’s Bazaar , fashion heads alike look forward to seeing what’s going to be hot for the upcoming fall season. By the way just incase you are not familiar with me I AM JMADDD STYLES….

and last year I began doing my own take on this fashion tradition on my original site , the now defunct

This is a Fashion Flashback of how I created a more editorial version of The September Issue and yes I did all this work myself. This year it’s going to be a little more Fashion Stylist tutorial , giving you a closer more personal view of the looks that will show you more how to wear the fashion. So with that said, let’s get started with a little Menswear…

One of the hottest colors of the season is purple , one of the hottest color combinations of the season is purple and pink , this menswear look takes both of those elements and puts them together. This look also shows that corduroy is back stronger than ever especially with the right fit and color wash.

Here I am showing you another alternative way to add a variety of looks for the same pair of corduroy pants….so if someone tells you no one is wearing corduroy anymore refer them to this page , to show them that you MOST DEFINITELY want to invest in a pair for the upcoming season. This year menswear is looking more exciting and noteworthy than ever , im going to show you more , but in the JMADDD STYLES SEPTEMBER ISSUE, im going to cover both , so let’s jump into it a little Womenswear for a moment.

Didn’t see this coming did you ? Keeping with the corduroy fashion theme , I wanted you to see how the look with corduroy not only works with Menswear but is equally on trend for Womenswear as well.

As Always in true JMADDD STYLES fashion , I like to show you more than one way to wear an item , here is how to flip the look , using white corduroys and floral prints. Remember floral print is not just for summer anymore , by the way , incase you missed out on this small but very note worthy fashionable detail , that is a floral pocket square for the blazer to further highlight the look. Often when it comes to fashion , things seem to go full circle and everything seems to find it’s way back , one way or the other.

Return to the 90s : Streetwear .

This season we are seeing a major return to the 90s in fashion , we are seeing the return of many brands that you thought were forgotten unless you from that era. Infact 90s fashion is making such a big return that UBM FASHION or The Magic Market Place , at it’s annual fashion convention in Vegas had a panel of 90s streetwear pioneers or designers that helped start the movement but are currently on the comeback, bringing back new versions of their vintage pieces.

Such as this designer whom made his debut in the 90s and made a major splash in streetwear, Maurice Malone. Now he’s back and you will see a reboot of the brand and some of his classic pieces.

Such as his signature hoodies , jumpsuits, and shirts.

But it’s not just streetwear designers that have made a return to their vintage looks , but high end designers as well see the need to reach back and bring you their signature 90s looks this season as well.

Such as Fendi , that has brought back their signature FF print with brown and black color scheme as can be seen on this classic dress from the luxury brand.

Which is essentially easy to style , now to have this look you don’t necessarily have to go this high end , but im just showing you how 90s style is making a serious comeback.

When it comes to both men’s and women’s wear as you can see from the classic Fendi print on both styles.

For both men’s and women’s wear , for the fall season it’s going to be all about the comeback , but don’t call it a comeback , it’s been here for years. Ok so now it’s time to show you how to step up your dress up game for the fall season.

Dressing up your style.

To dress up your style doesn’t mean , to just add a blazer to a pair of your favorite jeans and calling it a day , that’s just dressy casualizing your style , or finding the tightest most ill fitting dress you can find and going out the door , that’s just trying to be sexy but still not looking of fashion forward. Dressing up your style means knowing how to put on a well tailored suit and accessorizing it perfectly. This season Saint Laurent is showing you that velvet is here to stay , but I am showing you how to put it together to make it stay. Dressing up your style also means being able to put on a well tailored dress as well and accessorizing it perfectly too .

This season Michael Kors is still showing you that fashionable glamour and perfect tailoring not only beat out just plain sex appeal but also encompasses it as well. While im showing you how to put it all together , with the right accessories and this seasons hot color combo , purple and pink.

New and Noteworthy

New and noteworthy this season , as it was initially introduced and launched a little over a few months ago , Serena Williams new clothing line , called Serena . The line carries a price point from 35$ to 250.00$ , and is composed of a mixture of active wear and casual sportswear

One of my personal favorite pics from the line is this signature varsity zipper dress , which gives you the look and feel of a classic designer sweater dress .

The dress is also a very easy peice to style , just a few jewelry accents and the perfect ankle boot , you are ready to go almost anywhere with this look that is just plain cool and effortless.

The Serena collection is composed of a few more pieces with more pieces to be introduced in the near future. It can be purchased on her website ( here is a look at few more styles from the collection.

So there it is my pic for whats New and Fashionably Noteworthy , for the upcoming fall season the new Serena Williams collection ,

and just like that , we have reached the end of this years JMADDD STYLES SEPTEMBER ISSUE. Also the end of yet another blog post. As always that’s it for now , so until the next time I AM JMADDD STYLES and IM GONE .

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