The Project Show….

Hello everyone out there as always it’s good to see you. I would like to take this time out to welcome you to my latest blog post , The Project Show 2018 . By the way just incase you are not familiar with me , I AM JMADDD STYLES . Now that we have been introduced , for all my first time readers, let’s get right to it.

Today was kind of my return to the Fashion Trade Show circuit , for the first time in a little while. I use to attend every trade show from NY to LV , but I began to slack on them as I began being invited to more and more shows for NY Fashion Week . However im back and I realize today the importance of being at all the shows be it NY Fashion Week or any of the many conventions from or put on by UBM Fashion . Better known as MAGIC , PROJECT , POOL , or FAME .

The difference when you attend the trade shows you connect with the brand a little more and the people that are behind the brand. Such as these two , that are the founders and designers of this new luxery leather goods line of bags , and wallets called LAJOIE MONTREAL, ( . Offering you the same luxuries of bag repair and care , that the larger companies offer. The reason this caught my eye is because I know it’s a difficult market to crack in fashion.

The same way this line of ecofriendly bags and accessories caught my eye from this young designer Hamilton Perkins , ( whom designs his bags to be made from recycled materials, once again finding a unique way to crack into this aspect of the Fashion industry.

Now usually at these trade shows and the same for the runway often enough women’s wear tends to generate more excitement than menswear. But I got to say for the upcoming season menswear has really stepped up.

Such as this new line of menswear to the U.S. called SELECTED HOMME , giving you a unique approach to casual wear with a tailored look , also offering their own private label sneaker and shoe line .

Also in menswear this season , it looks like stepping up your suit game is an absolute must , PEERLESS CLOTHING, gave you a good look at how some of your old favorites are back with superior tailoring when it comes to their line of suits and separates , such as this incredible Great Gatsby inspired peice that is bold in pink from Robert Graham. After all real men wear pink.

Basically if you haven’t done so yet , it’s time to step your grown man fashion game all the way up from your top gear

all the way down to your shoe game , no man should be with out a good quality pair or four of shoes.

and companies like Barker are offering new looks to old classics as well as putting out still original classic men’s dress shoes.

Also coming this season and being introduced into the menswear market for the first time is well known womenswear designer Vince Camuto , so be sure to keep your eyes open for that as well.

Then there is those that just take a whole different approach to men’s fashion , and zero in on quality accessories, that just bring the best out of any look , like this company that I connected with known as 40 Colori from Italy. This season more than ever im seeing a huge push on men’s accessories , which is still virtually an untapped peice of the market.

Then there is womenswear , actually not as exciting as usual , but there were some standout break out peices that really caught my eye such as this unique approach to a womenswear top being displayed in the pictures , from Letters to Juliet (LTJ) for short. The top is actually made from a foam type of material, but very functional.

Im always drawn to new underground brands , that have a cool following , such as this brand of women’s denim called JUST BLACK DENIM. Very well made and fitted peices. Now here are also a few more brands and looks that caught my eye in womenswear.

So there it is my return to the Fashion trade show circuit. All in all it felt good to return to this side of the industry, to connect with various companies and brands.

At The Project Show , where new brands are discovered and old familiar brands connect with a different more underground audience. But wait before I completely go , I attended another show on this day known as The Custom Tailors & Designers Association Forum. Where I come upon a new accessory brand that is completely custom and made to order

Known as A Stylish Way of Life , by James A. Williams. The brand specializes in Pocket squares , neck wear and soon a limited edition collection of shoes.

This is in my opinion is so new and fashionably noteworthy that I had to fit it in , the look and quality that this brand offers is simply in a word INCREDIBLE. Well there it is , we have reached the end of another blog post. This has been The Project Show NY 2018 and I AM JMADDD STYLES. That’s it for now, so until the next time IM GONE.

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